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The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

It seems it's all racism, all the time w/the GOP...Neo-Nazi robocall hits Iowa on Molly Tibbett’s murder: “KILL THEM ALL. ” Richard Wolff drops by about the National Debt. Is it a disaster or an OK thing? Also - Trump & The National Enquirer - Is the Economy Here To Serve Us Or Are We Here to Serve the economy? Has America Become a "Grifter" Country? Check out our short podcast today



Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 31 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks for the link HotCoffee. I knew Mitch had them by the balls and bless him for getting the job done. I had absolutely no idea of the genius of Mitch McConnell could show. I will also say the same of Chuck Grassley who calmly led the dems into a trap that they themselves created. Clearly there are some smart people in D.C.. that know how and when to apply enough pressure to get the job done.

I have said many times in the past to some very cranky leftie/socialists here, there two reasons why I voted for Donald J. Trump.

#1 He would appoint solid constructionist Judges.

#2 Trump was neither a Republican or a Democrat, although after nearly two years, he is finding out what a bunch of vindictive bedwetters reside on the left side of the aisle and he is addressing their childlike behavior with much appreciated gusto.

As a side benefit, Trump has left the leftie/socialists stammering and sputtering. If you get the chance, catch the first two minutes of Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews show. He is so pissed sometimes he has trouble finding the words and you can see the spit flying out of his bottom teeth.

If something big happens over the weekend I will listen to the first hour of Thom's show but the last couple of times I tuned in, it was nothing but solid pitchman "as seen on TV" commercials taking up the hour. My God, I thought Billy Mays had come back to life.

Anyway, have a good weekend.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 31 weeks 3 days ago

I keep thinking of all the fund rasiers Trump went to for both sides, and to think he was possibly the only sober one in the room. The stories he could tell...he knows them all very well.

I'll try to catch that CM bit. I heard Hillary just lost her security clearance so I'm off to see if that's confirmed.

Would be nice to find a private way to exchange email addresses.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 31 weeks 3 days ago

Why don't you two just get a room ...with Fux News blaring 24/7?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 31 weeks 3 days ago

Watch out; this is science! And from a left-wing rag to boot! OMG, put your blindfolds on and your earplugs in, all you Trumpadóirs! (Irish for trumpeter but also for an obnoxious loudmouth, whom you'd rather not hear or see. How fitting.)

A gem that explains a lot, "The Brain of a Trump Loyalist":

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 31 weeks 2 days ago

Hey HotCoffee, Here is another daily beauty,

Have a great night.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 31 weeks 1 day ago


About your link....I guess when you graduate from college you go straight back to kindergarden....hmmmm.

Well she's baaaackkk!

Vintage Arrogance

Yet one day later, Clinton was at it again. Speaking in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she chose a scolding tone for Brexit supporters instead of evincing the least bit of appreciation for why the populist referendum succeeded in the U.K.

“I make no excuse for being against Brexit from the start,” Clinton snootily proclaimed. “I thought it was a bad idea before the referendum and I think it is an even worse idea now. It may well go down as one of greatest and most unnecessary self-inflicted wounds in modern history.”

But she wasn’t done there. Going full globalist, Clinton applauded the European Union for invoking punitive measures against Hungary for its refusal to allow dangerous foreign “refugees” into its sovereign nation. Branding Hungary as a nation that fails “to respect human rights, and the rule of law,” she declared that “similar stories are unfolding in Poland and too many other places, including in my own country.” She then issued a call “to turn back this rising tide of authoritarianism, sectarianism and divisiveness.”

The address is quintessential Hillary. She effortlessly besmirches the will of the majority of voters in the UK and her own country in one pontificating speech. This is what she says about the United States when she is abroad.

The Clinton Kiss of Death

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 31 weeks 8 hours ago

Morning HotCoffee,

Years ago on this forum I stated my number one reason for voting for Trump was his pledge to select conservative judges.

