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  • Coalescing my thoughts on Las Vegas   5 days 10 hours ago

    I don't think I would have survived through Nixon, Ford, Reagan Bush, Clinton, Bush or now without silly trip'n talk.

    They sell hate and hate trumps common sense. From the astro turf start up of the Teabags. The "protesters" paying for the venues were all insurance company puppets. Telling racist the people of color are making them pay for their health care. I heard a bogus goofy ass nurse claim it was because they make them take care of anyone, by law. So without ER care for all there is no safety net. ER care is more expensive and ACA was trying to get people into their own clinics without the expense. Insurance feared pre-existing coverage. But this nurse spouted out truth by mistake. Kill it and then replace it. In the interum no one is dealing with sick people. But then they jail them for pot so compassion seems to be what it is they are conserving.

    Starting with the Dick Armey. Hate told the teabags blacks were eating up their taxes on healthcare or after that Obamacare. Hate kept cannabis illegal for the profiteers. Hate brings fear and fear brings authoritah to saved them. mho is an ECS deficiency from abstinence since 1937 or again in 1970 with Nixon. After 12,000 years of supplementing the ECS then cold turkey prohibition. Larger fear centers in the primal areas of the brain proves it to me. All the legal drugs and alcohol are synthetics exacerbating the problem that the authoritarians suck up like a straw.

    Hitler or Trump would never have finished the debates if they hadn't sparked the flames. The NRA is purely greed since Reagans. Hunters were dwindling and fear was all they had left. Toss in religionists who even Hitler acknowledged their blind faith and beliefs were the easiest to manipulate. They are already glad to stand in whatever hate line they are told. Trump has done nothing so far other than divide the people. Who ever thinks they are getting something or winning over their opponents losing something is not following the beliefs of the forefathers or Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

    All while jerking flags as their plastic way to sell patriotism. Which is as Un-American as bringing in Christianity or demonizing Muslims and Atheists. Nixon got the Controlled Substance Act riding the hate the media put out against blacks feeding people they called radicals. Hippies they called dope fiends and white radicals they call Liberals. Then lumping in medicinal and hemp, never part of the 37 Marihuana Tax Act. Nixon pay back to corporatists and the southern strategy.

    While Bannon and the alt reich go even further with billionaire backing who would love to rule Palestine and Israel in the name of Jesus homeland security. I really have no major complaints personally. compared to many thousands in the country. The reason we have dispensaries and a menu of strains and products is by Obama not enforcing the law. He didn't have the power or guts to change it but that's the best its ever been. That's sorry. Now Sessions is having orgasims weaseling ways to circumvent the Cole memo. Easy targets picking off dying ALS patients or seniors too frail to fight or go out and find it. Free Country is another oxymoron. Less oppressed is also losing ground.

    Both sides always get shafted and the reason white rural areas are the most impoverished, with the least resources. Another political trickery tossing in pride or Protestant work ethics stigmatizing them from using government benefits, at the risk of their own kids. Same with privatizing schools and curriculum with Monsanto textbooks making false statements on their products. Or home schooling religionists textbooks excerpted from the KJV. All taken from a lopsided budget starting the inequality in the first place. They decided to cure with integration and daily riots. Never met a politician that would answer a direct question or I could trust to keep any promises made in the campaign. Clear that money is the Prophet they worship. Trickle down like manna from heaven and then find it gives people worms.

    Liberals whining and pointing fingers over obvious bigotry towards women and people of color. Are belittled and stigmatized via Faux News, the same route to demonize pot or the counterculture. To think someone doesn't mean it, or know it hurts people is an ignorant cop out. Bigotry is taught, and is just another goofy childish lie with no Science. The only benefactors are those getting cheaper labor by paying the stigmatized less.

    The bigots are tied to their incomes, they don't want equality if it means less pay. The words out the Blackish are coming. like segregation and a lame ass Congress not giving equal materials and textbooks to give all Americans a common good education. Higher education is a threat to profiteers questioning their methods. Same as a computer printing out the bottom line each day and recommending the best solutions to raise the bottom line. Means sick people and those in prison are higher numbers than healthy "law abiding" citizens. Depending on what laws are fabricated to remove groups the same as Nixon.

    People regulate explosives. Used by trained personnel and yet the NRA has convinced politicians, with large donations, that everyone is trained at birth. Even with people who seem to agree with climate change, just no human contribution. All that smoke from the stacks go into the same finite atmosphere. Ton after ton year after year. Drip a drop of dye into a pond and it will turn colors. Eat nothing but carrots and you will turn trump orange.

