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  • Banding Together for the Common Good   2 weeks 3 days ago

    From Rod Dreher:


    Have you been watching the progressive freak-out over the Attorney General’s religious liberty task force? Alexandra de Sanctis is right: the fact that left-wing organizations cannot grasp the idea that religious liberty is important shows exactly why we need a Justice Department religious liberty task force. More:

    "Most fundamentally, these shallow, imprecise, and often inaccurate comments completely disregard the inherent value of religious liberty. But they also exemplify the political strategy of a progressive movement losing its bearings, sacrificing sanity in favor of stoking the fires of an ever-escalating culture war. Increasing numbers of thought leaders on the left put religious liberty in ominous scare quotes and redefine it as a buzzword for bigotry. They shouldn’t be shocked that scores of religious Americans are willing to hold their noses and overlook the serious flaws of the Trump administration for the sake of protecting their right to practice their faith without coercion."

  • Why Bannon Is Out   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Up until only a few months ago, Steve Bannon was arguably the second most powerful man in Washington. The president's one-time chief strategist was the puller of strings, the Trump-whisperer, revelling in his role as an agent of chaos. Barely 17 months ago, he was among "the best talent in politics" - in Trump's words. Now, he's merely "Sloppy Steve", the latest person unfortunate enough to be slapped with a derogatory nickname by the US president. Bannon was quoted in a new book saying several things that appear to have made his former boss unhappy. One example that made headlines was that the president's son, Donald Trump Jr, had committed a "treasonous" act in talking to Russians. Soon after last week's release of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, Bannon tried and failed to manage the fallout. By that point spin palace though, the damage was done. Bannon's backers cut their ties with him, he left the powerful right-wing media empire Breitbart, and the future of the man behind some of Trump's most headline-grabbing policies has been left up in the air. Even in a White House where political careers have the life expectancy of a house fly, Bannon's sudden rise and fall is remarkable. Here's how it came about

  • Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution   2 weeks 4 days ago

    This is great piece of information and more valuable in the coming days.

  • Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade   2 weeks 4 days ago

    So what is the main reason to talk about this all the time? I can't get it, we have other important problems than this stupid one

  • The Corporate Conquest of America   2 weeks 4 days ago

    It is pretty hard question as for me

  • Mom and Dad   2 weeks 4 days ago
  • Mom and Dad   2 weeks 4 days ago
  • They Thought They Were Free   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Well as for me, we shouldn't talk about that in such a manner. All these were a long time ago, of course, we have to remember and make no such mistakes, but, as for me, that is not right to pick on this every time you want. We have to learn something new and do the right things according to the situation. I have a lot of such situations at red flush website and all I can say - every situation is unique, yeas, of course, you can find something close, but not the identical, so that is why stop this trash. We are in the modern country and we can talk about everything in the correct way, but not in such bad tone.

  • Caller: GOP Turned on Soldier Because They Hate Obama   2 weeks 6 days ago

    But, just because they hate Obama, not that he has done anything wrong, but because
    he come from a race of people they really do not think much of, except as slaves or
    something not human, they attack him, to their detriment, and this is
    the sad part that the world is watching Americans do to their African American President and its African American People.

  • Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade   3 weeks 9 hours ago

    I went to school with Trump ( 1967 Wharton ) and worked close to him in ACA in the 80's. Trump is conning you if you support him. But please just read my blog posts. I really want Trump supporters to sign up for this post series. No sense preaching to the choir.

    Start here:

    The last 3 posts have been very strong. Look at that dictator graph! And the new one I am writing now, on how the 4.1% GDP growth should be though about - will be out monday.

    Trump is Clearly a Player in an International Crime Syndicate. Now How Do We Handle Our National Security Crisis?

    Dear Trump supporter: Please ask yourself this. How safe would you have felt if Obama spent two private hours with Osama and came back saying “Osama said very strongly that he didn’t do it” and then he invited him to the White House?