Last weekend was his finest hour in that department. The genius of Mitch McConnell showed again when he forced the democrat senators to stop their blockades and if they wanted to go home and campaign, they would have to pass through 15 more of Trumps judge picks. Of course these self serving pricks chose to abandon their principals and bend over for Mitch.

The result, and to add savor to this wonderful story, it is from the NYT,

"After just 18 months, Trump has “flipped” two circuits — the Sixth and Seventh — from prog to more properly conservative. Two more — the Eighth and the 11th — are on the verge of tipping. Even circuits that are decidedly liberal are undergoing significant changes. “It’ll be really important for the Second and the Ninth Circuits to have between two and four really good, high-octane intellectual conservative jurists,” explains a person close to the judicial-nominations process, “because dissents provide a signaling function to the U.S. Supreme Court, and those are very important circuits.”

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 31 weeks 6 hours ago

One more thing HotCoffee,

A little Elizabeth Warren music for your pleasure

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 31 weeks 2 hours ago


Well I haven't listened to Paul Revere for a long time. Perfect!

You might like this...backlash time. This is not a site I've been to before but this article is spot on.

The consequences of #METOO

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 31 weeks 44 min ago

Interesting article. I think it was Thom that used to snark at Vice President Pence for not going to dinner with another woman unless his wife was present.

In retrospect, the Pence philosophy is dead on. The man is a genius.

Does any of the leftie/socialist violence in Portland leak anywhere near you? I know you are in the woods but it is the left coast after all.

Where I spend most of my time, that black mask crowd would show up once and those pissant cowards would disappear into the bed of a pickup truck and never be seen again.

Fatten those turkeys.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 6 days ago

Nope...not coming here. The locals would dis-assemble the one lane wooden bridge and put it back up as needed. Locals are likely to stop people and ask them if they're lost and escort them out. This was always the case here, a tradition so to speak. It is an area where, when loggers lost there jobs they started growing MMJ and not about to get ripped off.

Many are ranchers locked and loaded for the packs of dogs that raid their cattle or sheep or to put down a sick animal.

When a fire breaks out, a tree blocks the road, an auto accident.... these guys are out there fast, many are volenteers as EMTs, Fire fighters et al. Kind of makes you appreciate men! Some women can do the job but not many.

I guess you could find an idiot or three in town!

What about your area?

The whole Blasey episode is nuts, I think there will be a backlash from anyone with a brain.


Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 30 weeks 6 days ago

The more you describe your area the better I like the sound of it. You sound like you have everything under control and I like the fact there are people around to help you if needed. Communities that work together are what made America great in the first place. Note the recent hurricanes that hit TX here primarily taken care of by fellow Texans. "I'm from the government and I am here to help you" does not wortk here.

BTW, our students with a carry permit are legal to carry a gun and that tends to encourage proper behavior while on campus.

Where I am sitting right now there is a lily white Irishman named Robert Francis O’Rourke who is running for Senator using the nickname “beto” supposedly given to him by a maid when he was a little boy. He is doing his best to make Hispanic voters think he himself is a Hispanic. His campaign literature, ads, and billboards have been altered to portray him with dark skin.

Robert Francis O’Rourke’s socialist views don’t sit well with Texas values and even though a national record setting $45 million, (the vast majority of which is money from outside Texas), has been dumped into his war chest, and in spite of the fact he will be defeated by a large margin, his fellow progressive democrats have asked if he would help with their campaigns by sharing some of his excessive cash, our good little socialist “Beto” told all of them to go pound sand. “That money is mine, you get your own” Very reminiscent of Bernie Sanders while trying to decide which of his three homes he wants to spend the weekend. So much for the socialist philosophy.

It’s a hoot to watch but after last night’s debate with Cruz, all that donated money looks like it is being flushed down the shitter.

Perhaps “beto” and that bucktoothed socialist from NYC can skateboard off into the sunset together.

“Chaos is order yet undeciphered”

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 6 days ago

Good afternoon DianneR,

Speaking of Chaos have you seen this? Got to get the chores done!Enjoy the day!!

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 5 days ago


Remember this?

Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’November 30, 2017 by

Tick Tick Tick! It wasn't Trunp sending pallets of cash to Iran or uranium to Russia.

you might enjoy this too..

Concentrating on Clinton Foundation Facts

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 5 days ago

Look at all the women and children!

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 30 weeks 5 days ago

Hey HotCoffee

I stay off twitter and never have seen the usefulness unless you are POTUS and tweet just to drive your enemies up the wall.

As for Honduras, I agree with Trump. Cut all aid to countries that participate in this crap. Electrify the wall

On another note, what malcontent leftie/socialist mobs say never happens.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 5 days ago


I don't go on twitter either or FB. I miss a lot of photos of family in Georgia but it's just not worth it. I wait for hard copies that FB can't delete. Still amused by the plate face people though. Almost everything on twitter is in my news feeds anyway.

Ca. voter registrations are so screwed up....I'm sending my ballot in anyway and still hoping we make some progress. We only have mail in ballots where I am. When I checked online you can regiester same day online, not to mention DMV....give me a break! Plus we only have Di Fi and De Leon otherwise known as worse & worser running for Senator. Neither bothered themselves to even put out a statment let alone have a debate.

Sure hope The Carolinas and Florida can get a system up to vote after the trama they just went through!

Just saw the O Rourke funny.

Perfect solution for the caravan!! He still has an ace in his pocket, he can stop remittances sent from families here as well.

After the wall we need to stop the tunnels, and then the boats.

Have a great evening.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 5 days ago


You are suffering from the Hillary Derangement Syndrome, whereby wild accusations are not backed up by any credible sourcing whatsoever. (e.g., Charles Ortel is an old right-wing propagandist and fake whistleblower from way back, who sells a lot of thin gruel and word salads without much protein, and who comically exemplifies the adage "figures lie, and liars figure." Bill Still comes from the same swamp. And Investment Watch Blog (and you evidently) so loves to spread that raw manure squishing twixt the toes ...mmm, mmm good to the last turd.

Never mind the "pallets of cash to Iran or uranium to Russia" -- completely debunked nonsense -- let's get to the core of your knee-jerk, forever-deflecting delusion every time the reality of Trump in the White House -- the real news -- slaps ya upside da head bone.

Sooo... The Clinton Foundation:

*Politically motivated witch hunts that have turned up zilch (just like every other credible investigation into Hillary Clinton):

Compared to the... The Trump Foundation:

*Actual crimes:

Your reply to the very real Trump-family crimes (#14 link) are false equivalence and red herring arguments meant to blur the issue with a cloud of disparate arguments, diverting attention from the original subject matter toward the comfort zone of a conditioned mind clinging to misconceptions.

Translation: November's coming and nobody cares about Hillary. Nobody except of course right-wing fools. Enjoy November 7 morning changing your diapers.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 5 days ago


Some help for you on Nov. 7th.

This is the Great ShakeOut. You are participating in the largest earthquake safety drill in U.S. history. Practice now so you can protect yourself during a real earthquake.

This is an earthquake drill. Right now, DROP, COVER, AND HOLD ON. (Unless you are driving!)

DROP where you are, onto your hands and knees. This position protects you from being knocked down and also allows you to stay low and crawl to shelter if nearby.

COVER your head and neck with one arm and hand

· If a sturdy table or desk is nearby, crawl underneath it for shelter

· If no shelter is nearby, crawl next to an interior wall (away from windows)

· Stay on your knees; bend over to protect vital organs

HOLD ON until shaking stops

· Under shelter: hold on to it with one hand; be ready to move with your shelter if it shifts

· No shelter: hold on to your head and neck with both arms and hands.

Now look around. What objects might fall or be thrown at you during an earthquake, that you should secure in place now?

Finally, strong earthquakes may generate a tsunami or seiche. If you're near the beach during an earthquake, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON, then walk quickly to high ground when the shaking stops.

You are now prepared for Nov. 7th!

This drill is over.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 5 days ago

Hi DianeR,

Turkeys fed....including Quail.

