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  • Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 31 points in N.H.: Poll   2 days 14 hours ago

    Bernie Sanders has pretty good changes in changing country's economical situation. I think he has great support from the citizens. I hope he will justify expectations and improve current situation.


  • Republican effort to destroy ObamaCare   2 days 15 hours ago

    8 am EDST do or die vote. Chest pounding. "Who knew that healthcare could be so complicated" Trump

  • Why does GOP hate Americans?   2 days 16 hours ago
  • How the Democrats Went Wrong Right   2 days 16 hours ago

    "Sure. It is all over the web". Right wing trolls constantly post on this blog with false facts and no reference.

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 16 hours ago

    They vote at 8 am EDST.

  • 10,000 Scientists VS. The Bible   2 days 18 hours ago
    Quote rs allen:

    Yo, DdC. I've got an idea I want to see play out. Do you know of any outlets selling hemp t's of good quality? Any you can personally vouch for in quality of product?

    I buy my jeans and shirts at Dash Hemp the last decade and Eco-Goods before that. Good wear and comfortable. Machine washable and a natural oder eater. As with anything I try to check the timeline and Hemp is best for the soil, minimizing chemical fertilizers with deep roots aerating the soil. natural pest deterrent, less pesticides. Smothers all weeds as the king of weeds, less herbicides and kindling for wild fires. Most of the DEA eradications are from wild hemp ditchweed in the Mid West. Pheasant habitat, so the game hunters and National Audubon Society were/are concerned.

    Just an overall superior product, except the price that is totally caused by prohibition. During holidays Dash has been taking longer to deliver after selling out. Plus it can't be over emphasized that imports means dealing with other countries manufacturing.

    Hemp Seed and Oil from Nutiva is the best price for larger amounts. There are a few other Canadian products but I haven't tried them. Australia is getting into it but again, import cost. It seems daily doses of Hemp Oil has helped patients build the immune system faster to fight off infection, rather than kill the bacteria as the ABs, along with good bugs for digestion. So we haven't had to use antibiotics in over 10 years. I've heard of others with similar results. I used a Hemp oil and Ganja dust potion once for a patients psoriasis, after otc meds didn't do a thing for a week. It worked overnight with the oil alone and gone for good once I re-did the polstice mixed with the Ganja dust.

    I also use Hemp body care products for patients. Global Hemp. Amazon has some of it but their work practices are questionable so I don't use them. Both DASH and Nutiva, I buy online even though DASH has a store on the other side of town. As do most larger cities have some sort of Hemp clothing. Most organic grocery stores carry Hemp Seed and Oil and products with it.. , at least in CA.

    That was a result of a Hawaiian company Alterna ? during Clinton sued the DEA to sell hemp products that the DEA said could contain thc. I'm only giving this info to those who won't smoke their blue jeans. Coaly!

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Trump has already expended his lifetime allowance: time to pull his plug.   2 days 18 hours ago

    Duplicate erased.

  • 10,000 Scientists VS. The Bible   2 days 18 hours ago
    Quote Coalage3:

    Fine...ignore the science.

    Monsanto Sucks, I approve this message...

    You keep repeating that, what science? Your mouth keeps writing checks your ass can't cash. Where is this science you start the claim with? Not that it matters. As long as Monsanto sells it, I ain't buyin. That is totally due to their track record from DDT to Aspartame. Millions of Americans with cancer and dead relatives because of Monsanto's greed.

    Food Insecurity: Monsanto

    No different than Dressler selling to Haliburton after hiding Asbestos information. Or the Aluminum Trust writing the safety standards of their hazardous waste fluoride. Banning Hemp or before that removing ethanol with the 18th Amendment. Taking over electric trolley cars with Rockefeller crude oil buses. Monsatan can not be trusted, period.

    Monsanto crap

    So you fight for the cowards dumping dioxins in the Mississippi River or tons of Agent Orange on Veterans and Vietnamese children. How many have suffered from Saccharin or will from Aspartame taken from the hazardous list by Rumsfeld and fast tracked as another fake sugar. You keep missing these in your liberal bashing one track mind.

    Millions Against Monsanto
    For over two decades, Monsanto and corporate agribusiness have exercised near-dictatorial control over American agriculture. Finally, public opinion around the biotech industry's contamination of our food supply and destruction of our environment has reached the tipping point. We're fighting back.

    Like Ralph Reed says, GOPers, especially Christians, vote for who they're told to vote for in one block. Not the candidate or their qualifications or past history. Hitler got in the same way. Divide the people and promise them safety from the threats while killing those in opposition. Now profit prisons are caging opposition over killing. This is not American or is Monsanto profits over people. You either get it or you don't. I hope you don't think this is a reply, its a psa.

