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  • Wednesday 03 March '10 show notes

  • Guests:
  • Topics:
  • Tuesday 02 March '10 show notes

    • Guests:
    • Topics:
      • Is taxing unhealthy food more effective than subsidizing healthy food?
      • Do guns and alcohol mix? They do in Virginia!
  • Monday 01 March '10 show notes

    • Guests:
      • Stacey Hopkins, Founding member Coffee Party/Atlanta.
      • Former Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb - The Campaign to Legalize Democracy tour.
      • Former Vermont Governor Dr. Howard Dean, Chairman Emeritus of the DNC; founder “Democracy for America”.
  • Friday 26 February '10 show notes

    • Guests:
      • "America's Senator," Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
      • Tom Hayden, Activist, former California State Senator, author/editor of seventeen books including his latest "The Long Sixties: From 1960 to Barack Obama".
    • Topics:
      • If it's's "Brunch With Bernie"
      • 'Anything goes' Friday!
      • War/peace, politics, and progressives.
  • Thursday 25 February '10 show notes

    • Guests:
      • Congressman Steve King (R-IA, 5th District).
      • Jeremy Rifkin, from The Foundation of Economic Trends.
      • Conservative economist Arthur Laffer who would have us believe we are on the verge of a "Return to Prosperity"...but at what cost?
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