IRGC officer: We laugh at Obama’s ‘ridiculous’ military threats

In late July a top Iranian general said Iran would deal the US a crushing defeat in response to the slightest hostile action against the Islamic republic.

Caught red-handed: the Russian Major fighting in Ukraine

Questioned by the Ukranian security service, he said that around 2,000 Russian servicemen are currently deployed in Eastern Ukraine.

Obama reiterates his call for the restoration of full Voting Rights Act

The president wrote that he was inspired by "unsung American heroes" like Eaton, according to a copy of his letter released by the White House.

California Is the First State to Ban 'Ferguson Juries' in Violent Cases

“The use of the criminal grand jury process, and the refusal to indict as occurred in Ferguson and other communities of color, has fostered an atmosphere of suspicion that threatens to compromise our justice system,”

WikiLeaks launches campaign to crowdfund reward for info on bilateral trade proposal

"The secrecy of the TTIP casts a shadow on the future of European democracy," said Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of the pro-transparency group.

Two New York City Residents Charged With Supporting ISIS

Both men "demonstrated their support for ISIL by attacking the law enforcement officers,"

Rick Perry campaign, out of money, still sees a path forward

Those close to the campaign said it will continue

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