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  • Will the Ugly Trumpcare Pass?   5 days 16 hours ago

    It just might not if armed people showed up in Washington D.C.

    If it does it will signal the beginning of the New American Revolution to remove the corporation corrupt politicians from all local, state, and federal seats. Maybe then they would see following McConnell is a bad move!

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 17 hours ago

    Ou812 (#38),

    You just don't get it -- whoosh, right over ya noodle.

    Now dry yer arse and don't be annoying me, babby.

  • Will the Ugly Trumpcare Pass?   5 days 17 hours ago
  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 17 hours ago

    So you refuse to say what you actually pay for such a good healthcare plan. Takes the wind out of any argument that it is a good plan. Also you do not want to look at fact such as the link in post 31. I worked for a company until age 62, Then went private contracting. The company had paid $850 per month and I paid $350 which was deducted from my paycheck. The company gets a tax deduction for that $850. This covered me and my wife. When I left I went on COBRA for 18 months and paid $1200 per month out of pocket. It may not be any more than what you were paying but writing that check every month makes you really feel it. Also I do not get a tax deduction. There were deductibles That I cannot remember at this time. Also some arguments on coverage that had to be appealed. Also the company made money on this, as they were self insured and hired a company to do the paperwork. You have insurance as a school district benefit. I had a company benefit. I switched companies intentionally a few times and went through buyouts several times. Each time the plan changed. I did not have pre-existing. But my Cousin does and he got hung when his company was sold and his diabetes no longer covered. I also saw it happen to fellow employees. You are obviously happy with your plan and do not care what you pay so, end of argument.

    I am now on Medicare. I signed up with an Advantage Plan with a not for profit company. I am very happy with it and have received more care than I want. Thom knocks Advantage Plans but he is simply uneducated on them. I pay $121 per month (Medicare fee) and no payment to a supplemental plan. This plan is only available in a few states in the west. But they are not losing money on it. If you are reasonably healthy and stay fit it is the best available.

  • How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies   5 days 17 hours ago

    No, he introduced legislation that allowed a military program to evolve for civilian use, which later became known as the "internet," for which he should be applauded. Your willful ignorance is appalling!

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 18 hours ago

    Yet here you are, posting cartoons and inanities, surrounded by liberals/progressives. Why?

    Obviously, trolls are too lazy to do their homework assignments and will thus remain grossly ill-informed. At least watch the video (requiring the least effort) about employer insurance programs, as well as other monstrosities, exposing the overall failure of our privatized, profitized healthcare nightmare:

    ps: The hotdog is visual reinforcement of a dippy juvenile mind, something to laugh at, not with, much like the clownish hair of your fake "president." Have you no sense of embarrassment, madam?

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 18 hours ago


    It would be interesting to see all the leftie/socialists and their engineered drama pack their bags and move to say Cuba and start spouting off about how rotten the country is run.

    God, part of me is praying for a Trump resignation and Mike Pence and Paul Ryan step in and give these pussies a real reason to cry and stomp their feet.

    Until then, I will await President Trump's appointment of Ted Cruz to the supreme court to replace the already fossilized Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and then a really consertive pick to replace Kennedy who obviously has had enough.

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 18 hours ago


    My point exactly about the Germans, they suffered enough under Hitler. They don't want to risk have another National Socialist Workers Party (Nazi) by implementing a single payer health care system.

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 18 hours ago


    Our school system provides insurance for those covered by negotiated agreements, there are 5 separate agreements, 1. Teachers, 2. Administration, 3. Custodial & Maintenance, 4. Cafeteria workers and 5. Clerical. All are covered by the same health care plan but under separate negotiated agreements. Instructional assistants are not covered by any agreement, and they have never received health care. Under Obamacare, business are required to cover all employees who work more than 30 hours a week. Instructional assistants usually work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of the over 30 hour requirement for health care, ALL instructional assistants had there hours cut to 4-7 hour says. It didn't mater that the instructional didn't want or need health insurance, there hours were cut. The school system had no choice....

    Thanks for the compliments, the hot dog drives the washed up lefties crazy(ier).

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 18 hours ago

    Ou812 (#32),

    So, of all the present-day advanced societies who enjoy very popular versions of universal, single-payer healthcare systems, each uniquely designed to fit their own particular circumstances, you feel compelled to reach back into the darkest shadows of history to cite the most vile criminal dictatorship ever to have committed horrific crimes against humanity on such an unimaginable scale.