    Dear Trump Supporter:

    The Helsinki Summit has clearly hurt Trump and the USA. So who really wanted the Helsinki “summit” anyway? Ask yourself this: who did the Helsinki summit serve? Trump didn’t prepare for it. He played golf the weekend before. He met with Putin for two hours and is not even relaying what was even said in private. He did not allow his own top statesmen to be in the room. Whose idea was that? We now hear that war plans were made. We hear Putin is asking for Trump to deliver American citizen, Michael McFaul, for questioning in Russia. And we all saw Trump take Putin’s side over the FBI’s. Helsinki served Putin and not Trump and the USA. That’s because Putin did prepare for it. Putin designed the entire summit-show from the get-go.

    Seeing is believing. Watch Trump’s gait coming to the podium after spending two private hours with Putin. You can visually see Trump was cautious and not happy with what he was about to say. But Putin looked victorious, happy and fully secure. That can only be because Putin was in full control of the whole charade from before it even happened. He asked Trump for the summit. He told Trump it would be a win/win for both of them. But it was not. It was good for Russia and terrible for the USA.

    I first met Trump at college. Donald has been this way (unprepared) since college. (Penn.) He is a one-trick pony and all that pony wants is more money. It’s easy to trap a person whose sole motivation is greed. Did not he learn that as a casino owner? Trump and Putin are both basically kleptomaniacs propped up by the seals of their governments and law enforcement. They don’t create or earn. They cheerfully steal the toil and assets of others. Putin was elected in a democratic Russia. He stole 200 billion in just a few years by killing his opponents and ending Russia’s free press.

    The Reason for Money Laundering

    All dictators and fascists steal from their governments and citizens. To ensure their stolen money does not get taken away, they farm the stolen dollars out of their countries where their own justice systems will never have jurisdiction. It’s called money laundering. Putin and Trump are long-standing players in an international crime syndicate that specializes in money laundering. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, is about to go on trial for money laundering.

    That Helsinki meeting was really about one thing: Putin’s money. Putin wants more than his 200 billion. He wants the Magnitsky Act to go away because it costing him his billions more. He wants that Russian oil deal valued at 500 billion. Putin has plenty of his stolen Russian funds parked here in the USA. In NYC, they back Kushner – and they have long backed Trump too. Trump use to hold Miss Universe contests is Moscow. And there were plans to build a Trump Tower there. This is why it was a private meeting. They mainly talked about money. This is why Pompeo did not get invited in. They don’t want anyone to know and certainly not a decent person, which Pompeo may be.

    And Trump has had funds in Russia since his casino days. That’s when he started hiding his casino cash overseas, so he did not have to pay tax on it. Trump has been into international crime since the ’80’s. He is a player in what is sometimes called the Russian Mafia. Putin will just take Trump’s Russian-parked money if Trump does not help Putin secure his money in the USA. It’s a quid pro quo. The crime world works that way. Manafort was overheard asking if getting Trump elected would square a debt with a Russian oligarch. Quid pro quo. That 2 hour secret meeting only makes sense when you realize they both had a lot of private money business to talk about.

    The Helsinki Summit was about two international criminals meeting in private to discuss money. But Putin has stuff on Trump. Trump has nothing on Putin and couldn’t use it if he did. In Russia, everyone knows Putin is a criminal dictator. They are okay with it. They have no choice. But in the USA, that’s still not okay. We still have a free press in spite of Trump’s calls of “fake news”. And we still have a justice system.

    So Putin could tell Trump exactly what to say. If Trump did not say it, the financial dirt he has on Trump could come out and/or his funds in Russia could be seized. This meeting was largely about deadlines and explaining to Trump what will happen if he does not come up with his end of the bargain he made for election help. That’s what was said in that room. I am sure of it.

    And that could be most of it. Except there would have been Putin’s back-up plans. And those could include war and the fixing of the election of 2018. Maybe they will have North Korea do the election for them both this time, so it does not trace back to Russia. Maybe the GOP is okay with it because they sort of know they can’t win an honest election – certainly not this cycle – and perhaps never again.

