August 2020

  • Friday 07 August '20 show notes

    • Everything Trump Touches Dies...Including Trade and Bringing Jobs Home
    • Canada to American Visitors: "Please Don't Sneak Across Our Border."
    • Protesters Are Facing Felonies Now For Trying To ID the Police...
    • Anything Goes Friday!

  • Everything Trump Touches Dies - Including Trade & Bringing Jobs Home

    Thom plus logo This just in from Lori Wallach, Director Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch - In his speech now underway at Whirlpool in Ohio, Trump claimed to have met all of his trade promises from 2016. NOT!
  • Thursday 06 August '20 show notes

    • Will the coronavirus wake Americans up to the cancer that has infected our political system?
    • Will Trump's "Kanye West" Voter Suppression Tactic Work?
    • The Trump campaign's latest contest is a scam. Here's proof... - Judd Legum, Founder - (former founding Editor-in-Chief, Think
    • Is Trump At the Center of the $60 Billion Utility Bribe Scandal In Ohio? - Professor Leah Stokes Assistant Professor-Department of Political Science | Bren School of Environmental Science & Management | Environmental Studies Department-University of California Santa Barbara / ClimatePower2020 Surrogate
  • Will the coronavirus wake Americans up to the cancer that has infected our political system?

    Thom plus logo The Republican hostility to helping people who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus, to expanding healthcare to all the American people, and their hostility to doing anything about climate change all come from the same source: greed and the big money it produces.
  • Wednesday 05 August '20 show notes

    • Mid-day with Mark - Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI, 2nd District)
    • Americans must focus on 2024 and the rise of authoritarianism
    • Is A Drug Maker Sitting on Possible Covid-19 Treatment Due to Greed?
    • New Progressive Campaign to "Vote Trump Out" in Swing States
  • Americans Must Focus on 2024 & The Rise of Authoritarianism

    Thom plus logo America needs to talk about Trump-proofing democracy for 2024 and beyond.

    The billionaires with strong fascistic tendencies are carefully watching Trump and his administration to see what works and what doesn't as he pushes to tear apart our institutions of governance and divide America as a political strategy.
  • Tuesday 04 August '20 show notes

    • Stephen Moore Vs Thom - Why Do You Want To Cut Payroll Taxes and Destroy Social Security? - Stephen Moore, White House Economic Recovery Task Force (& Chairman of FreedomWorks' Task Force on Economic Revival) about a Payroll Tax Cut
    • The Big Lie vs. Grieving Families and a Dying Democracy...
    • Trump's Latest Actions Weaken the Endangered Species Act - As We Destroy the Wild, We Destroy Us... - Noah Greewald, Endangered Species Director - Center for Biological Diversity
  • The Big Lie versus grieving families and a dying democracy

    Thom plus logo It's showing up in the obituaries.

    People in the throes of agony from losing someone close to them are writing things like, "Instead of flowers, donate to a Democrat," or "instead of flowers, tell everyone to vote against Trump and the GOP this fall." It's become a national trend.
  • Monday 03 August '20 show notes

    • Trump & the Republicans Are Willing to Damage America To Hang Onto Power - What Can Americans Do?
    • How the DHS Can Still Arrest Journalists in Portland - Ken Klippenstein, DC Correspondent - The Nation Magazine
    • 'It is terrifying to have a president who is psychotic' - Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank MD, Psychoanalyst & Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science - George Washington University / Author - Trump on the Couch (Previous books include Bush on the Couch & Obama on the Couch)
    • What does history tell us about the rise of authoritarianism? - Professor Noam Chomsky, Laureate Professor of Linguistics - University of Arizona / He was previously at MIT - Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics emeritus / Author of numerous books including (2017) Optimism Over Despair: On Capitalism, Empire and Social Change / his latest project, authoring a chapter in the book TURNOUT! Mobilizing Voters in an Emergency
  • Trump and the Republicans are Willing to Damage America to Hang Onto Power - What Will Happen in November?

    Thom plus logo Donald Trump just tweeted his outrage that the State of Nevada is going to make it easy for all their registered citizens to vote by mail.

    He knows, as Republicans have known for 40 years since Americans first started rejecting Reaganomics in widespread numbers, that when everybody can vote in America, Republicans lose elections.

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