Obama on ISIS: Our Strategy is Going to Work

During a speech at the G20 conference in Turkey on Monday, President Barack Obama defended his anti-Islamic State (ISIS) strategy

France's state of emergency may last months

French President Francois Hollande will present a bill to extend the state of emergency in France

Aung San Suu Kyi seeks “national reconciliation” meeting with military

Seen by many as the champion of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi has inched one step closer to a landslide election victory in Myanmar

Could Trump pick Christie as his running mate?

It's a possibility, Donald Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire, according to a report by NBC News

GERMANY - FRANCE - Germany ‘spied' on French foreign minister

The report by the Berlin-based rbb Inforadio was the latest twist in a growing scandal

Bush Continues 'Death Spiral' At Debate

Jeb Bush continued to diminish his chances of winning the Republican nomination in Wednesday night's debate

Bernie Sanders Vows To Combat Anti-Islam Sentiment

Sanders has seen surging support on college campuses across the country

House Elects Paul Ryan as New Speaker

Paul Ryan from Wisconsin became the 62nd speaker of the House on Thursday morning

58% Of Americans Favor Tighter Gun Laws: Poll

About 80 percent of Democrats polled wanted stricter gun laws while about 60 percent of Republicans said gun laws should stay the same or become looser

Bernie Sanders Pickets With NYC Verizon Workers

“Let me get to the point,” Sanders told an enthusiastic crowd

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