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  • Coronavirus Crash: Worse Than Great Depression?   1 week 1 day ago

    Manufacting jobs have skyrocketed under President Trump

    10 times the growth of the Obama administration.

  • Coronavirus Crash: Worse Than Great Depression?   1 week 1 day ago

    Sadly, the british have lost wisdom and no longer know much of anything about building a nation

    Globalism is actually fascism by stealth and government has been only too happy to engage

    Government is bought and payed for by business

    We need someone with intestinal fortitude in government to re-arrange

    Not holding breath!

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    Was in the Denver area for four months and barely made it out on the 15th ahead of that explosion. Came back home to a small town in the northern Rockies where there are only about 5 cases so far, no deaths, knock on wood. It's a valley 2/3 Republican/libertarian/Trumpists, good people generally when one avoids politics. It seems most are following the safety guidelines fairly well, from what I could tell at a glance anyway on the way to my hidey-hole. They know they're in the calm before the storm.

    It's looking like our's will be one of the last few areas in the contiguous U.S. to get hit, so people here have had the advantage of longer lead time to stockpile and prepare, especially the two hospitals, thank God. Of course, all the sanitizers were gone, toilet paper aisles were mostly bare, etc. -- like everywhere these days. People said that the biggest problem at first was that so many were not taking it seriously because of what Trump was and still is babbling. Pretty much the same story across the country.

    Money over lives -- that always has been the mantra of the plutocracy. Look at all the carnage of our endless resource wars in the Middle East. Look at all the starving victims of extreme wealth disparity all over the world. And never underestimate the countless deaths from big-industry climate destruction that are rising each year.

    So death from a stupid little virus is no big deal. Get back to work; start buying stuff; get Trump's numbers up for reelection! Don't have a mask? Well then, put your hand over your face, ya snivelin' bastard! USA! USA! USA!

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    We are being entertained like lemmings; Look at the stimulus package, huge billions focused on casino’s, so many service industries and special interests but pennies for farming, tech industries, infrastructure and nothing for manufacturing. These are crippling events which is exactly the focus, there is nothing there that looks toward our future. And what about the VIRUS?

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    This is the ad that Thom refers to.

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    Very entertaining, I like how you weave the reference's throughout. Kellyanne is an Academy Award performance. She set the stage for the Administration. Somewhere along the way, facts have been lost. How else could a President get away with 16000 lies. Or Tincups cut and paste from a Forum, having no idea if it is a Russian bot or what. But he believes that it is fact. You look at the comments sections on any article on Yahoo News and There are tons of false facts posted. Comments section on Fox News is off of the charts. Putin has to get a good laugh every day at how easy it is to manipulate the American voter. Fox News, Right Wing Radio and Putin brainwash the weak minded every day. It is what they want to hear. It is comforting to them. They do not care if it is fact or not. I have 11 pencil marks on my office wall. We are blowing the charts off of the wall with this virus. It has just begun its assault on this country. Glad that I live rural.

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    Cool; self-quarantined; a slow night on Thom's blog; lots of empty space to practice typing; I apologize in advance:

    Tragically, the deadly COVID-19 pandemic will probably be with us for a long time until our much-maligned scientific communities (who are conveniently discredited by Republican hypocrites when it suits their dumbed-down, red-meat political rhetoric) can ultimately discover and develop an effective vaccine or some other miracle drug. Meanwhile, a frightful tally of our loved ones, who will probably die horribly in the next several months, is beginning its inexorable rise as invisible assassins spread like locust across the land.

    Those two heretofore unimaginable statements are quickly emerging as irrefutable truths, mainly because Trump failed to heed the early warning signs and act quickly enough to enact a highly viable emergency pandemic plan that was handed off to his administration at the very beginning and painstakingly spelled out in excruciating detail by battle-scarred veterans of the Ebola pandemic. They explained precisely what steps were imperative, that absolutely needed to be accomplished sufficiently ahead of time to prepare for and therefore effectively mitigate worst-case scenarios, one of which is now unfolding exactly as predicted.

    For three lost months, the peacock "war president" didn't do a damn thing to save lives. A good president like Obama would have immediately pulled out all stops and taken the appropriate actions in the face of such a serious pandemic. But numbnuts Trump tried to talk it away initially with eye-popping disregard, denial, blame, and bullsh*t. Finally, reluctantly, when it was too ridiculous to deny reality any further, even for him, he instantly reversed everything that he previously assured us was the honest situation on the ground. He made up stories while bodies piled up in Italy -- a modern Western democracy with mostly white people that was reflecting our future two weeks in advance. The big red dots were expanding quickly on the various interactive world maps.