    While living in Germany for 18 months in the Army and thereafter, I took it upon myself to study the causes of WWII, the rise of Hitler, and the Holocaust. Similarly, through many frank and lively conversations with ordinary Germans, I learned firsthand the national shame the good people of that proud nation must endure, even to this day -- the indescribable horrors acted out in their name.

    Read: They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer.

    To make flippant remarks about what both the citizens and the victims of Nazi Germany suffered through, just to make a dishonest and unsubstantiated point that our proposed, AMERICAN single-payer system would be "monopolistic" with "only one source for health care" -- a flat-out lie! -- is so outrageously indecent it beggars belief! What is even more stunning is that a self-proclaimed "educator" appears totally oblivious to the ethical paucity of such an argument.

    "...We don't need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone
    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone
    All in all it's just another brick in the wall
    All in all you're just another brick in the wall...
    " -- PF

    Truly, you are incorrigible! Evidently, your idea of "rational dialogue" is to double down on an irrational talking point -- and, frankly, the most disgustingly perverse and false historic parallel of all time -- to lend nonexistent support to a point that is itself irrational, lacking any substance or credible sourcing other than your own personal anecdote, which is void of a complete set of facts, such as the true cost of your policy beyond a negligible co-pay, e.g., premium, employer subsidy, deductible, lifetime limits (if no ACA) what it covers, what it denies, out-of-pocket, (preconditions, if no ACA), to whom you appeal claims (hahaha), and how many of your less-fortunate fellow citizens can't afford the benefits you enjoy or, indeed, how many won't even have any insurance at all or any realistic access to healthcare if Republicans and the actual "monopolistic" powers have their way.

    BTW, read Private Empire, ExxonMobile and American Power (2012) by Steve Coll, if you really want to know how much control the absolute power of private-sector monopolies exert over the markets and our government. (Heads up: The sad truth has nothing whatsoever to do with the fantasy of a "free" market, democracy, or the rule of law; it has everything to do with fascism and what that actually means for the future of America -- on-the-ground reality rather than some ideological dreamworld partisan spinmasters implant into the gullible minds of their intellectually lazy audience.

    Dark Money by Jane Mayer, Democracy in Chains by Nancy McClean, On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder, and Dollarocracy by John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney will also help open your eyes to the true meaning of "monopolistic."

    In the end, though, it's about moral consciousness -- but that's something of the heart not of the head, and no amount of intellectual debate can replace what is lacking.

    As far as "Medicare for all" (for the USA, not Germany or Canada or anywhere else), begin the arduous process of educating yourself, Teach, instead of wildly speculating using corporate-sponsored lies and fear-mongering:

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 20 hours ago


    Stop confusing the leftie/socialists with facts about the Canadian system, their minds will boggle and lord knows with their hair already on fire, that will not lead to a happy ending.

    Pre-obamacare I was also on a cafeteria program with Aetna. My co-pays were $10 with $25 for a specialist and I had no deductible hurdle to meet. They could not cap me or throw me off the plan. We utilized the FSA savings account where we were allowed to put away $2500 per year to supplement our incidentals and It worked just fine. When I received my buyout and retired I believe I was paying $235/mo. including basic dental and covered two people. The company paid portion was less than a match to that amount because I know they left dental as a employee option.

    In 2011 when the contracts ran out and obamacare was in full effect, the cafeteria plan where one could select the coverage they deemed necessary disappeared, the employee contribution has blossomed to $950/mo. for two people with no dental and a $5000/deductible per family per year before any benefits were paid by insurance.

    Oh yea, they can no longer select the doctor of their chouce. The clinic does it for them.

    BTW, Merry Christmas back to you. Enjoy your hot dog.

  • 50 years ago TODAY Israel ATTACKED American NAVAL Ship KILLING and Injuring 208 Americans   5 days 21 hours ago

    It important to ask the question why Israel ordered this strike of the USS Liberty.

    The story I have heard from past reading and Navy vets is Israel did not want any outside power, including their US allies, to have formal records of what they were actually doing at the end of the Six-Day War. It is very unlikely there was some "fog of war" problem here. This attack seems clearly intentional with orders coming from very far up in the Israel command. Given the political dangers it presented to US-Israel relations, logically there must be a significant state secret lurking somewhere behind all of this.

