September 2020

  • Nobody Expected We Would Pay Such a Steep Price for Electing a Mentally Ill Criminal as President - Can We Recover?

    Thom plus logo Our country, at the beginning of this year, faced four major threats: Climate change, COVID-19, Russian election meddling, and a worldwide nuclear arms race.

    Donald Trump lied to us about all four of them. As a result, each, today, represents a larger threat than it did before he became president and hundreds of thousands of Americans have or soon will die because of his lies.
  • Wednesday 09 September '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Republicans Are Loudly Telling Americans Who They Are - Is Anybody Listening?
    • WARNING! On Creating an Apocalyptic, Devastated Planet... - Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, Former EPA official who helped found the agency's environmental justice office (worked for the EPA for 24 years)
    • Michigan Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis... - Garlin Gilchrist II, Lt. Governor - Office of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
  • Republicans Are Loudly Telling Americans Who They Are – Is Anybody Listening?

    Thom plus logo Big business in America has informed the Republican party that their top priority is making sure that if they essentially force people back to work, provide them with a workplace lacking protections against the coronavirus, or negligently expose their customers to coronavirus, there will be no way to hold them legally responsible.
  • Tuesday 08 September '20 show notes

    • Will Calling Trump a Fascist Help Or Hurt Biden?
    • Did Putin Buy Trump? - Seth Abramson, Attorney (Harvard law school grad) / Professor-University of New Hampshire / Author of 11 books, including Proof of Conspiracy, Proof of Collusion and today's new release, Proof of Corruption: Bribery, Impeachment, and Pandemic in the Age of Trump (out in September)
    • How Will Planet Earth Cope With Early Stage Lung Cancer?
    • Could Trump Make Social Security Obsolete?
  • Is a second American civil war really possible?

    Thom plus logo The cover story of the December 2019 edition of The Atlantic magazine, founded itself in the years just before the Civil War, was ominously titled, "How to Stop a Civil War."

    If we are, indeed, on the brink of a second Civil War, it's already being waged as a "cold war," with the occasional armed skirmish being provoked by the so-called Alt-Right movement, which, as of summer, 2020, had murdered thousands of Americans since Tim McVeigh kicked off the modern "boogaloo" white supremacy era.
  • How Will Planet Earth Cope With Early Stage Lung Cancer?

    Thom plus logo Last night in Portland, as the winds kicked up to 50 miles an hour, our sky turned a dark golden brown and the air filled with smoke. California is getting all the national news coverage, but the reality is that wildfires have consumed virtually every western state this summer.

    This is what early-stage global warming looks like.
  • Thursday 03 September '20 show notes

    • The System Is Working Against Trump Because He is A Loser. Trump, Because He is Losing, Is Willing...and Burn the System Down.
    • Can America be repaired?
    • Summary/History of the Relationship of Labor and Capital From the Founding of the Republic To Today - Economist Dr. Richard Wolff, Democracy At Work / Understanding Marxism / Understanding Socialism
    • 200,000 Screwed Out of Vote in Swing State Georgia - Greg Palast, The Guardian / Investigative Journalist/Author/Filmmaker, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy / His new book, How Trump Stole 2020.
    • Big Pharma Covid-19 Vaccine Price Gouging - Alexander Zaitchik, Freelance Journalist & contributor - The New Republic, Rolling Stone & more / Author - The Gilded Rage: A Wild Ride Through Donald Trump's America
  • Can America be repaired?

    Thom plus logo So, our president committed a felony yesterday, right out in the open, encouraging Republican voters in North Carolina to vote twice. That's a felony, and encouraging people to commit a felony is a felony.

    Typically he commits his crimes in somewhat less visible fashion, but this is a man clearly comfortable with committing crimes.
  • Wednesday 02 September '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Data Firm Warns of 'Nightmare Scenario' in 2020 Election...
    • More Ways Trump & Co are Screwing the American People...
  • To Strengthen American Democracy & Restore the Middle Class, Return to Taxing the Rich

    Thom plus logo The Guardian is reporting that Trump's Postmaster Louis DeJoy basically ripped off his brother to steal the company they had inherited from their father. Sort of like the way The New York Times reported that Donald Trump and his brother Robert conspired to rip off their brother Fred's estate and commit massive tax fraud by illegally stealing hundreds of millions of dollars out of their dad's estate.

    These rich men who inherited their wealth from their parents and then turned into, essentially, monsters are the best evidence we need for a meaningful estate tax.

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