August 2019

  • Beware of Hustlers On the Networks...

    Thom plus logo People like the Koch brother's shill on MSNBC from Reason Magazine like to promote deregulation; for example, this morning he was talking about how deregulating methane is actually a good thing. But deregulation can be extremely dangerous.
  • Wednesday 28 August '19 show notes

    • Will the GOP Save Its Soul & Move Left or Condemn America to an Oligarchy?
    • Trump: 'Go Ahead and Break the Law... I'll Take Care of You Later.'
    • Running Against the Koch Agenda - Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie, OR (D) (formerly a professional photo journalist for 30 years) Running for Congress against Rep. Kurt Schraeder (D-OR, 5th Congressional District)
    • Issues of the Day - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)

  • Will the GOP Save Its Soul & Move Left or Condemn America to an Oligarchy?

    Thom plus logo It's increasingly looking like the economy is on the edge of crashing and that Trump's tax returns are going to show that he was only able to keep himself out of bankruptcy with loans from Deutsche Bank, engineered by the son of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and cosigned by Russian oligarchs.
  • Tuesday 27 August '19 show notes

    • Will The Media "Dean Scream" Bernie?
    • The Amazon is Burning...Is Trump's Trade War to Blame?
    • The Koch Bros' Legacy? Death and Destruction...
  • Will The Media "Dean Scream" Bernie?

    Thom plus logo Back in the 2004 election, when Howard Dean was running in the Democratic primary, he did an interview with Chris Matthews and said that if he was elected president he would work to break up big corporate monopolies, including the big media companies.
  • Monday 26 August '19 show notes

    • Thom's Presidential Candidate Straw Poll...Who Do You Want to Be the 2020 Nominee and Why? Thom Takes Your Calls...
    • The Anatomy of a Genocide... - Dr. Omer Bartov, Brown University - John P. Birkelund Distinguished Professor of European History / Professor of History & Professor of German Studies / Author of numerous books including his most recent, Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz
    • "I had to move to China to live the 'American Dream'" - Curt Kelley, American who moved to China to live the "American Dream"
    • On the Issues.....
  • For the Planet to Survive We Must Control Corporate Power

    Thom plus logo While the Amazon is on fire, reporter Lee Fang details how Republican lobbyists in the United States are helping organize American multinational corporations to exploit that rain forest. Reporter Judd Legum tells us that fossil fuel lobbyists inside the DNC voted to kill a Democratic Party climate debate.
  • Friday 23 August '19 show notes

    • Anything Goes Friday...Can Humanity Be Saved?
    • Nikki Haley & Mike Pence... is there a coup being planned for the White House?

  • Can Humanity Be Saved?

    Thom plus logo As the Amazon is on fire and the Democratic Party refuses to hold a debate focused on climate change, an Australian think tank has come out with a report suggesting the possibility that climate change could destroy human civilization within as little as 30 years.
  • Thursday 22 August '19 show notes

    • How Did the American Media Miss the "Pro-Life" Movement Isn't about Saving Life - But - Is About Women Under the Thumbs of Men?
    • Inverted Yield Curve, Recession & Racism - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown / Understanding Marxism
    • Why Medicare Advantage Costs Us Billions MORE Than It Should...

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