    If we want to honor the memory of all the lost and injured, we need to keep asking the question why.

  • How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies   5 days 21 hours ago

    Al Gore invented it, let him sort it out.

  • Simple Powerful Argument in Favor of Net Neutrality   5 days 21 hours ago

    Thanks for the suggestion, Randall Paul. Unfortunately you miss the point. If Network Neutrality is killed off, all the independant businesses and political opinions unwilling to pay the new tolls can be surpressed. If the messages contradict what the owners and managers of these bandwidth providers want us to hear, it will slowly be more and more difficult to hear their dissenting message. It won't matter if your individual protest action, or even the actions of millions is brought to bear. The suppression of all content in competition with Verizon, Comcast, etc. will still be in effect as the controlled content/propaganda from the companies these bandwidth providers own will be pushed onto all of us.

    We already see the insane impact of 30% of our country receiving its information from an oligarch controlled medial outlet - Fox News. We have a president, his family and cabinet now clearly associated with treasonous relationships with Russian Oligarchs and their leader, Putin. No matter, all these 30% of our fellow citizens hear is the coverup propaganda pushed on Fox, so Republicans in Congress continue to ignore their sworn duty to protect the Constitution and allow these idiot/traitors to stay in power.

    The Commons is the most important part of Free Speach in our Democracy and Network Neutrality protects The Commons. Either protect it or teach your kids how best to kiss the rings on our new Oligarch masters' hands.

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   5 days 22 hours ago


    You are probably the kind of person who when dining in restaurant, orders by the cost of the meal. I order by what I want.

    I don't care what the board of education pays for health care, I have no control over that. I know my out of pocket expense for a doctor visit is $10.00, that's what I pay. I didn't bother to check the reference you provided, because I have great health care.

    I lived in Ontario for 6 years under OHIP, the Ontario Health Insurance Program. It's the province's single payer system. OHIP is in effect a two tier system. Those who have supplemental insurance, usually provided by an employer get the choice doctors. If you don't have supplemental insurance, you are relegated to a clinic, where you'll wait half a day to be seen by a PA, if you need follow up care, you probably won't be seen by the same PA. It may take 18 months to get a simple MRI. Of course there is no charge for the visit. Sales tax rates in Ontario are around 15% plus the income tax is considerably more than the tax rates in the USA. I could go on and on about the "free health" care in Canada. I and millions and millions of Americans prefer the system we have now.

    One last point, here is a list of the 7 countries that produce the best medical doctors in the world, not the best insurance or payment system, but the best Doctors, providing the best medical care. The USA is rated no 1.

  • How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies   5 days 22 hours ago

    America is still farce vis a vis it's "amrketing collateral" that touts the US Constitution... particularly the 14th Amendment. There is no separation of Church and State possible in the Republican Side of the Government as the REpublican Party proudly implements laws and policies that are consistent with their Calvinistic Core Theology (Chosen vs not chosen social constructs) which is intended by their "God" to deny anything to those of us that cannot afford it.. housing, food, shelter, healthcare. I still amazed no legal entity as not exposed via law suits against the passage of laws that "respect" their religion and not mine.

  • How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies   5 days 22 hours ago

    What keeps getting over looked is the fact that the Internet was and isa public resource paid for by tax money. To allow it to scam users one way or another should be an outrage... but isn't as we are devoted to the idea nothing should exist if some enterprise cannot profit from it. I began in TV Broadcasting... as a studio engineer at Channel 6 KOTV in Tulsa Oklahoma... I still recall whn the news broke of Kennedy assassination and the staff around me in the control room cheered as if a game score had just been posted...thier tem won... like it was OSU beating USC. That was a horrifying image of what could be what we are headed for nationwide. .. whn dissent is a thing of the past.

  • the FILTHY WEALTHY   6 days 10 min ago

    As for the executive of Toyota taking a salary of $150,000 per year, to the japanese honor is everything, American businessmen don't even know what honor is and most likely can't spell it


    It may be depicted that way in the movies, but in real life, and in my experience, they are heterogeneous in their business dealings. The Toyota CEO is an exception, rather than necessarily the rule. Just keeping it real.

