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Senator Bernie Sanders wants to hear from you...

The Middle Class Squeeze - Do you have a story to tell about how the economy is affecting you?

Please use the Web form at to submit your story to Bernie.

If you would like to give testimony about the impact of the economy on you on the Web form at He'll post many of the stories he hear from you on the Web page in the coming days, and will be reading them on the floor of the US Senate. Thank you!

On the Program - April 4 2008

Hour One - "Brunch w/Bernie" U.S. Senator (I-VT) Bernie Sanders

Hour Two - Anything Goes! Friday

Hour Three - Guest: Lamar Waldron co-author of Ultimate Sacrifice w/Thom, now writing "Legacy of Secrecy" about the murder of MLK, Topic: new information about the murder of MLK, Jr. 40 years ago today

On the Program - April 3 2008

Hour One - Guest: Marc Morano Topic: Thom is challenging Marc Morano on his statement - Global warming...why is the media ignoring record growth of Antartic ice?

Hour Two - Guest: Dr. Ravi Batra Topic: What's going on in the economy?

Hour Three - Topic - An 8th grader being strip search for having Ibuphofen? The terror watch list that ended up at credit agencies? Domestic surveillance? Are we becoming a police state?

Guest (11:30) Christy Harvey Topic: News under the radar

April 01 2008 show notes

  • Today is the day that if you want to hire cheap foreign labor, you need to apply for H1-B visas.
  • Why do we have to import educated foreign workers instead of educating Americans?
  • Investment in education.
  • Economics.
  • Guest: Byron Myres, ING Direct. Subprime Mess - Why are we bailing out the big guys instead of the little guys?
  • Guest: Corey Powell, Executive Editor, Discover Magazine. "20 Things You Didn't Know About Mating".

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WWRL in New York City.

We've been overwhelmed with emails regarding WWRL, and just can't reply to them all, so we're posting this response here:

Thanks so much for contacting us about the changes in programming on WWRL in New York City. WWRL is programmed by Rennie Bishop (a great guy, by the way), whose email is and phone is 212 631 0800 (these are both publicly posted on their website). The station is owned by a company called Access 1 Communications. Their phone number is 212 714-1000 (also publicly listed in the phone book).

Most media companies, radio stations (and the companies that own them) do listen to the thoughts and opinions of their customers (you, their listener).They want to know if they are making wise or unwise programming decisions. They usually welcome (and often even solicit) feedback.

Tag - you're it!

March 31 2008 show notes

  • It's the fourth anniversary of Air America Radio. Next month it is the 6th anniversary of Thom's show.
  • Welcome to new affiliates 940 WINZ in Miami, Fla., 1460 WZNZ in Jacksonville, Fla., 1120 WNWF in Destin, Fla. and 930 KBAI-AM in Bellingham, Washington.
  • Guest: Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute. Is John McCain's modern version of Reaganomics destroying not only the middle class but America itself?
  • New pictures from Darfur are up on Thom's web site.
  • Guest: Professor Bradley R. Schiller, American University. "The Inequality Myth".
  • Guest: Howard Simon, Executive Director, ACLU-Florida. Are we losing our privacy with spy drones, wiretapping, fingerprinting, etc...or are we becoming more secure?
  • At what point do we say George Orwell was right?

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On the Program - April 2 2008

Hour One - Guest: Terry Jeffrey Topic: Thom and Terry will be debating McCain's Plan -Privatizing social security and medicare

Hour Two - Guest: Sam Harris Topic: Thom is challenging Sam - Radical it just as dangerous as the radical right wing evangelical movement?

Hour Three - Guest: Jesse Ventura Topic: Will he be on the ballot this fall? And his new book "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me"

Missoula Photos

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Thom Hartmann, Montana US Senator John Tester

Missoula, Montana station KMPT's Program Director Dave Cowan and Thom

KMPT's local host Lesley Lotto and Thom

March 28 2008 show notes

  • Thom was broadcasting the show live from KMPT Missoula, where he gave a talk afterwards.
  • Guest: Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. water, oil, the Middle East.
  • Guest: Montana Senator Jon Tester. 21st century GI bill of rights. Energy. Issues.
  • "Brunch with Bernie" with Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont.
  • Guest: Congressman Jim McDermott, Washington District 7 (Seattle). Iraq trip. India trip. Energy.
  • Guest: Senator Max Baucus, Montana. Economy. Farm Bill.

Topics, guests, upcoming events, quotes, links to articles, audio clips, books & bumper music.

Happy Birthday Air America Radio!

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