New gun laws after mass shootings have worked in Australia, the UK and Finland

The United States is again debating what to do after another mass shooting. This debate could last a few days, or even a few weeks, but eventually — the issue will be forgotten

ISIS? There's An App For That

The Islamic State group has developed a smartphone app that will carry the organization’s propaganda

San Bernardino Suspect Supported ISIS: Reports

San Bernardino suspect Tashfeen Malik posted online statement of support for ISIS leader on day of shooting

Obama to veto legislation on refugee screening

President Barack Obama would veto a Republican bill introduced in the wake of the Paris attacks to toughen the screening process for Syrian refugees

New York officials: No credible ISIS threat against city

There is no credible threat to New York City at this time, officials said

China denies torturing political prisoners

A Chinese delegation denied mistreatement of prisoners held in police stations and deaths in custody

Why Has ISIS Not Successfully Attacked The US?

Despite ISIS rhetoric, the threat of a major attack on U.S. soil remains unfulfilled

Consumer prices rise for first time in three months, a positive inflation sign for the Fed

Consumer prices rose last month for the first time since July, an inflation signal that could help push the Federal Reserve to increase a key interest rate

Hillary Clinton Receives Another Big Union Endorsement

The endorsement is somewhat surprising in light of Clinton’s recent comments on the federal minimum wage

World leaders agree on broad anti-ISIL plans at G20

World leaders have promised to tighten border controls, step up intelligence sharing and crack down on "terrorist" financing

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president

William Barr’s shady track record of covering up the crimes of a Republican president
Thom plus logo Bill Barr knows how to cover up the crimes of a Republican president. We know, because he’s done it before.