    The Crime Syndicate is Pervasive

    Putin and Trump are the most powerful figures in this money-laundering crime syndicate, but there are many other players. This is a map of the countries of the earth, with yellow being a free country and red being a dictatorship.

    It’s pretty stunning.

    The most infamous of the dictators are Putin(Russia), Rouhani (Iran), Al-assad (Syria), Maduro (Venezuela), Xi Jinping(China), Kim Jong-un (North Korea), Erdoğan (Turkey) but there are about 40 other dictators. They all need places to park their stolen loot. They are all money launderers. They collect taxes, but they don’t pay much tax, if at all. So they all sort of need each other because they have to get the stolen money our of their countries – and democracies may not play ball. So they stand up for each other! They are loyal to each other.

    The syndicate is nameless to protect the not-so-innocent. And it’s not just comprised of rulers. There are businessmen in the syndicate as well. Manafort, Cohen, Wilbur Ross have done business with the syndicate. George Bush called it an “axis of evil”. Reagan called it an “Evil Empire”. (I call it Dictators United. That’s what it is today.)

    And here’s the part that Trump supporters, both in Congress and among the US citizenry have to come to grip with. Donald Trump has been a player in that nameless crime syndicate of money launderers for a very long time. Trump owes the syndicate for the work done electing him and they will collect.

    And Trump will try not to pay his debts to Putin. (He never pays unless he has to. It’s how he got rich. ) It’s his plan to make American citizens pay his debt to the crime syndicate. Who is paying for his wall if it gets built? (You and I.) And the paying has already begun with those tariffs. American farmers are outraged about the tariffs – and Putin is laughing. It hurts his two biggest opponents – the USA and China. Why should he not laugh? Chaos is Putin’s goal.

    Since Putin is the richest player in the syndicate, he is the kingpin and has the final say. You can’t expect Putin to do things that favor the USA or any democracy. Democracies generally don’t play ball with dictators, so democracies are a danger to the dictators. Free societies and dictatorships are like cats and dogs. They don’t get along.

    I have known Trump was a money launderer for over thirty years. I worked close to him in AC and stuff like this shows. And, sad to say, until he became president, I was more or less okay with it. It was none of my business. Out of my league. But since that show in Helsinki, it’s now becoming very clear to most Americans that Trump and Putin have something going besides just being presidents of two big countries. Trump and Putin are business associates.

    And folks, no matter what kind of American citizen you are, we just can’t have that here. It might be OK in the Arab Emirates, but this is the USA. We have too much to lose. Newspapers and TV stations, you have your livelihoods to lose. Farmers, lawyers, artists – you have your livelihoods to lose. We have our dignities to lose. We have our best hope for our children’s future to lose. We have our own assets to lose as well, because the dictators handbook says to get power, you get control of the police and seize the assets. Putin seized most of his 200 billion. He just took real estate deeds and re-wrote them, selling off parcels to his friends and allies for pennies on a dollar.

    Doing nothing about this is like doing nothing about a cancer diagnosis. Ignoring this will not solve it. These are some steps we should take right away:

    • Call for an emergency session of Congress.
    • Sequester the president’s war powers immediately!
    • Make sure the Mueller investigation goes through unimpeded.
    • Subpoena Trump’s taxes and make a retroactive law that a US president cannot serve without revealing seven years of taxes and all foreign bank accounts.
    • Get the translator’s notes. Criminal’s do not deserve a private space to collude.
    • If the GOP Congress does nothing, we vote the entire GOP Congress out. No exceptions this cycle.

    Americans have to make sure this does not happen again. If a GOP member won’t call for these kind of actions, a DEM should do it. Call the roles. Announce no agenda before the session. We need to know who is with Team USA and who is with Team Russia.

    And do not assume the 2018 vote will be fair. Dictators steal. Remember that. Assume the 2018 votes will be tampered with. Do not trust the GOP-endorsed voter software. Voter software must be open source or blockchain protected. Create a web site where votes can be tallied online and encourage people to vote at the booth and online as backup. I believe voting online can be made safer than voting at a booth.