Beautiful morning

Lie-a-watha of the Slap-a-hoe tribe owes heap big apology to the American people, and much wampum for the Harvard tuition she stole.

Liberal Democrats on Twitter have launched an all-out smear campaign against the Cherokee Nation because of its decision earlier this week to criticize Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for apparently exploiting the Native American community for personal and political gain.

and just for fun

These Foot Puppets Are Hilarious!

got to head into town!


deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 4 days ago

So, in Republican cavernous skulls anyway, Warren should never attempt to defend herself against outrages racist attacks, which has not-so-strangely become the big media sensation rather than the malignant racism itself -- the overt racism of a fake president, who directly lied to the American people (again) by claiming he never offered a million bucks to a charity for her DNA test. Proven for the umpteenth time, the toilet tweeter in the West Wing is a goddamn irreligious racist and congenital liar.

As a fake leader of the free world, he is but a pimple on the butt of humanity.

Think about it; in the first place, why is this manufactured outrage against Warren (a relatively low-concern distraction from more weighty issues of the day) even a story on which to waste precious time and energy? Stop the presses! A woman was told throughout her life by her parents and grandparents (before the internet and DNA testing) that she had distant Cherokee heritage. Never did she claim tribal citizenship, nor did she ever claim minority status for career advancement. Nice chunk of red meat for the "walkers" though.

Meanwhile back to big picture issues that concern most other thinking/feeling human beings, voter suppression is in full swing with only weeks before elections:

Attacks on citizens' healthcare are on the rise (again) to pay for 1.5 trillion in unnecessary and utterly foolish tax giveaways to the richest of the richest bastards on the planet, while the rest of us peons get peanuts, which will now be taken out of our hides -- literally:

And, as day turns to night, everything else that helps the bottom ninety percent survive in an increasingly corporate/fascist state is being methodically targeted for the Republican "chopping block" -- should the people be foolish enough to keep them in power.

(After all, we are posting on Thom's website):

tick, tick, tick ...

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Well if you want to declare the Cherokee Nation Republican it's ok with me, hope you're right! I doubt it though.

Looks like your voters are going to get stuck at the border.

Even CA. DMV admits screwing up the voter enrollment.. your fact checker needs a fact checker.

Your missing todays CNN talking point...they're all on the cruelty talking point really need to keep up.

Checkmates comming. :)

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 30 weeks 4 days ago

HotCoffee, loved the foot puppets. Much more talented than the band of Thom's malcontent sock puppets that used to post here.

More viewing pleasure from the angry mob the democrat party has become.

Portland has clearly become one of Americans shitholes.

Have a great night.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Portlands making Ca. look good!

And then there's this.

If they put their fingers in my salad I'll put my fork in their fingers! :)

(TNS) Not Smart: A professor at the University of Mississippi has called on people to desecrate the meals of Republicans by “sticking” their hands in their food and stealing the rest of it because they don’t deserve “civility.”

“Don’t just interrupt a senator’s meal, y’all. Put your whole damn fingers in their salads. Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility,” James Thomas, an Assistant Professor at Ole Miss, tweeted Oct. 6, the day Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Like a coward, he has since set his Twitter account to private.

And a great night to you as well!

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 4 days ago


You can't even post a simple reply without shading the truth, can you?

There's a whole lot of people whining about Elizabeth Warren's chosen defense of her honor, including certain members of the Cherokee Nation and the Democratic Party and virtually the entire Republican lying-press establishment, who are positively gleeful in their Native American bigotry. Everyone has the right to make their points, just like she has to make her's. Please tell us one politician on either side of any issue who pleases everyone all the time, whether they are part of their base or not.

But it's not the tribes and the Democrats fanning the flames of ethnic hatred among the restless voters; it's Trump and the Republican Party. And they are doing so because they know deep down they can't win elections (or Supreme Court nominees) without lying, cheating, and stealing. Their track record is extensive.