    But all this CO2 and Methane has no bearing? These are the very same that believe in reefer madness and voting goper in spite of the candidates ideology or record. To dismantle the Constitution and with World Banks and G-20 Trade Orchestrations will gladly trade them a little safety for some of their Liberty. 99 they battled Seattle and 01 made it a free for all to squash it with Patriot Axes giving the Neocons exemptions to the BoR. As the Ganjawar gives them forfeiture laws and confiscation permission to rob banks accounts. Then the guilty before trial have to take them to court to get it back. This is the America mostly goper sheep want.

    Always something the people don't know about, because its rare or doesn't actually happen. Sessions arresting someone for laughing or busting the victim of Nazi bigots beating him. Or now crawling up to Congress with snot running out of his nose. Licking boots until his tongue is green. For them to let him bust sick people. Ain't that America home of the free, baby! Little pink houses. Don't seem to know a damn thing until they are told its happening by Handity or Rush with NBC exerting their rights to not say a thing. Even if they still haven't heard of real time events. They chip in and join the circus. I think sooner or later we have to ask. Are Americans worth saving if they're too dumbed down to take the Life Saver when its thrown? Or too bigoted, how many tries until they take it or drown?

    45 years with Ganja and they continue to deny, hide and rage about it. Demanding more proof, while banning research, and not accepting research by Universities or foreign countries. Only FDA that has never tested it since 1937. Just blind belief with no evidence. While paying tax dollars to gossip queens, some media prints verbatim.

    Yet deny CO2 contributes to extreme temperatures which the laws of thermodynamics states. The greater the distance in temps, the faster heat will travel to the colder temps. If its air, its 50+mph winds spreading infernos or heat expands all matter, including finite oceans flooding Floridians Peurto Ricans and Texans.

    So the people have to decide to accept it or refuse it. As long as they are more afraid of liberals or liberals afraid of gopers. The moneysluts will profit. I advocate Cannabis for all people. They advocate prohibition for profits, terrorizing Americans. The mere fact that more people are dying and using hard drugs than ever, says the war on some drugs is really only the same old war on some people. Hysterically legislating anti-drug laws at the same time they cry about it being too soon to legislate gun laws. Who ya gonna call? DEA Ghost busters?

    If these fires come into my neck of the woods I'm considering a houseboat in Tahiti. Get away from Drumpf idiocies at the same time. Worst fire in CA history and not a word from the asshole in chief. Fire fighters working 3 shifts. No warning for many. Not a word about Fed troops or freeing disaster funds. With Uncle Ben Carson dealing with HUD gutting while 2000 some are now homeless. From a still unnamed source. I've heard from a resident who lost his home that they heard transformers exploding and thought PGE was liable. He had insurance but lost about everything. Saved two female plants he put in his car trunk .I'm always suspicious of "things" happening around Harvest time. DEA repelling down with choppers over dry tinder and weeds. I could see the little worm Sessions holding a flame thrower grinning. Then run away when it got out of control. Over developing profits and Nestles profits, exporting water when fire fighters are running out. The drought didn't stop them either.

    Unless wingnut boy provokes wingnut boy into something inevitably stupid. As far as taken things seriously, I think off the wall and laughter is always best. Especially when dealing with Neocon Chihuahuas and Liberals are showing their past cowardice, finally getting around to dealing with Weinstein. (no one dealt with Trump doing the same). Who still proves they aren't really going forward since HW has no clout these days and those in power continue to take advantage. The same as GOPers threatening players with loss of pay if they kneel down during the nationalists anthem. Well I'm sure its 4:20 somewhere.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 11 hours ago

    NOW is the time for Democrats to scream the danger at the NEWS!!

    Open your political mouths damit!!

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 12 hours ago

    Aunt Clara with her door knobs. Maybe you two can be friends?

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 12 hours ago

    Where do the Dems in Congress fit in? I didn't check to see how they voted on this.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 12 hours ago

    Bottom line: Congress knows there would be no logic in anything resembling universal health care, in a country that is 20-some years into its war on the poor. You can ignore this, but Congress cannot. The overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation. Lack of the basic human rights of food and shelter take a heavy toll on human health.

    We might consider a measure of free health care for the currently employed. But even then, there's no urgency because we have a surplus of job-ready replacement labor.

    Either way, any great plans that simply disregard the existence of the masses of poor won't work, because they aren't rooted in reality.

  • ME and VLAD   5 days 12 hours ago

    Sorry Zap, I must disagree. While RT does have some problems, like trying to stretch sixteen hours of content over a whole week, the claims of "Russian Tampering" are less substantial than the allegations in Salem. The whole "Russian Tampering" thing is just a tantrum by the unelectable Empress wannabe who did plenty of tampering herself.