    Congress should approve absolutely nothing until these things happen. Citizens can strike or hold off paying taxes until Trump shows his taxes. We have to do whatever is necessary the way dictators do, because that second shoe is about to fall. It was discussed in that private two hour talk with Putin. That’s why even John Kelly could not get 101w, 202w, 342w" style="box-sizing: inherit; vertical-align: middle; float: right; margin-top: 0.375em; margin-bottom: 1.75em; margin-left: 1.75em;" width="268" />into it. We all know something fishy went on in there. We could see it. Trust your gut now.

    We need an immediate emergency session of Congress whose topic is:

    How to Handle Our National Security Crisis.

    Then we will see what happens.

    Dear Trump supporter: Please ask yourself this. How safe would you have felt if Obama spent two private hours with Osama and came back saying “Osama said very strongly that he didn’t do it” – and then he invited him to the White House?

    Yes, he walked back that invitation under pressure, but the act of inviting Putin revealed his true intentions and alignment. Note how Trump likes the leaders of so many of the RED DICTATOR countries, and bashes the leaders of the DEMOCRATIC countries. It’s not just Russia. Dictators are criminals – and they stick up for each other. They way to reverse this in the USA is voting out the GOP at every level. Planet-wise this is the solution.


    Joseph Aronesty is an e-commerce pioneer, songwriter, author, linguist, father of five and staunch activist for every day people. He was in a class with Trump at Wharton in 1967 and worked near him in AC in the 80’s.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday December 20th, 2017   3 weeks 19 hours ago

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  • The Corporate Conquest of America   3 weeks 1 day ago

    The idea of what is and what isnt a corporation monopoly is getting so grey in modern american commerce. Take google for instance, they basically own over ninety percent of search information and ad control but claim they are actually a tech company that is working on things like self driving cars and home assistants... while really they just own all of the largest more profitable real estate in the air, the internet. Something a small blinds contractor has to pay great attention to.

    Jeff at

  • Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade   3 weeks 1 day ago

    HotCoffee, I am with you on Lou Dobbs. He seens to be a logical thinker and can expalin in journeymans language what is going on in the economy. FOX business rocks.

    As for California, you have my sympatiy. I cannot imagine a more beautiful but screwed up state. What is really sad is those who are leaving are destroying the states to which they migrate. Seattle, Portland, and much of Colorado have all fallen to the leftie/socialist program.

    A great ecxample of their lunacy is the headline,

    Seattle-Area Councilman: Hosing Poop-Covered Sidewalks Might Be Racially Insensitive

    This is where leftie/socialism and PC has brought some cities and states. Good luck to you. Just remember not to shower, flush, or use air conditioning and you will be fine. Oh, remember to wear your muck boots when wandering in a liberal city.

  • Banding Together for the Common Good   3 weeks 2 days ago

    I thik it becomes much harder to live in such circumstances ...

