July 2020

  • To Keep Americans Safe, We Have To Get Billionaires and Money Out Of Politics

    Thom plus logo Jim Jones, who only killed 900+ people, was a piker, perhaps because he just wasn't rich enough to be truly effective. Billionaire Donald Trump has beat him more than 130 times over, with far more to come.

    Canada, a country run by competent leaders and actual civil servants at the provincial and federal level, largely has the coronavirus under control and have largely closed their border to Americans.

    The Guardian is reporting how Mexican border towns are asking Americans not to come, for fear of further spread of the virus there.
  • Blowing the lid off the billionaires' big con - and its deadly link to the coronavirus pandemic

    Thom plus logo About 75 percent of Americans trusted the federal government to "do what is right" when polled during most of the last years of the Eisenhower administration and early years of Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency.

    In 2019, when the Pew Research Center released its most recent poll of public trust in the government, only 17 percent of Americans trusted their government. It's so bad that armed protesters have shown up nationwide to protest the "tyranny" of having to wear masks during a pandemic… and have been cheered on by the president of the United States and Fox News.
  • Tuesday 07 July '20 show notes

    • Was Carsyn Davis's Mom a Cult Follower of Trump? New Details Emerge in Death of the Florida Teen Treated At Home For Coronavirus...
    • It's time to tax money bins!
    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Coronavirus Continues to Spread But NO Enforceable Healthcare Standards Are Forthcoming...?! - Remington Gregg, Counsel for Civil Justice and Consumer Rights - Public Citizen
    • Thom Takes Your Calls...
  • It's Time To Tax Money Bins!

    Thom plus logo England is debating a wealth tax. America, as tax revenues crash and the need for government services explodes, needs to consider one, too.

    If you own a home, every year you must pay a wealth tax.

    The majority of the wealth held by middle and working class Americans is in their homes. And every year, every homeowner must pay a tax on their wealth in the form of a state and local property tax.
  • Monday 06 July '20 show notes

    • Can Americans Stop the Republican Party and Their Billionaire Lifeline Before Another Hundred Thousand Americans Die?
    • How Would You Deal With A Trumpster "In Your Face?"
    • Will Tucker Carlson Be the New Reality TV President in 2024? Think It Can't Happen?! Think Again!!!
    • Trump's campaign hopes Americans 'grow numb' to massive COVID-19 infections and death tolls
    • Who Is Responsible For the Death of Carsyn Davis?
    • Listeners Who've Pushed Back On 'Trump Humpers' Share Their Stories...& Thom Takes YOUR Calls...
  • Can Americans Stop the Republican Party and Their Billionaire Lifeline Before Another Hundred Thousand Americans Die?

    Thom plus logo Can Americans Stop the Republican Party and Their Billionaire Lifeline Before Another Hundred Thousand Americans Die?

    If a group of international billionaires who don't like democracy, business regulation, or the idea of a functioning multiracial culture wanted to hire somebody to destroy America, they couldn't have done better than Donald Trump.
  • Thursday 02 July '20 show notes

    • Will America recover from the rightwing billionaire's war against us?
    • Are You Are Voting For Values This Year?
    • This Crisis Could Be Apocalyptic! - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • How Trump & Facebook Allowed the Boogaloo Movement & Hate to Grow...
    • Protesting Fossil Fuel Pipelines is Now a Felony in 3 States - Connor Gibson, Research Specialist, G Greenpeace USA
    • Geeky Science: Does Sitting Cause Cancer??
    • What Happens if Trump Gets Re-Elected? - Fmr. National Security Advisor & Ambassador John Bolton, author, "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir"
  • The blowback over masks is just the latest faux conservative outrage

    Thom plus logo The bizarre "conservative" idea of "freedom" has struck again.
  • Will America Recover from the Rightwing Billionaire's War Against Us?

    Thom plus logo This morning on CNN a physician in Texas talked about having 10 young people with COVID-19 who needed immediate hospitalization and only having three beds left. He had to decide who is going to get treatment and who was going to be turned away from the hospital.
  • Wednesday 01 July '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • How Black Abolitionists Changed A Nation - Dean DeWayne Wickham, Founding dean, Morgan State University School of Global Journalism & Communication and retired USA TODAY columnist
    • How Do We Pry Confederate Monuments Out Of Trump's Tiny Hands?
    • Trump's Land Management Pick is a Climate Denying Extremist - Robert Weissman, President - Public Citizen

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