    Mon$anto'$ WoD on Ditchweed

    Paul Wellstone

    Columbian schoolchildren sprayed from above

    Toxic Drift Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia

    A prominent U.S. Senator and other government officials from both Washington and Bogota stood on a Colombian mountainside above fields of lime-green coca -- the plant sacred to Andean Indians, but also the source of the troublesome drug cocaine. They were awaiting a demonstration of aerial herbicide spraying, part of the U.S. drug war in Colombia. The spectacle, put on by the U.S. embassy in Bogota last December, was supposed to address Senator Paul Wellstone's doubts about the accuracy and safety of the U.S.-sponsored drug fumigation program.

    However that turned out not to be the case. "On the very first flyover by the cropduster, the U.S. Senator, the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, the Lieutenant Colonel of the Colombian National Police, and other Embassy and congressional staffers were fully doused -- drenched, in fact -- with the sticky, possibly dangerous (herbicide) Monsato's Roundup."

    "Imagine what is happening when a high-level congressional delegation is not present," Farrell noted, pointing out that careful preparation had gone into the botched flyover. Wellstone left Colombia completely unconvinced by the Embassy.

    Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution

    The Millions Against Monsanto Campaign was started by the Organic Consumers Association in the mid 1990s to fight back against Monsanto and the other Biotech Bullies who are responsible for creating Agent Orange, PCBs, Roundup (glyphosate) and other toxins that threaten human health and the environment.

    Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen mega-deal With Bayer Heroin for Children

    Help Stop the Monsanto Protection Act

    Genetic Engineering
    What you need to know

    GMO = Genetically Modified Organism
    GMOs are created in a lab, by inserting a gene from one organism into another unrelated organism, producing plants and animals that would never occur in nature. No long-term safety studies have been done on humans, but animal studies link the consumption of GMOs to an increase in allergies, kidney and liver disease, ADHD, cancer, infertility, chronic immune disorders and more.

    Holy Shit Batman! Cannabis treatment of allergies, kidney and liver disease, ADHD, cancer, infertility, chronic immune disorders and more.

    Well at least if some sneaky goper slips me some GizMO food I'll be covered. 8)

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Trump has already expended his lifetime allowance: time to pull his plug.   2 days 18 hours ago
    Quote Legend:I disagree that Pence or Ryan would be worse. Having a pathalogical liar is the worse that you can have. Pence is super religious and would be caught in his lies. Ryan knows Government. Impeach them one at a time if necessary. We have a long way to go to a Democrat.

    President Stewie has no agenda other than "look at me!". Pence and Ryan have evil agendas and they are competent, while Stewie cannot chew gum and walk at the same time. In 2019 when Pelosi is Speaker again impeachment will be an option if someone whacks Pence.


  • How the Democrats Went Wrong Right   2 days 18 hours ago
    Quote Legend:
    Quote Roland de Brabant:
    Quote Legend:So you would accept a "mass murderer" as POTUS? You, the world and I will never know how many American lives he saved with his actions. I will stand by his decisions. You allow the terrorists to "kill at will with impunity".

    This whole "terrorism" thing is nonsense. The events of Sept. 11, 2001 were home-grown, planned and executed by the members of PNAC to justify the US taking control of the Middle East. The US has been the creator and primary patron of both al-Qaeda and DAESH. For the past eighty years the US has been the principal terrorist in the world bombarding innocent civilian populations and destabilizing peaceful governments.

    The people of the US would be much safer if our government had not murdered so many millions of people for so long.


    PNAC. Really, do you have proof? Source or reference? Bill Kristol seems so nice.

    Sure. It is all over the web. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini also sometimes seemed nice. Even Milhous had his moments.


  • Let's Stop These Facist Before They Kill US!   2 days 21 hours ago

    You can't avoid death either by the way!

  • Let's Stop These Facist Before They Kill US!   2 days 21 hours ago

    Don't worry!

    These clowns have not yet realised that without us they can no longer exist

    They are just drunk and drugged up by riches and wealth... the result is blindness to reality and total lack of and memory of cause and effect

    Who can buy anything when they have no money?

    Nobody can buy anything when they are dead

    When there is no economic activity money has no value

    That means they have nothing

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 21 hours ago

    ErinRose - Your sweeping generalisation about English (by hwich I assume you might mean Britain) desplays not a little ignorance and a likely lack of wordliness

    The Koch are not of British decent

    And, nothing to do with England

    Where do you get the idea that English are "type of miserly selfishness is culturally"

    Where do get this from... Fox?

    You tin pot!

  • Gosh, Golly, My Goodness, Shucks: The Gorsuch Performance   2 days 21 hours ago

    If democrat's could just remember that right wingers will say ANYTHING to achieve their objective and mean not one word of what they are saying, but by the time arrives that Americans realize it , its usually too late ,they already have themselves in in a position of power. The cult of republicanism trumps everything.

  • ATTEMPING to INFLAME HATRED of JEWS   2 days 21 hours ago

    I posted the article below, that a 19 year old Jewish man in Israel had been caught sending hundreds of bomb threats against Jews, that could only be read as an attempt at implicating and inciting Muslim hatred, but for some reason Thom's site refused to release the post, but were quite willing to release the article above reporting Muslim religious leader calling for hatred of Jews. Anyway here's the post they refused to release. This is the defiance that keeps getting me banned from posting here.


