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Hooker?....or Cap & Trade?

Carol Browner, the director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, told Politico that if Congress doesn’t act to curb carbon emissions, the White House will. Browner said, “We’re not going to ignore a Supreme Court decision,” referring to a 2007 ruling that gave EPA the authority to treat greenhouse gases as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

Daily Topics - Thursday - April 22 2010

It's Earth Day!

Hour One - How gullible does the oil industry think we are? H. Leighton Steward

Hour Two - Obama's speech and have we become - "Can I see your papers...Please?" 

Hour Three - It's a rumble! - Does Earth Day Movement Pushes Painful Policies...American Families Hurt By Higher Costs and TaxesMike Carey

Can NAFTA be Repealed?

Four congressmen have submitted to Congress a bill to repeal NAFTA. Free trade appears to be losing its base of support on Capitol Hill. Six anti-free-trade Democrats - Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Jon Tester of Montana, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, and Jim Webb of Virginia, plus Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont - captured Senate seats formerly held by free traders.

We Moved from a Manufacturing to a Service Economy under Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush

A statement released last week by Obama administration Council of Economic Advisers Chair Christina Romer warns that when it comes to the economy we are very far from being OK. Romer put out a statement concerned that many “observers” are approaching the high unemployment rates in the country without the appropriate sense of urgency.

Daily Topics - Tuesday - April 20th 2010

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money." ~Cree Indian Proverb

Daily Topics - Monday April 19th 2010

Hour One - Nomi Prins SEC files civil suit against Goldman Sachs

Hour Two: Defending the KKK...really? Thom challenges their attorney

Hour Three: "Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet" Award winning Environmentalist/Educator/Author Bill McKibben

Next time God talks to you Rush - get out your hearing aid....

Friday, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out on the volcanic eruption that’s affecting air travel over much of Europe, saying it was “God speaking” in response to health care reform passing. The problem here is very clear. Rush has hearing loss, a side effect of all those years of taking Oxycotin & Vicodin that his maid was scoring for him.

Scott Brown...just another shill

Scott BrownScott Brown vows to oppose financial reform and retain the status quo for the billionaire banksters.

Daily Topics - Friday April 16th 2010

"Anything Goes on Townhall Friday!"

Hour One "Brunch With Bernie" Senator Bernie Sanders

The Banksters...Orwell would be proud!

It's been reported that 25 Wall Street banksters, most of them hedge fund managers, had a private meeting Thursday with two powerful Republican lawmakers: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and John Cornyn, the senior senator who heads the National Republican Senatorial Committee, one of the primary fundraising arms of the Republican Party. McConnell then called a press conference and lied that re-regulation of the

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