June 2020

  • There's Still a Shark in the Water & Trump Wants you to Dive In & Swim a Few Laps...

    Thom plus logo While Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump are passing out hundreds of billions of dollars to each other and their good buddies while refusing to let the American people know who got what, the coronavirus continues its deadly spread. It's now killing over 1000 Americans a day.
  • Friday 12 June '20 show notes

    • What is Trump's Real Motivation For Having a Campaign Rally In Tulsa, OK (site of the Greenwood Massacre 1921) on Juneteenth? - Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show / SiriusXM Urban View
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
    • Anything Goes Friday w/the Best of the Rest of the News and YOUR Calls...

  • Thursday 11 June '20 show notes

    • Why Is Trump Holding His Rally & Speech In Tulsa... on Juneteenth? - Ben Dixon, Host - The Benjamin Dixon Show
    • Will American Go Forward OR Backward?
    • How Police and Prisons Build This Economy - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • Seattle's Autonomous Zone - Mark Taylor-Canfield, Independent Journalist / Contributor-Truthout, Huff Post, Daily Kos & more / Musician
    • Black Lives Matter Everywhere: Time To DeFund the U.S. Military - Medea Benjamin, Activist/Co-Founder, CODEPINK/Global Exchange / Author, latest Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection
    • How Do We Save the Insects? - Mute Schimpf, Food Campaigner - Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Will America Go Forward or Backward?

    Thom plus logo On the same day Donald Trump announced that on Juneteenth he's going to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of one of America's most brutal and deadly riots where white people burned, looted and murdered African Americans in an iconic, historic and prosperous black community, to give a speech written by Stephen Miller, Trump supporters wearing Klan robes and hoods showed up in Nevada.
  • Wednesday 10 June '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Is It Time to Repeal & Replace the Police Department? - Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks
    • Black Deaths At the Hands of Law Enforcement Are Linked to Historical Lynchings - Dr. Jhacova Williams, PhD (Economics LSU), Cultural Economist - Economic Policy Institute's program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy (PREE)
    • Is HBO Correct to Pull Gone With the Wind From Their Film Library? Should It Come Back...With a Disclaimer for Racist Content?
  • What Will It Take to Stop Republicans from Maintaining Structural Racism in Our Voting?

    Thom plus logo Yesterday we saw the Republican's number one voter suppression strategy on display, as black areas in Georgia were absolutely deprived of enough voting machines and polling places to accommodate their citizens, producing lines as long as six hours to vote.
  • Tuesday 9 June '20 show notes

    • Fox, Tucker and Trump: Get Your Knees off Their Necks
    • Police Misconduct & Brutality - Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
    • "Despicable" Trump Ignites Outrage After Smearing Hospitalized Protestor as an 'ANTIFA Provocateur'
    • Protesting Police Violence... How to Change Police Departments... Ban Tear Gas/Pepper Spray et.al? - Mark Taylor-Canfield, Independent Journalist / Contributor-Truthout, Huff Post, Daily Kos & more / Musician
  • Fox, Tucker and Trump: Get Your Knees off Their Necks

    Thom plus logo Following the lead of Donald Trump, it's increasingly appearing that the principal Republican electoral strategy this year is to try to frighten white people with threats of angry black people coming to get them. It's as if Roger stone is still advising Trump, the way he advised Nixon back in the day.
  • Monday 8 June '20 show notes

    • Americans Need to Reinvent Our Police Departments... How Do We Do It?
    • America Is Giving Up On the Pandemic... Have We Decided That $$$ Is More Important Than People?!
    • Here Are the 4 Types of Trump Voters... Are There Others?
    • Has America Abandoned Humanity and Morality Under Trump???
    • Species and Bio-Diversity Are Dying As Trump Opens 5,000 Square Miles of Ocean to the Free Market..."
  • Americans Need to Reinvent our Police Departments: How Do We Do It?

    Thom plus logo Our Founders had it right: control the guys with guns.

    At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, our nation's Founders put our military in a box, which has prevented a military coup for over 240 years.

    We have to do the same today with our police.

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Trump Has Tested Positive - What Does That Mean for America?

On Science Revolution this week, Trump Has Tested Positive for COVID 19 - What Does That Mean for America? Dr. Michael Mann is here on Greenland and how it is set to lose more ice than the past 12,000 years; this is a climate disaster. Jean Ross from National Nurses United drops by on the widespread failure to track and report data on Covid 19 deaths, testing and infections. Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear joins me - will New Mexico be getting a radioactive waste dump? And in Geeky Science, an "awe walk" may do wonders for all of us right now. Tune in.

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How Much Better Off would America be If 6 Republican Presidents Hadn't Stolen The White House?

Thom plus logo It's about time the last one, Trump, is held accountable

Trump's impeachment trial is coming up in the Senate, and already his allies are trying to throw up procedural roadblocks to exhaust the effort to hold him accountable. Should America "move beyond" Trump? No friggin' way.