  • Why Democrats Needs to Do Better by African Americans   3 weeks 3 days ago

    This was an insightful comment. But, IMO, it's not just the Dems and AA's, that need answers but all segments of society and the classes. Dems cannot address issues in any meaningful way regarding race or class until they are the majority of LAWMAKERS at the local, state, and federal levels. The AA percentage in this country is about 10%, but what needs to be understood is that not only AA's, but Asians and Latinos', the elderly and college students who live in a different states or people who have recently moved, might be removed from rolls or declared ineligible to vote. Whatever voter ID is necessary, go and get it now! Many new laws are impacting the above-mentioned groups but include women's bodies, sexuality, education--public and higher, gig-economy workers, the homeless, under-insured elderly, uninsured, unemployed, children, young adults, mentally ill, and so many others. They must understand that schemes to abridge their right to vote on life-sustaining issues are occuring when voting registration time is shortened, precints are closed or moved inconviently away (this just happened to me this June election but I drive--and there was no visible sign on the school that said "voting here". To focus on a single group at least to me, is neither prudent nor do I think it would be deeply felt or expressed by most politicians. People need to be told or ordered to VOTE in their local, state and national elections because this is how laws are created and implemented that will support their most basic needs and rights or to suppress them. It is most important to have people understand that not only AA and other minority racial and ethnic groups, but also working class whites and mostly democrats will discover their ability to vote might be challenged if not halted if they do not exercise and guard that right. I would suggest that all elected DEMS express the big tent issues more forcefully and that they renounce any major news stations --including NPR anchor news, that denies them the same opportunity to respond to Trump's laws. This is an important issue, and not being given time to present opposing viewpoints leaves the impression that Dems are impotent and disengaged in real-issues. It leaves them vulnerable to misinformation by trolls. Maybe more town meetings, more UTube or other media postings will show their strongly expressed beliefs and goals. Time is running out and whoever is advising the Democratic leadership is not doing a good job. Dems need maximum exposure on the issues about being governed and what that means to each voting age citizen and why it matters so much to their republican opponents that certain citizens--maybe even your friends and family, are not allowed to vote. Keep telling voters to make sure they register early--take a photo of their registration, that they talk to family and friends about how laws we have to live under are created. I believe that when people equate voting with the laws that determine our individual freedoms, maybe then more people will begin to understand and actually appreciate why voting matters. Until then, republicans are hard at work, relentlessly trying to dissuade people from voting or even caring to vote. I would humbly ask that all progressive talk radio, television and news outlets share this post and insist on talking about these issues.

  • Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade   3 weeks 3 days ago


    I haven't listened at all....just fiqure he's riding the Mad Max train and hanging up on anyone that disagrees. One of your posts reminded me about Lou Dobbs so been listening to him a bit more, after a year of not watching tv.

    Sad watching the west coast turn to crap....literally!

    We are on power alerts....otherwise known a Jerry Browns energy future.

    Almost a good as his water future.


  • U.K. Pound Falls As Markets Get Brexit Jitters   3 weeks 4 days ago

    I think people are still waiting for the effects of Brexit to come into play. As an American, we haven't directly experienced anything, but I am sure it is a matter of time. Hopefully, It will not negatively impact my business Roofing Athens GA

  • The Corporate Conquest of America   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course, but I believe women definatelty deserve more credit, especially in the workplace. Good read for the history breakdown.


  • Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Hey HotCoffee. Nice to see you are still around. I don't spend much time listening to Thom's show. Only once in awhile for his first segment when he really goes looney tunes over something President Trump has done. It appears he is losing his ability to run the show and I suspect when the next election does not go his way he will be gone from the airwaves and living is the wackiness that is Portland, OR. A fitting end to his tilting at windmills career.

    See ya!

  • EPA Says Fracking Harmful to Drinking Water - Will Trump Listen?   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Environmentalists seized on the new report as evidence that the federal government should strengthen federal protections on fracking.

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  • The Corporate Conquest of America   3 weeks 5 days ago
  • The Making Of A Liberal Icon - Bobby Kennedy   3 weeks 5 days ago

    This is a progressive step and it will offer a better chance to rise.

  • America was Birthed in Opposition to Corporate Monopoly   4 weeks 21 hours ago

    If you think back; the late 70's and 80's was when the "online college" phenomon started. It "boils down to education. Not a fault of the educators, a fault (that I maintain was purposeful) on behalf of the military/industrial/corporate complex that killed Kennedy and now have their endless war(s). Lets bring the draft back and "draft" an entire corporation! It's a person now ya kno....

    see more at

  • What Will Happen to the Economy When the Federal Reserve Stops Buying Bonds?   4 weeks 21 hours ago

    With that in mind one specific example of the increase in disposable income not being good for workers is the Walmart(?) numbers Thom mentioned. For every $10 benefit the tax scam gave to Walmart, the worker received $0.09. It seems to me that would increase economic inequality.

    see more at

  • Scientists to Google: no More $$ for Climate Deniers!   4 weeks 21 hours ago

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Democrats Should Steal Trump's Thunder on Trade

It's time to run bigger, better and harder on trade policies.