August 2019

  • Wednesday 14 August '19 show notes

    • Who is Tearing Our Country Apart... and, WHY?
    • The GOP Doesn't Want Social Security to Have Another Birthday - Alex Lawson, Executive Director - Social Security Works
    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • The Case Against Free Speech: The First Amendment, Fascism and the Future of Dissent - P.E. Moskowitz former staff writer for Al Jazeera America / their work has appeared in numerous other publications including the Guardian, New York Times and the New Yorker...
  • Tuesday 13 August '19 show notes

    • What Will Bill Barr Do With the Photos of Wealthy & Powerful People Compromised by Epstein?
    • Trump is Gutting the "Web of Life" in the Name of Profits...
    • "This Land Sings" Featuring, Thom Hartmann! - Justin Ralls Artistic Co-Director, (w/Nicholas Meyer) - Opera Theater Oregon
    • What Will Bill Barr Do With the Epstein Photo Evidence...
    • The Strange Case of Jeffrey Epstein - (former) Gov.
  • Trump Is Gutting "The Web of Life" in the Name of Profits

    Thom plus logo The endangered species act, signed by Richard Nixon in 1973, has been one of the most successful defenses of the great web of life in the history of American legislation. It has prevented extinction for 99 percent of species under its protection and accomplished a 90 percent recovery rate in more than 100 species throughout the United States.
  • Monday 12 August '19 show notes

    • The Jeffrey Epstein Case is Weird...
    • The Economic Winds are Howling...
    • Republican Policies Have Destroyed the Middle Class & Rural America... Now They're Blaming It ALL on Liberals...
    • How the Trump Administration is Screwing Working People Yet Again - Lisa Stifler, Senior Policy Counsel - Center for Responsible Lending
    • Heart Based Medicine - Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer, M.D. & Professor (pediatrics)-University Children's Hospital, Basel, Switzerland / Founder - Heart Based Medicine Foundation
  • The right-wing love affair with Ayn Rand ties conservatism to one of the most disturbing sociopathic killers

    Thom plus logo There's a direct link between a sociopathic killer in 1927 and the GOP's willingness to embrace a sociopathic president like Trump. That link runs through the work of Ayn Rand.
  • The Jeffrey Epstein Case is Weird

    Thom plus logo Epstein was hired by Bill Barr's father to teach high school girls, the same Bill Barr's father who wrote a novel about sex slavery. Epstein goes on to prosper in the sex trafficking business.
  • The Economic Winds Are Howling...

    Thom plus logo In 2008, we saw the result of three decades of neoliberalism in the United States and Europe, what we used to call Reaganism and Thatcherism, damage and shake the world financial system.
  • Friday 9 August '19 show notes

    • Anything Goes Friday - "Nixon's Southern Strategy Has Arrived With the Help of Trump, Barr and their Billionaire Friends..."
    • Anything Goes Friday - Steve Bannon Tells French Far Right Summit, "Wear 'racist' like a badge of honor..."
    • Anything Goes Friday...What's On Your Mind? Thom Takes YOUR Calls...

  • Thursday 8 August '19 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • A Reformed White Nationalist Says "...the Worst is Yet To Come..." - Christian Picciolini, Reformed White Nationalist / Founder - The Free Radicals Project & Author of 3 books, his latest is Breaking Hate: Confronting the New Culture of Extremism
    • Growing up in a Domination Culture - Riane Eisler, President of the Center for Partnership Studies, Social Scientist & Cultural Historian... author of numerous books
  • Trump Goes After Brown Workers for the Crimes of Wealthy White Bosses

    Thom plus logo In one of the most vivid examples of the year, Donald Trump's ICE has shown us how this administration protects the interests and lives of the wealthy while attacking people who are poor, defenseless, and powerless.

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