Walker offers Obamacare alternative

"I'm willing to stand up against anyone, including members of my own party," he said, "to get the job done."

Obama’s Proposal to Cut Methane Emissions is a Big Deal

The EPA proposal, which has been in the works since at least January, calls for a steep 40 to 45 percent cut in national methane emissions from 2012 levels within the next 10 years. FROM: NEWSWEEK

Between war and peace: Lobbying US Congress on Iran

Obama can move forward with his commitment to waive US sanctions on Iran, unless Congress stops him

IRS Revises Number of Hacked Accounts To Over 300,000

The agency had initially said in May that hackers used Social Security numbers and other data to gain access to tax returns filed for about 225,000 U.S. households

More Than 300 Clinton Emails May Have Contained Classified Information

The FBI was looking into the security of the federal records and classified information contained among Clinton's emails. The U.S. government considers federal records to be government property

Refugees or migrants? The distinction is important and often misunderstood

The movement of refugees is often met with governmental resistance. Both Europe and the United States seek to fulfill humanitarian obligations while striving to control borders

Donald Trump Is Batman

The comparison with Bruce Wayne is more apt than Trump likely realizes

ISIS Urging Lone Wolf Attacks on U.S. Military Personnel

ISIS published what they claimed were personal details about American military and government personnel and labelling them as targets

Will Israel Invade Syria?

Israel has been targeting ISIS through air strikes on the border it shares with Syria to the north since April. The offensive being prepared as of Sunday would be the first Israeli ground invasion in the fight against ISIS

Advice for Donald Trump from the genius behind Rob Ford: Keenan

This guy’s a clown, they say; he has no friends among movers and shakers, they say; he has no chance to win, they say

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