    In front of the cameras and microphones, trying awkwardly to project calm, he displayed a weak, robotic acceptance when the ugly truth slowly dawned on him. In reptilian survival mode, he privately freaked out about losing the economy ergo the election. "Mein Gott! Es kommt für die Heimatland!"

    Once Trump's Bavarian "war general" grandaddy gene kicks in (Actually, no; Frederick Trump was a draft dodger in his homeland too.), Herr Trump, a remarkable likeness to bug-eyed Sargeant Schultz while facing questions from the press, annoyingly upstages his own experts at his mini Trump rallies, mislabeled as "coronavirus news conferences," to sprinkle unhelpful suggestions and dangerous misinformation that he pulls out of his big butt, as usual. Meanwhile, as a standard operating procedure, the White House frantically scrambles behind the scene to put lipstick on their orange pig, as usual.

    Your Honor, if it pleases the court, the People of the United States of America hereby enter into evidence the following as Exhibit A:

    Trump consciously and deliberately FAILED to do anything at all when a superb, already existing plan clearly recommended the best and most medically necessary options. So the big question is still hanging in the infected air: Why did he not follow through with it when he must have known full well (the "stable genius" that he is) that the assured outcome of such criminal inaction on such a grand scale would be really, really bad for everyone everywhere?

    Neither can his wayward administration claim ignorance or surprise without eliciting guffaws hiding outrage from the frustrated experts who tried vainly to advise them numerous times on the correct course of action.

    You'd think that at least someone, anyone, in that gilded den of snakes would have appreciated the full scope and consequence of Trump's monumental incompetence and depravity and would have urgently sounded the alarm so that the so-called "adults in the room" (Ha!) could have intervened and overruled the decrees of the Mad King.

    And you'd be wrong. Read the Game of Thrones backstory; it's a good analogy of our own feudal history and the inherited fixation on power-mongering and warfare down through the ages. By the time Aerys II was finally stopped, it was too late; many people had to die to be rid of the Mad King and his inbred lineage.

    Of course, nowadays, in a civilized democracy (one hopes), an unhinged tyrant would merely be legally stripped of all authority and thrown into prison rather than have a sword run through his black, shriveled heart. If impeachment and the 25th amendment won't work, then a fair election where every good citizen can and should vote would accomplish the same goal of peaceful abdication of power-- if we can overcome Republican voter suppression and foreign interference; if we can keep some semblance of our crumbling democracy together for another bat-sh*t-crazy ten months!

    After he's finally out of office (Please!), then perhaps the People can, at last, have a fair trial, call witnesses, gather evidence (reams of it already), and throw the sonuvabitch in jail! "Lock him up! Lock him up!" Karma's a bitch.

    Trump could then enjoy his retirement totally surrounded by his beloved walls, all four of 'em, and be fed a lean healthy diet so that he may live long and ruminate on his past misdeeds. Even a washed-up, sad old man thoroughly rejected by society should be given the opportunity to repent and evolve. No?

    Okay, back to grim reality and the genocidal maniac world of the gang of wingnut miscreants. (Always wondered: What do alleged conservatives actually "conserve" anyhow besides dangerous deluded nonsense?) Yup, Trump had this great Obama plan ready to go and plenty of early warning to save the lives of potentially two million hapless citizens; yet, the damn fool -- greedy and power-hungry as always -- has consciously chosen to look the other way, to whistle past the graveyard, to step over the piles of bodies, choose your own sick metaphor.

    So how long will the Republican/Trump Party deny the undeniable truth that the rest of us cannot with a clear conscience? Forget the court of law and public opinion; we have to go home, face our families, look them in the eyes.

    Not only did this ding-dong know-nothing throw the pandemic plan on a forgotten dusty shelf somewhere in the bowels of his under-administered administration, but he and his band of flying monkeys disbanded the Obama-era pandemic teams in the NSC and dispersed the talent, stubbornly insisted on massive cuts to the CDC and other vital health systems, and generally screwed over our ability to respond intelligently to a pandemic, or to any other major medical crisis for that matter -- you know, all that damn big-guvmunt socialist crap, all the weird stuff that you can't just shoot down or blow up or build a medieval wall against with your big-guvmunt police force and bloated, uh, socialized military. And now we're all suffering the miserable consequences.