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   6 days 1 hour ago

    Look at the link in post #31. You are fortunate that you must have an excellent healthcare plan. A $10 co-pay is unheard of. What does your company and you combined pay for it? I know you will say none of my business. But you are leaving out the true costs of the healthcare that you receive. Also did you look at the actual charges for that EKG. There would have been the full charge (what is charged if you do not have an healthcare policy) and what the insurance company is required to pay (a discounted rate). You are fortunate to have a job that pays for a significant part of your insurance. Not everyone does. But you need to be honest and disclose the real cost. It was $1200 per month for me and my wife prior to my going on Medicare. Or $14400 per year. That is for the worse healthcare among the top industrialized countries. See link in #31.

  • Trump won fair and square? You have to be joking.   6 days 3 hours ago

    The left is collectively going insane over the election that took place over 6 mos. ago. Keep at it libs. It is so much fun to watch.


  • RIGHT WING deceit and hypocrisy NEVER more GLARING   6 days 3 hours ago

    Keep on Zap keep on turn the apple cart upside down that's what has to happen .


  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   6 days 3 hours ago


    The Germans learned a hard lesson about single payer health care (monopolistic health care) under Hitler. He decided who received health Jews except for experiments.

    In spite of all that, you want 360,000,000+ people to have only one source for health care. You rant and rave about companies like ExxonMobil and there control over lives. Yet ExxonMobil is not a monopoly. We have choices about what fuels to buy or not to buy. I want that same choice in health care.

    I had a Dr appointment yesterday. I arrived on time, was seen right away. I was given a EKG, and had a consultation with the Doctor. I paid $10.00 for all of that (Don't get your hopes up, I'm fine). Millions and millions of Americans have a health care plan similar to mine (Aetna). Why would we want monopolistic health care, wait in line to be seen by a PA. Then, when a service is denied, who do we complain too.

    You may be done, but I'm not.

  • RIGHT WING deceit and hypocrisy NEVER more GLARING   6 days 3 hours ago

    Do you think god has a preference in what humans are doing and how they are acting with one another?

    Most humans think god is on their side ? Because she is .And all creatures have an intuitive knowing of this .This is just another way of saying "Your will for you is My will for for you"And that is just another way of saying ,I have given you all free will.

    There is no free will if to exercise it in certain ways produces punishment.That makes a mockery of free will and renders it counterfeit.

    So with regard to abortion or war ,buying that car or marrying that person,having sex or not having sex,doing your duty or not doing your duty ,god has no preference in the matter.

    We are all in the process of defining ourselves .Every act is an act of self-definition.This is called evolution .So we are creating god as we go ,this is holy work what we are up sacred ground We walk ...there are no punishments only choices ....we are the expression of god .

    Life has no beginning and no end merely extends ;creates new forms endlessly .People want a definite answer on the abortion issue when does life begin life as they know it ?

    Perhaps the body is enveloped by the soul .....let that be the question of the day ? Perhaps everything is alive look at a rock through a microscope the atoms are moving ! Life if you call it an energy (god) the essential essence is always there .It is never not there .Life never ends ,so how can there be a point when life begins ?

    What we need is discussion pro choice and what's in the best interest of each of us and the collective called humanity .The laws we have turn against us create justifications for terrible behaviours .

    It's impossible to go against the will of god if it was why is it happening .Is this not obvious...when their is only One of us Life and all that is occurring ,is an expression of Gods will-read that ,your will-made manifest .

    Some will find this difficult but look closely it is arrogant beyond measure for us to believe that we can affect the universe in a way with which the universe does not agree.

    We are dealing with mighty forces here we are no less and no more than the mightiest force .So let the Force Be With You !

  • Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?   6 days 3 hours ago
  • How To Save The Internet From Trump & His Cronies   6 days 7 hours ago

    The PETA protest, throwing paint (symbolic blood) on furs, was and is quite effective. I think it is a model for taking on the folks that have their ears packed and can't hear us and continue to work against the public interest.

    I propose a anarchic-lite tactic to throw symbolic blood money at the more infamous billionaires, the uber-political donor class and bought public officials and politicians.

    Use play money and theater blood only, nothing dangerous, just continuous public humiliation and reinforcing persona non grata status. Rude, sure, but nothing on the scale of damage they have and will cause without intervention. PETA's tactic worked for fox, mink and ermine. Could work for us.

    Make sure you post the video to social media for bragging rights. Make sure the billionaire target knows the symbolism that it's 'blood money!'.

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