    Now that Thom is gone I think RT may be better than ever. Now if Tyrel and his bimbo would follow him out the door it would be all good. When Thom would poorly "debate" some real knuckle draggers I would recall the Buckley - Gore debates of yore.


  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 12 hours ago

    And now another 9 Million people that should agree that there should not be any republicans in office for the next 200 years.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 12 hours ago

    And now another 9 Million people that should agree that there should not be any republicans in office for the next 200 years.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 12 hours ago

    Ho Ho Ho. And a Merry Shitmess to all. Yes, Dung-ho J. Grump had to go the delusional Valium Voters Vomitorium and brag about what a arrogant, greedy, sadistic, extremist asshole that he really is. And being the true caring Christians they are, they ate it up by the shovel full. They couldn't get enough of taking healthcare away from the poor. They couldn't get enough of raising the nuclear threat level with Iran. They couldn't get enough of imposing their biblical insanity on our government. They couldn't get enough about trashing the 1st Amendment. They couldn't get enough of bulldozing money to the rich via tax breaks, at the cost of everyone else. So, Ho Ho Ho, Merry Shitmess!!!

    Tis the season to be folly!!

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 13 hours ago

    It sure got quiet here when we showed up.

    This doesn't even count Anthony Weiner....sure is a lot of scandels for a nothingburger.

    Impossible to believe Hillary knows nothing....also her laughing about defending the rapist of a young girl.

    I won't even go there with the Podesta thing.

    At some point even the Libs have to admit it one coincidence too many.

    It's really really sad.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 13 hours ago

    Trumps campaign promises on Healthcare

    I keep waiting for his base to see the light as they keep getting screwed. Tax reform is next.

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 13 hours ago


    Hillary should look comfortable hanging with a sex offender. He has lived with one for 42 years.

  • IMMEDIATELY SHOT   5 days 13 hours ago

    TRUMPS a LUNATIC with 7000 nuclear war heads at his whim and disposal .

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 13 hours ago

    Hollywood Should Never Lecture America Again

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and producer Harvey Weinstein attend the TIME 100 Gala,

    don't they look happy together?

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 14 hours ago

    I watched CNN for years until things like this started happening....

    CNN Reporter Quits After Network Denies Him Time Off To Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress From Iraq War

    That's back when they had reporters instead of Don the Lemon.

    notice no news stations report on war any more.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 14 hours ago

    Absolutely yes

    That's what I was thinking.

  • Thanks To GOP - 9 Million Children In Danger   5 days 14 hours ago

    how many times do i have to say it? govt=business reps period. medicare is not the need people in govt who actually have empathy. i know that might sound like a fairy tale...but until that happens you ALL, except that 1%, will keep being bled to death...they've proved it for a looooooong LEAST since reagan...i don't live there anymore. left behind a nursing license and jumped to another country at FIFTY, with no legitimate claim for work. i survived. but you all? i really feel sorry for you. seriously. i could've done a lot more lucrative work than nursing, trust me...i had a LOT of fields open to me...but i had the opp to work at co.(spelled 'poor people') hospitals. and i loved it...they got great care from me. top of my class. i'm saying this b/c i feel a need to establish credentials as 'not crazy'. but if you all want to keep ignoring what i'm saying, fine...seriously. i live in one of those 'devil/socialist type countries'. ; - ) it's a model human society, imo. it's changing as the System runs down...but, relatively speaking, it's paradise. hardly ANY homeless or hunger. keeps on getting in the top 10 lists of 'where things are best' there ARE other options. but you have to step up and show them that YOU, the people, ARE the bosses...that, supPOSEDly, it's for YOU, that place. 99% of you are being controlled by that other 1%...and that's even worse than winning by 3 millions somethings and losing. ; - ) you people actually went for that...that bullshit about the electoral college...led. a. round. by. the. nose. not that you really had a choice. him or HER? puhLEEZE! that's not a choice and that is NOT's just who will jump through the corporate hoops faster...and in THAT way, it would be a CLOSE race...anyways...what happens there, unless it's a MAJOR economic crash, doesn't really affect me much. and this is my last post here. i'm disconnecting, i decided today, from as much of 'world news' as possible. i wake up? that's the news...i go outside, more news. AND weather. good luck folks...i've served y'all long enough...

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 14 hours ago

    Apparently the malcontent leftie/socialists are flummoxed.

    "Tell us what Networks are currently on cable or over the airwaves are pushing the conservative agenda?"

    Hint: the only one has three letters in its name and ends with an X.

    Please tell us all how everyone in America is forced to watch **X and nothing else.

