June 2020

  • Monday 22 June '20 show notes

    • Will Democrats Turn Out Enough Votes This Fall To Overwhelm the Republican Anti-Democracy Machine?
    • Debate - Electoral College Vs. the Popular Vote - Professor Robert M. Hardaway, Professor of Law - University of Denver Sturm College of Law / Author, numerous law review articles & books, including his latest, Saving the Electoral College: Why The National Popular Vote Would Undermine Democracy
    • Are Republican Voters Catching On That Trump's Just a Grifter?
  • Will Democrats Turn Out Enough Votes this Fall to Overwhelm the Republican Anti-Democracy Machine?

    Thom plus logo George W. Bush and Donald Trump both lost the popular vote, by a half-million and 3 million votes respectively, yet occupied the White House even though a majority of Americans didn't want them there.

    Similarly, in 2012 Democrats got 1.4 million more votes nationwide for the House of Representatives, yet that body was controlled by Republicans with a 33 seat "majority."
  • Friday 19 June '20 show notes

    • The history of Juneteenth and Tulsa, OK - Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show / SiriusXM Urban View
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
    • Plastic Rain is Falling Everywhere... - Professor Janice Brahney, Biogeochemist & Asst. Professor-Utah State University / Lead author on the new paper "Plastic rain in protected areas of the United States"
    • Geeky Science: Happiness: Is It Time To Stop Being So Careful?
    • Anything Goes... Thom Takes YOUR Calls...
  • Thursday 18 June '20 show notes

    • Trump Rejects "Bringing Jobs Home" To Get Himself Re-Elected...
    • Why is the Fed Buying Corporate Bonds...And, Is It Legal? - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • Who Are the Imposters? - Steve Benen, MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show Producer / Author, The Imposters: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics
    • Reforming & De-Militarizing the Police - Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL),
  • Trump Rejects "Bringing Jobs Home" To Get Himself Reelected

    Thom plus logo Donald Trump's trade guy, Peter Navarro, proposed that America should spend roughly $2 trillion to bring manufacturing back to the United States from China.

    Doing this would both strengthen American national and domestic security, and create an explosion in what could be very good-paying jobs for American workers.
  • Wednesday 17 June '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Why isn't PG&E getting the death penalty?
    • Trump Supporters Are Killing Black Lives Matter Protesters... AND, They're Getting Away With It...
    • The Meat Shortage Was All a Fake...!!
    • Is It Time to Slow Down Foreign Investment In America?
  • Why Isn't PG&E Getting the Death Penalty?

    Thom plus logo Pacific Gas and Electric, known as PG&E, just pled guilty to killing 84 American citizens.

    When they want to buy politicians' favors and votes, they claim that they are a "person," but when they admit to killing real human persons, they claim that they are just a corporation and therefore nobody can or should go to jail.
  • Tuesday 16 June '20 show notes

    • How Do We Reform & De-militarize the Police? - Dr. Cedric Alexander, Former law enforcement professional / former President of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) and was on President Barack Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing / Doctorate of Clinical Psychology / Author, latest: In Defense of Public Service: How 22 Million Government Workers Will Save Our Republic.
  • How Should the Crime of Weaponizing a Virus for Political Purposes be Punished?

    Thom plus logo Trump's rally in Tulsa this weekend and his moving the Republican convention to Florida both demonstrate that he is more than willing to take actions that will kill Americans in order to get his ego stroked and increase his chances of reelection.
  • Monday 15 June '20 show notes

    • There's Still a Shark in the Water & Trump Wants you to Dive In & Swim a Few Laps....
    • Is it Time Now For The Washington Red Skins to Change Their Name?
    • Chicken to China for Processing?! - Tony Corbo, Senior Government Affairs Representative - Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action
    • Rent and Unemployment Help Is Going Away Just In time for the Second Wave of the Pandemic?
    • Native vs. Invasive Plants & the Battle for Carbon Sequestration - Dr. Lauren Waller, Researcher-Lincoln University / Postdoctoral Fellow - Bio-Protection Research Centre in New Zealand

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