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The NRA is not a political party.

It may comes as a surprise to Wayne LaPierre, but the NRA is not a political party. Apparently no one's informed him of that, as he'll be delivering the gun-group's official response to the State of The Union tonight, on Talking Points Memo is reporting that LaPierre will respond to the President's Tuesday night speech from the annual convention of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Did Obama answer the nation's calls for progress?

Last night, President Obama laid out his agenda for his second term. The State of the Union speech set some ambitious goals to get our nation back on a progressive course. The list included executive action on climate change, a “Fix-it-First” program to invest in infrastructure and job creation, and a legal pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented individuals living in the United State.

Will Obama push progressive issues tonight?

Tonight, President Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address, and his first since beginning his second term in office. The major points of Obama's speech will likely highlight gun control, immigration, and an economic vision for job creation and economic growth – with another call for Congress to prevent the sequester.

Do Republicans really want to turn us into Greece?

There are less than 20 days until the March 1st Sequester deadline. And Washington is gearing up for a major fight. If politicians can't come to a compromise, the looming $85 billion of Republican austerity is set to make devastating cuts to programs many Americans depend on.

Do you support your President...or your Constitution?

President Obama’s nominee to head up the CIA, John Brennan, faced off with Senators on the Intelligence Committee on Thursday, as part of his confirmation hearing. He was asked several questions about the drone warfare program, and its lethal targeting of American citizens abroad. As the architect of this program, Brennan defended the use of drones to kill Americans who are deemed “imminent threats,” and can’t be captured.

The drone warfare program has officially come out of the shadows

After NBC news obtained a memo outlining some of the legal justifications for killing American citizens abroad with drones, the White House has given in to pressure from Congress and turned over the DOJ’s classified legal justification for the drone warfare program.

A "Balancing Act" We Can All Lean Toward!

On Tuesday, President Obama urged Congress to put off the looming sequester of nearly a trillion dollars in spending cuts. But if he wants to find a suitable replacement to reduce the deficit, and stimulate the economy – he should look to the left-wing of his own party: the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

No Court. No Trial. No Justice. You're Dead.

NBC News has obtained an official White House memo, which lays out the legal justification behind using drones for the targeted killing of American citizens abroad.

Wayne LaPierre's Naughty List

If the NRA, and its foaming-at-the-mouth leader, Wayne LaPierre weren’t scary enough, it turns out the gun-happy organization has now created an enemies list.

Is Chris Christie trying to prove he's still a Republican?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues to screw over working people in his state. Earlier this week – he vetoed legislation to increase the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour. But, that’s not the only way Christie has denied help to the middle class. He also vetoed to key housing assistance bills, which would have brought much needed relief to struggling homeowners.

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