And why is it, in your mind, that to exercise the right of free speech and dissent must make one a de facto Republican when criticizing Democratic politicians? Those are your weasel words not mine. And they don't even make sense as a subtle dig within the context of the main arguments presented. It's just a dumb remark with no bearing on anything of importance, as usual.

Again, you are either deliberately obfuscating and ignoring central points, which is your wont; or, you are just too far down the Republican primrose path, which is tearing society apart and destroying the environment (so that morally worthless billionaires can keep raping the people for ungodly profits), to realize your lack of veracity.

In other words, you just can't help yourself from spreading Republican/billionaire lies to deflect from the fact that the man-child you support is a misogynistic pig, a pathological liar, and an unrepentant, horrible racist with no principled underpinnings, someone who is unfit to grace the White House as a representative of the people -- all of the people! That's the real point you are incapable of assessing or understanding.

Wake up! Rank-and-file Republicans' shallow political opinions and glaring falsehoods fly in the face of solid facts and hard realities.

These next two election cycles are a referendum on this truly ugly American asshole and the cowardly Republican congress wrapped around his little stink finger. Going deeper, this isn't even about Trump and his butt buddies as much as it is about clueless citizens who have surrendered their power to a madman with a God complex.

Fortunately, the majority of the electorate is not Republican, nor do the People agree with that corrupted party's increasingly out-of-step and delusional political viewpoints, which can be boiled down to tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of their worldwide monopolies ...and damn the People!

You're right about one thing though; checkmate is coming -- for King Twitter the Twit and his court of fools. With a looming defeat in the House and the Mueller probe wrapping up, it looks like they're well into their zugzwang.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago

I'll stick to just this year....and then you might admit the truth of who is starting the violence.

