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GOP sides with hate over compassion

Yesterday - A second federal judge ruled President Obama’s health reform law is unconstitutional. Florida Judge Roger Vinson – A Republican appointee – claimed the government has no constitutional grounds to require its citizens to purchase health insurance. Judge Vinson’s ruling is similar to another Republican appointed judge in Virginia who last year also declared the individual mandate within Obamacare unconstitutional. That’s now 2 judges who’ve upheld the health reform law – both appointed by Democrats - and 2 judges who’ve struck down the law – both Republican appoi

Big Brother Alert! Issa wants the the identities of Americans who file a Freedom of Information Act request

Republican Darrell Issa - a former small-time criminal and now the richest man in the House of Representatives - is at it again. Using his post as the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee – Issa is asking the federal government to hand over the identities of every single American who has filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Issa claims he just wants the information to make sure the government is handling FOIA request

This is judicial corruption at it’s worst, and these men should be impeached or prosecuted

Last week – Common Cause petitioned the Department of Justice to look into possible improprieties on the part of Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia for not recusing themselves from the Citizens United decision. Both Justices had headlined speaking events at political strategy sessions hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers – brothers who certainly benefit from the Citizens United decision. Now – thanks to reporti

It’s pretty clear to see – while the Democrats are looking forward – the Republicans are looking backward

President Obama addressed the nation last night in his second State of the Union. He laid out a broad agenda of future government investments in education, infrastructure, clean energy, and technology and innovation. As far as a path forward on debt reduction – the President called for a 5 year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending - and a nearly $100 billion cut to the Pentagon’s budget. He pledged he will end President B

Is this really how American pursues justice today??

Amnesty International is going after Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for the military’s treatment of Bradley Manning – the man accused of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. In a letter to Secretary Gates – Amnesty International called for an end to the inhumane conditions under which Manning is being held – conditions that include 23 hours of solitary confinement a day. The organization Psychologists for Social Responsibility has taken up the fight too – calling for and end to the, “inhumane, harmful, and counter-productive treatment” of Manning. On Sunday – two

This isn’t about the shooter winning...

The Center for Constitutional Rights – or CCR – is going after the Glenn Beck program. Beck recently directed his conspiracy theory fear machine at 78-year-old City University of New York professor Francis Fox Piven – accusing her of trying to “intentionally collapse our economic system”.

Massachusetts blogger says, “One down – 534 to go”

Earlier in the week – a large cache of weapons was seized from a Massachusetts blogger who threatened Members of Congress after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

Could the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision soon be overturned?

One year after the ruling - could the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision soon be overturned? The progressive organization Common Cause is asking the Department of Justice to look into possible “conflict of interest” behind the scenes of the Citizens United ruling. In the petition to the DOJ – Common Cause argues that Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia should have recused themselves from the Citize

Can you say oligopoly in the USA?

Financial consumers are screwed. Can you say oligopoly in the USA? Based on a study released by the White House yesterday – the four biggest banks in America could grow even bigger under the financial reform law passed last year. The law put a cap on the growth of financial institutions to prevent them from posing a systemic risk to the entire financial system – like what happened a few years ago. However that cap is ca

What did Arizona Republicans learn from the events in Tucson more than a week ago?

What did Arizona Republicans learn from the events in Tucson more than a week ago? That more guns are the answer. Lawmakers in the state legislature that brought you such goodies as the “papers, please” law, the elimination of multicultural studies in schools across the state, and the right to carry guns in bars and concealed without a permit – are at it again.

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