WDBJ7 General Manager: 'Our Hearts Are Broken' for Alison Parker and Adam Ward

The two journalists fatally shot while covering a feature story in Virginia early Wednesday morning

5 reasons Biden would have hard time catching Clinton

Biden, who is said to be seriously weighing a bid for the Democratic nomination, would start with some significant advantages

Global markets hit turbulence amid mounting fears of China slowdown

Stock markets in Europe and the US have been suffering losses. Wall Street markets had their worst week in years

How the global economic turmoil will play out in the US

Some analysts also say the Federal Reserve is partly to blame for the accelerated fall in stocks since Wednesday

Biden Meets With Warren, Hires New Staffer Amid Rumors of Presidential Bid

On Monday morning, the White House announced that Biden had hired Kate Bedingfield, a veteran of the John Edwards presidential campaign, as his communications director

China stocks suffer biggest one-day loss in eight years

The further decline threatened to weigh anew on global markets after last week's Chinese losses triggered a worldwide sell off

Kim Jong Un orders North Korean troops to prepare for war

Kim ordered soldiers to enter a "fully armed state of war" beginning at 5 p.m. Friday

Greek PM Tsipras resigns and calls early elections

Facing an internal party revolt over his embrace of more austerity measures in return for a third massive international bailout, Tsipras is hoping to strengthen his hold on power

Services must justify excluding women from combat by Oct. 1

Haver, an attack helicopter pilot, and Griest, a military police officer, will graduate Friday with 94 successful male Ranger candidates at Fort Benning, Ga

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