February 2019

  • A new model for the 21st century - Thugocracy

    Thom plus logo Thugocracy is the new model for nations, and it's been elevated from a few obscure little countries all the way to the United States of America.
  • Wednesday 27 February '19 show notes

    • Thom Hosts & Comments on Michael Cohen's Testimony Before Congress AND Takes Your Calls...
  • Tuesday 26 February '19 show notes

    • How Has a Billion in Dark Money Affect Your Quality of Life?
    • What Gives Washington State Sheriffs the Right to Defy the Law? - Sheriff Richard Mack, The Constitutional & Peace Officers Association/Oath Keepers
    • Big Pharma, Big Greed - Stephen Sheller, Attorney & Author - Big Pharma, Big Greed: The inside story of one lawyer's battle to stem the flood of dangerous medicines and protect public health
  • A Knife in the Heart of Democracy - Billions$ in Dark Money

    A Knife in the Heart of Democracy - Billions$ in Dark Money
    Thom plus logo Every time some wimpy politician or self-appointed media pundit says we "can't pay for" Medicare for All or free college or better wages, know that the reason is simple - billions of dollars in dark, untraceable cash being poured from billionaires into the pock
  • Monday 25 February '19 show notes

    • Is Trump's Emergency Crisis a Campaign Stunt?
    • Spike Lee vs Trump
    • Issues of the day and your calls - Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA, 17th District)
    • Anything Goes Monday!
    • Chicago's Political Scene - Joan Esposito, Host - Joan Esposito LIVE from 2-5pm CT on WCPT Chicago's Progressive Talk 820AM
  • Is Trump’s Emergency Crisis a Campaign Stunt?

    Thom plus logo 58 former national security officials, including those from both democratic and republican administrations, have written a letter telling America and congress, that Trump's reelection stunt to whip up fear of brown people among Fox news viewers has "no factual basis." That's it - A Stunt!
  • Friday 22 February '19 show notes

    • Anything Goes Friday
    • Should the "ISIS Bride" Return to America?
    • Are We All Required to Answer Email or Texts Right Away?
    • Texas Jailed a Woman for 'Voting While Hispanic' Meanwhile No-One is Going to Jail for Stealing an Entire Election in NC...!!
  • Thursday 21 February '19 show notes

    • Should Trump & Pence Be Arrested for Child Kidnapping & Abuse? - Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks
    • How hyperinflation happens and how it happened in Venezuela - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work/Capitalism's Crisis Deepens Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown
    • Conversations With Great Minds: How Do We Convince People & Companies Who Own our Politicians To Support a Green New Deal? - Dr.
  • Trump's Man Says Climate Scientists are the Same as Holocaust Deniers

    Thom plus logo Trump has put a climate change denier who compares scientists studying carbon pollution to Nazis attacking Jews in charge of his science panel. The fossil fuel industry, like the tobacco industry before it, is making billionaires on the deaths of people.
  • Wednesday 20 February '19 show notes

    • Thom vs Elaine Parker - If We're Going to Strip Socialism Out of America - Do You Want to Start w/The Fire Department or Social Security First? - Elaine Parker, Job Creators Network Foundation
    • How Deep Is the Rot In the Republican Party? What Will It Take To Break the Billionaire Greed Hold and Recover?
    • God Help Us
      - Ed Asner, Actor, Author & Activist / God in God Help Us
      - Phil Procter, Writer (w/Sam) of God Help Us / Actor, Producer / Member-Firesign Theater
      - Sam Joseph, Writer (w/Phil) of God Help Us / Director

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