    Now, should we list the leftie leaners?

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 14 hours ago

    Kend , you think the Left "used to own the news" , until Fox came along. Two things, first is that before the birth of Progressive radio around 2000, talk radio was monopolized exclusively by the Right. Second, you contradict your first point, by later adding that "none of these are news channels". Sure, Fox stages debates, but their craftfully slanted, usually outnumbered by aggresive Fox commentators. Fox supported the most radical (Trump), MSNBC did not (Clinton over Sanders), showing that the media center to the Right of the people.

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 15 hours ago

    So is this site avoiding the current Hillary drooling all over Harvey Weinstein as so many pic's show? Anyone who hasn't seen the Pic's must be deaf,dumb & blind!

    snip from another article......

    These were the most popular films in the nation when Stephen Paddock when on his killing spree firing down on a concert crowd with what police say were automatic weapons.So just four movies -- Kingsman: Golden Circle, American Assassin, It and Mother! -- featured 589 incidents of violence, including 212 incidents of gun violence. The total body count of the four was at least 192. At least 108 times, some kind of automatic weapon was used. Those guns fired so many rounds, so rapidly, an accurate tally of shots or even shooters was impossible. To underscore that point, the Kingsman trailer was so filled with violence it is difficult to tally. This 1 minute 56 second clip shows four scenes of characters deploying several different automatic weapons, as well as pistols, a lasso and rockets. These were the most popular films in the nation when Stephen Paddock when on his killing spree firing down on a concert crowd with what police say were automatic weapons. Four days later, when Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein still thought he could bluster through a deluge of sexual abuse allegations, he declared he would “need a place to channel my anger. So I’ve decided I’m going to give the NRA my full attention.”It was the perfect Hollywood ploy -- target the guns, not the media companies that feed them to Americans in endless streams of bloodshed.These latest numbers from American movies give the lie to Weinstein’s faux outrage and the entertainment media’s scapegoating tactic: complain about lax gun laws, demonize the National Rifle Association and never accept the possibility that Hollywood’s glamorization of guns and violence has anything to do with the latest mass-shooting.What happened did some truth sneak out?

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 16 hours ago

    Which one doesn't belong?

    Legend, Stopgap, 2950-10K or a box of worn out door knobs.


    While all are washed up and of equal intelligence. The box of worn out door knobs clearly doesn't belong. Unlike the other morons, a box of worn out door knobs doesn't post stupid comments. :)

  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 16 hours ago

    I would like to Thank Stopgap for his fantastic comments . Those were just about right out of my mouth.

  • Coalescing my thoughts on Las Vegas   5 days 17 hours ago

    Yeh, no more silly trip'n talk. This is about, guns.

    Anyone that has seen a general electric minigun at work knows exactly what it's made for and capable of doing. So enough said there. But to the larger point of what DdC and in my small part have shown is that that particular weapon is not out of the reach of quite a large portion of the population. And how's that for a sobering thought?

    It's seems to me that somber thought is what really is needed in re to weapons. Like when did the idea that a more armed society becomes a more polite society come to pass? A more peaceful society? A more open society? Well?.......... since when? When and why did america become so afraid that they think the only recourse is for each citizen to carry a semi on the hip wheather it be to church or to school or out to the bar for the night or for going on a milk run to the local? On the bye and bye ddc, I got a visit from a fed agent yesterday, sessions is on the move. What is it that makes so much of america so afraid? And why are they so consumed by that fear that they carry that wieght with them every day and then with them to bed it at night?

    One wonders how many more silhouette targets, or dontcha ya know 'those others', they have to kill before their fears are resolved. There's always going to be that off the wall missed individual who goes off the rails of sanity be it with a hammer, a knife, a car or hell even a shovel or rock but com'on don't put a real means of mass carnage willingly into their hands just because you've got some childhood fear or some overblown sense of rambo hero exceptionalism dream.

    Only punks carry weapons for no reason other than fear. And we now live in a nation of punks. And how self defeating is that?


  • What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience   5 days 17 hours ago

    Off topic:

    If, as you say, voting rolls are public, obtain last year's roll and note those no longer on the latest roll. The missing names were dropped for one reason or another.

  • IMMEDIATELY SHOT   5 days 18 hours ago

    This is true for any US president, so what's your point?

GOP Tax Myth & Junk Economics

If there's one thing all Republican politicians are really good at, it's straight-up lying through their teeth about how their tax cuts for the rich are actually tax cuts for the middle-class.

Reagan did it, George W. Bush did it, and now that he's officially unveiled his own so-called tax reform plan, Donald Trump is doing it, too.