    Sorry, it ain't gonna work this time to blame Obama and the Democrats -- his instinctive go-to excuse for everything he breaks. (He must have been a real pain as a sibling too, always blaming his farts on everyone else.) Everyone knows in their heart of hearts that Trump's lizard brain simply cannot fathom the wisdom of the last administration's pandemic plan -- first, because it was something smelling of Obama; second, because he just doesn't care how many people have to die (King Aerys II) to save face, money, and power. He and his murderous cult have made that twisted worldview abundantly clear lately, haven't they?

    As bad as it gets though -- and it will shock most of us just how bad, as it did in Italy even though they also had a well-run, modern medical infrastructure with highly trained personnel, nurses, and doctors -- the United States of America, as the name suggests, will somehow survive this calamity and thrive. We have always overcome great adversity before anyway.

    Well, until now, that has never been seriously questioned. Indeed, could this really be the coup d'état that finally defeats the once-greatest democracy on Earth? No, not the virus threat -- the Trump Reality Show dire emergency! Can our gravely wounded democracy survive another four years of an oligarchic kakistocracy run by an evil clown?

    Anyone who listens to and reads the lifetime works of Thom Hartmann or visits his blog (as Legend reminds us), soon discovers that it's all about proper sourcing -- where you get the news that informs and shapes your world view. And does it match up to the common-sense reality that can be detected with one's own eyes and ears and brain, as well as those of others? Does a strong objective consensus emerge? Is it correct? Double-check.

    To do that properly, you must have numerous sources, including scientists, investigative reporters, and various other scholars and truthtellers, such as Thom. Hint: stay away from Fux News, Winger Radio, and the Swamp Net. They don't offer legitimate opposing views; they spin-up entire opposing realities -- the imaginary universe of Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts." Trying to decipher the avalanche of lies spilling down from Trump's Tower of Babble is a complete waste of time and energy.

    So what exactly does the phrase "proper sourcing" actually mean then -- you know, in street language, in the real world?

    Oh c'mon! Who the f*ck is lying and who the f*ck is telling the truth? Pretty damn simple, ain't it? What is the problem, people? Most of us have 10,000 years of hard-won knowledge that fits into our pockets at our stinky little fingertips. In this day and age, if you're an ignorant asshole, it's because you choose to be.

    That defines stupid. And the human race cannot survive stupidity in the nth-degree much longer. Do you not see it? Do you not care?

    end of rant

  • Is Next On Trump's List To Turn Grandma and Grandpa Into Soylent Green?   1 week 2 days ago

    Haha, yeah, ol' Danny Pugh, aka Dan Patrick, will have to scrub his Wiki page again if the Wiki crew can figure out how to reduce a psychopathic politician's genocidal thoughts down to a sanitized, G-rated blurb without the requisite colorful adjectives and invectives. It looks like his other big splash in life soon lost to history was that one day back in his high school glory days when he scored 36 points in a basketball game. Impressive. "Puggy" even had his picture hung belatedly on their Hall of Fame display in the main hallway. Awesome.

    I wonder if the school had to change his real last name on the picture blurb though. Sure, it might sound a little funny (kinda is); but damn, boy, is that any reason to be ashamed of your heritage? Were you not the apple of your pappy's eye? Psychiatrists say that a difficult father-son relationship can leave a kid horribly scarred for life. Is that what happened to you, lil' Puggy? Or was it Pugh Ugly? Because that certainly matches your whiny little mind.

    Is that also what happened to the false idol before you, Putin's stooge "Vladimir" Trump? Another fake Christian with daddy issues? (KJ; Judges 10:14: Go and cry unto the gods which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation.) The completely irreligious and rightfully impeached Donald John Trump is destroying your government, your democracy, your integrity, and making a mockery of your religious and patriotic principles, if any, through his astounding, unshackled dishonesty, immorality, and criminal behavior, all taking place in real-time right before your blank cow eyes.

    And ol' Pugh Nuts is not the only genocidal maniac serving the Party instead of the People.

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    If 60% do not agree with me they are not agreeing with facts. I posted nothing but facts and did not post anything about polls that you posted about. What are you reading into my post that is not there?

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    Well legend 60% of the people in the USA don't agree with you. Source: see post 1 :))

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    Yes, Trump is #1 at something. Today we surpassed China (4x our population) in number of cases of Covid-19 cases. We are #1 in the world despite weeks to months of warning. We are the greatest at something. Unfortunately, we are just beginning. We are going to blow the charts off the wall. We are now the Epicenter and the laughing stock of the world with Trump.