    Mar. 23, 2017 9:39 am
    By zapdam

    Israeli police told CBC News on Thursday a 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man has been arrested as the primary suspect in a string of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centres and other institutions in Canada and the U.S.

    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld described the suspect as a hacker, but said his motives were still unclear. Israeli media identified him as an American-Israeli dual citizen and said he had been found unfit for compulsory service in the Israeli military.

    "He's the guy who was behind the JCC threats," Rosenfeld said, referring to the dozens of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centres in North America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and in Israel over the past two months.

    In Canada, threats have been made recently to Jewish community centres in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and London, Ont.

    The U.S. Anti-Defamation League says there have been more than 120 bomb threats against U.S. Jewish community centres and day schools in the U.S. since Jan. 9. Those threats led to evacuations of the buildings, upset Jewish communities and raised fears of rising anti-Semitism. The threats were accompanied by acts of vandalism on several Jewish cemeteries.

    COPIED from

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 21 hours ago

    wmleidy - I said prior 'cometh hour cometh the man' (qt)

    We have the hour now where is the man

    America needs a leader

    Loads of commentators and opinionators

    Sadly, no leader

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 21 hours ago

    Willie W - I sincerely hope that people will recall and remember what you have just stated

    Trup certainly and definately made these declarations

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 22 hours ago

    A sane argument against single payer absolutely does not exist........which is why the entire argument over the ACA and or repeal of it is insanely just a waste of time.

    Thom is the only person in public media that has even mentioned single payer recently, that I've heard anyway.....shame on the Dems for not attacking the Teapublicans armed with the single payer weapon....never been a better time.

    The Kochs , Mercers, and all of their Fascist counterparts are on the wrong side of history. When the planet is beyond saving and all hell is breaking loose, citizens will look back on these people as pure evil incarnate.

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 23 hours ago

    Depressing to realize that 'Trumpcare' might not pass due to not being conservative enough.

    What's the current polling say about the midterm elections?

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   2 days 23 hours ago

    There are two kinds of people in this world; givers and takers. From all that I've seen so far, it is the conservatives who are the takers and the liberals (not neo liberals) who are the givers. When I see some conservative voter denouncing giving or sharing, I can't help but wonder if they are a text-book sociopath in church clothing. And as for the wealthy conservatives, like the Koch, brothers, I will never understand how people with so much can begrudge others from having the simple basics. You can't tell me these people aren't missing the compassionate gene or that they don't have sociopathic tendencies. Too bad they didn't have a little humility and a good dose of shame. (It also strikes me that these people are English and this type of miserly selfishness is culturally very English.)

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   3 days 3 min ago

    #Robertcd: If this is the case, and there are more conservatives than "lib-tards" using social safety nets, then why haven't any high profile liberals pointed this out in a big way? And how can conservatives be registered conservatives and vote for their own abuse by putting conservatives into office be so hypocritical by sneaking off to use social services, Medicare, and Medicaid? Why is such a glaring disconnect going unnoticed by conservatives and liberals alike? (And I agree with you that they want us to just die off. They see us as things, so there is no humanity in them.)

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   3 days 48 min ago

    one benefit of the trumpcare rollout is that more and more americans are finally waking up to the reality that we have truly been living in an oligarchy, an oligarchy that owns congress and the media. does america have the will yet to take its country back, or do we need depression, famine and war to do the trick?

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   3 days 53 min ago

    Does the Republican voter think they're represented?

  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   3 days 1 hour ago

    The Republicans have a funny way of defining freedom. In fact, the so-called freedom that they are trying to sell us is really bondage for the 90%.

    Being thousands of dollars in debt because of outrageous insurance premiums and medical expenses is not freedom.

    Living with a disabling, but curable disease, because a person cannot afford to have it treated is not freedom.

    Having to choose between buying an obscenely expensive health insurance policy or paying your mortgage or rent is not a real choice.

    Freedom is not having to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford medical treatment if you get sick.

    I agree with Franklin Roosevelt that freedom is:

    • The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
    • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
    • The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;
    • The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
    • The right of every family to a decent home;
    • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
    • The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;
    • The right to a good education.

    I would add three more important rights to this list:

    • The right to be free from racial discrimination. discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, discrimination based on a person's ethnic background or religion, and discrimination based on a person's political beliefs;
    • The right to live in a clean and healthy environment where the public interest in preserving our planet for future generations takes precedent over confllcting private interests.
    • The right to a true democracy with publicly funded election campaigns and strict rules on lobbying by special interest groups.
  • The Kochs vs Trump - Who Will Win On Healthcare?   3 days 1 hour ago

    Trump's campaign promise. Repeated many times by him, and still being repeated by Paul Ryan. For some reason, they all keep saying that the promise was to repeal Obama Care. Nope! The promise was to give us better health care. Better than what we had during the Obama years. And, to pay less for it. Repealing Obama Care is just a bump in the road, (not the promise) to that end. Better, and less expensive health care. Much appreciated, President Trump.. Thank you for your service.

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.