    More fun:

  • What Happens When Mobsters Run the Country?   1 week 2 days ago

    President Trump's leadership in the Corona Virus crisis is approved by 60% of Americans.

  • Is Next On Trump's List To Turn Grandma and Grandpa Into Soylent Green?   1 week 3 days ago

    Out of pocket costs for Covid-19 in our for profit healthcare system.

  • Is Next On Trump's List To Turn Grandma and Grandpa Into Soylent Green?   1 week 3 days ago

    Dan Patrick's only credential was being a Conservative Radio Host. Which means he lied a lot.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 3 days ago

    Good eye, Legend. Thanks for the correction. Those long posts get a little unwieldy.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 3 days ago

    Great research deepspace. 1 small correction Paragraph 3. Senators are 6 years not 4. The Senate has become the cesspool of our Government. It takes 22 smaller states to add up to the population of California. They get 44 Senators, California gets 2.

    Tin(no facts)hat really stoops low. Cutting and pasting from a forum. What research. It is really sad that our country is full of his type. Probably a trailer park Republican.

    I really wish that the SEC would investigate the stock investing of the Trump Crime Family and friends. You can bet they own Gilead Pharma. There is a drug that was used in Japan and China to treat patients that proved highly effective. Wonder why our Government cannot find it. I have written Senators and Congressman but get no response. You can Google Avigan. here are just a couple of the hits.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 3 days ago

    >>>TROLL ALERT<<<

    Yup, Tinhip did it again, listing cherrypicked ...ah... "facts" free of reliable sources. This time, it looks like he plagiarized verbatim passages directly from some extremely biased right-wing thread over at Political, which in turn was citing similarly biased articles where Republicans were squealing like stuck pigs.

    It suddenly dawned on the stooges à la teabaggers in the reinvented "Freedom Caucus" that they'd be forced to do the right thing for once and provide more assistance for the financial and physical health (Yes, children, climate destruction does lead to more deadly diseases and financial ruin.) of the little people and slightly less for the fat-cat moneybaggers adept at legal political bribery. Not surprisingly, we're the only Western democracy that makes corruption more legal than illegal. Go figure.

    Nancy dared to exercise her mandated duties, as she is wont to do, and introduced her own legislation when Moscow Mitch's lopsided bill failed the laugh test. After all, the House, which is the closest political body to the People due to elections every two years instead of four, is still in charge of spending. You can bet yer ass that Senate Republicans absolutely hate that central role in the constitutional balance of power. Simply put: Pelosi is a better poker player than McTurtle.

    BTW, voting provisions were inserted to make it easier and safer for more people to cast their votes without having to physically bunch up in long lines during a pandemic inside and outside of different buildings scattered throughout communities -- the best possible environment for a highly contagious virus millions of years in the making that isn't really alive but kinda pretends to be.

    Okay, that could sound a little Republican, I suppose, but these non-digital virus bots aren't really too political even though it's in character for Hannity, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, et al. to entertain the paranoid thought. Nothing should surprise anyone this late in America's modern incarnation of the Great Game.

    Wait a damn minute! Make voting easier? OMG, we can't have more people voting; that would "rig" the election in favor of Democrats! Except maybe a monkey in a swamp (Sorry, just a cool gif.), pretty much any person paying the least bit of attention, recognizes that Republicans' chances go way down if more people vote and that they could never win a majority of the electorate in a fair fight for all voters. Facts are stubborn things.

    While cruisin' the Swampnet like a happy dog off his leash (Pardon again.), Tinhip also neglected (on purpose?) to list Republican largesse for their pet socialistic bailouts of their largest donors atop America's great bubble machine.

    Here are a few examples to get you started on your own list, gentle reader:

    • $425 billion socialism loan and loan-guarantee program that Trump initially wanted ($500 billion) as his own personal, freewheeling super slush fund to reward his tax-wasting, tax-cheating, big-monopoly buddies and compliant, Trump-friendly cult members who happen to be right-wing governors and mayors. Maybe even some for his own hotels and golf courses. Who knows, wink, wink? (Democrats inserted heavy oversight much to his chagrin.)
    • $50 billion socialism for passenger airlines who blew their previous socialistic tax breaks on stock buybacks for their top-dogs instead of on sound business practices.
    • $8 billion socialism for cargo airlines who blew their previous socialistic tax breaks on stock buybacks for their top-dogs instead of on sound business practices.
    • $17 billion socialism for war-mongering defense contractors who blew their previous socialistic tax breaks on stock buybacks for their top-dogs instead of on sound business practices.
    • $367 billion socialism for all small businesses -- deservedly -- with six months free of loan payments.
    • $50 billion socialism to bail out farmers ...again! Remember Trump's disastrous trade war that screwed over American farmers "bigly" and still is? How so very patriotic of the little dirt people, along with every sap who is paying import taxes tacked onto the price of goods, to sacrifice themselves for megalomaniacal ego and idiocy. Trump to this day still does not fully comprehend or accept just how badly his dumb trade war impacts U.S. consumers as well as U.S. family farmers. (Will they still vote for him next time? Do they hate Democrats that much to go bankrupt under Trump again?)
    • Oh yeah, and here's this not-so-little, in-your-face factoid of Trump's unadulterated, knee-jerk corruption, pure and simple:

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 3 days ago
  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago
  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago

    Once again Tin(no facts)hat posts lies.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago

    McConnell went off yesterday on the pork the democrats wanted in the stimulus plan.
    Early voting?
    Same day voter registration?
    Solar Panels?

    There is also 50 million for the national Endowments of the Arts & another 200 million for Infrastructure repairs to the Smithsonian.
    The arts ?The Green New Deal ?

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago

    If he gets away with convincing millions of good citizens to put their lives at risk to juice his economic numbers for the political season, he will be directly responsible in the history books for the hundreds of thousands, very possibly well over a million extra deaths as hospitals, medical staff, and suppliers are hopelessly overwhelmed. Those are genocidal numbers.

    As gruesome as it is, we may need to repeatedly broadcast the powerful images of the bodies stacking up at hospitals, morgues, and graveyards to drive the point home, to strengthen the public's wavering will that is thanks to Trump and his obtuse propagandists.

    Sometimes mortal fear is a good thing if the will to survive instinctively drives people to the ground despite what the Mad King decrees. At this point on the graph of the United State's pandemic trajectory, extreme social distancing is the only proven way to fight the spread of the virus effectively regardless of all the wishful thinking.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago

    Trump wants all of this over by April 12th. Any idiot can see that we will be the worlds epicenter for this disease on April 12th. Where does he get his schedule? New Orleans schedule was Mardi Gras 2/25. No virus. First case was 2 weeks ago. Now around 1500. That is how it schedules. Taunt it with a crowd and you pay. You can look at the John Hopkins web site and we have been steadily climbing the ladder. We are number 3, soon to be #1. By percentage of population we are well past China. Trump can soon gloat that he is #1 in Covid-19 cases and growing.

  • Why? America Deserves an Answer   1 week 4 days ago

    Thom lays out the possible reasons and guesses as best as anyone can. It is reasonably all of the above. But without inhabiting the dark recesses inside Trump's skull (Oh, the horror!) for the innermost reasons that even he probably doesn't fully understand, we can only assess his outward actions and words that would strongly suggest what caused them to bubble up to the surface for all to suffer.

    I would hazard a guess that it's more feeling than thought with Trump's lizard brain. Or lack of feeling. Because it sure seems that he just doesn't have the normal human emotional capacity that would preclude caring more about money than human life. And the omnipresent cloud of reptilian Wall Street whisperers swirling around his ear like hungry mosquitoes are typically taking full advantage of this ugly aspect of his already bizarre personality. The body of evidence that he has presented against himself openly after several news cycles seems pretty clear for that suspicion to bear weight.

    In other words, we all know it because we can see it and hear it for ourselves in plain friggin daylight! No extra layer of punditry to explain further is really needed, is it? He's a blithering psychopath! And he has surrounded himself with shameless sycophants basking in the fleeting glory of his raw power eager to please or to manipulate.

    And he's "in charge" of one of the worst pandemics in over a 100 years?!!! Good God Almighty, dear Lord, sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joesph! Put religious wacko Pence in charge; pray out the virus; put those troublemaker governors in charge; sprinkle a few experts and doctors around the podium but don't let 'em speak too much. "No, I'm not responsible!" Just playing "war president" in name only for the cameras.

    But we will get the crowds of worker bees to fill up all those tight offices, schools, movie theatres, cruise ships, restaurants, and hotels. (Ahem, they say the Old Post Office hotel in DC is very nice, and you can order all you can eat à la carte influence.) What? Hospitals will need how many new workers when the pandemic rages out of control? That sounds like socialism, ya damn commie!

    ...And Jesus wept, as the Irish would say.

  • Would Trump Get Away With Letting 2 Million Americans Die?   1 week 4 days ago

    Double post.

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