  1. October 16, 2018: Person claimed ricin was in letter sent to Senator Collins home
  2. October 16, 2018: Republican candidate Shane Mekeland punched in Minnesota restaurant
  3. October 16, 2018: Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) Blames GOP for Antifa Attack on Manhattan Club
  4. October 16, 2018: Republican State Rep. Sarah Anderson assaulted in Minnesota
  5. October 16, 2018: DFL Employee Calls for Republicans to be Beheaded
  6. October 12, 2018: Antifa Smash Windows, Deface Doors of Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan
  7. October 11, 2018: Anti-Trump Protester Threatens to Rape Conservative Reporter
  8. October 11, 2018: A truck with ‘Trump 2020’ bumper stickers was left at a bar overnight. Someone set it on fire.
  9. October 10, 2018: Susan Rice’s Republican Son Assaulted at Pro-Kavanaugh Event
  10. October 10, 2018: Eric Holder Tells Dem Activists: ‘When They Go Low, We Kick ‘Em’
  11. October 10, 2018: CNN says mobs have “constitutional right” to chase Republicans out of restaurants
  12. October 9, 2018: Hillary Clinton opposes “civility” with Republicans.
  13. October 8, 2018: Raw Story’s Editor: Steve Scalise ‘Accomplice’ to His Attempted Murder
  14. October 8, 2018: Leftist Teacher Tweets: “So Who’s Gonna Take One For the Team and Kill Kavanaugh?”
  15. October 8, 2018: Antifa Takes Over Portland, Harasses Old Man for Disobeying
  16. October 8, 2018: Rand Paul’s Wife: I Sleep with a Loaded Gun Thanks to Leftists’ Threats
  17. October 7, 2018: Sen. Cory Gardner claims wife received a beheading video over Kavanaugh vote.
  18. October 6, 2018: Kavanaugh Protesters Accost an Elderly Trump Supporter
  19. October 6, 2018: Sen. Collins Flooded with Abusive Tweets Threatening Death, Violence
  20. October 5, 2018: Protesters Chase Graham To His Car Saying They Will Remove Him From Office
  21. October 4, 2018: Republican Senators Hit With Death Threats Amidst Kavanaugh Fight
  22. October 3, 2018: Ricin and threatening letter sent to Trump
  23. October 2, 2018: 2 hospitalized after exposure to powdery substance at Cruz’s Houston campaign office
  24. October 2, 2018: GOP Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) assaulted by protesters
  25. October 2, 2018: Video: Leftist protester kicks pro-life woman
  26. October 1, 2018: Vandals Hit IL GOP Headquarters With ‘RAPE’ Graffiti
  27. October 1, 2018: Senator Mitch McConnell Badgered At Airport By Anti-Kavanaugh Activists
  28. September 30, 2018: Georgetown prof: White GOP senators in Kavanaugh hearing ‘deserve miserable deaths’
  29. September 27, 2018: Republican Senators doxxed by Democrat Congressional intern
  30. September 25, 2018: CNN Defends harassment of Ted Cruz
  31. September 25, 2018: Ted Cruz and Wife harassed out of DC restaurant
  32. September 20, 2018: Brett Kavanaugh and family receive death threats
  33. September 12, 2018: Resistance Makes Rape Threat to Susan Collins Staffer over Kavanaugh Vote
  34. September 11, 2018: DC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel
  35. September 11, 2018: Threats of Rape and Strangling’ Force Writer Into Hiding After Anti-Abortion Tweet
  36. September 11, 2018: Trump Hater Attacks California GOP House Candidate wth Switchblade
  37. September 10, 2018: Hispanic Immigrant says she was spit on in Santa Monica for Trump hat.
  38. September 10,2018: Broadway Star Carole Cook on Trump: ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth When you Need Him?
  39. September 6, 2018: Media and Leftists Harass Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and His Family
  40. September 6, 2018: Black Trump Fan Booted from Bar for Wearing Trump Hat
  41. September 6, 2018: Arsonists hit Albany County GOP Headquarters in Laramie, WY.
  42. September 5, 2018: TV Writer Hopes Kavanaugh Daughters ‘Go to School Without Being Shot’
  43. August 31, 2018: Dem Rep. Ruben Gallego Threatens Immigration Officials
  44. August 28, 2018: California student arrested for stealing MAGA hat from classmate, slapping teacher
  45. August 19, 2018: Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Guy’s MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks. She Does It.
  46. August 18, 2018: Trump supporter assaulted by aging punk rocker.
  47. August 14, 2018: CNN’s Chris Cuomo justifies and encourages violence against Trump supporters.
  48. August 12, 2018: TX Restaurant forced to close social media accounts over photo of Jeff Sessions
  49. August 9, 2018: FBI announce arrest for contract killing threat of ICE agent via Twitter
  50. August 9, 2018: Antifa blocks Infowars reporter’s access to park
  51. August 8, 2018: Democrat protester harass GOP rep. “Shame on your Mexican wife!”
  52. August 6, 2018: Infowars reported harassed by Antifa in Portland
  53. August 6, 2018: FL: Vandals throw dead fish on Lee Co. Republican headquarters
  54. August 4, 2018: Trump supporter’s car has all 4 tires slashed in Philly.
  55. August 4, 2018: Left-wing terrorists Antifa follow and harass Candace Owens
  56. August 3, 2018: Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing
  57. August 2, 2018: Man arrested for threatening Rep. SteveScalise
  58. August 1, 2018: Woman charged with trying to hit man with her car over Trump sticker
  59. July 26, 2018: KY: Fayette County GOP headquarters vandalized
  60. July 26, 2018: Trump supporter punched in Hollywood
  61. July 25, 2018: Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed … again.
  62. July 25, 2018: Man arrested, indicted on charges after allegedly threatening Congresswoman Diane Black
  63. July 24, 2018: Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ) Says Brett Kavanaugh supporters are “complicit in evil”
  64. July 23, 2018: Denver Post Runs Letter to Editor Suggesting Trump Should Be Executed
  65. July 23, 2018: Elizabeth Warren Supporter Shoves Challenger
  66. July 20, 2018: Green-Haired “Gender Fluid” Guy Spits All Over Teen’s MAGA Hat
  67. July 20, 2018: ‘Hang Trump’ Shirt Peddled on Facebook
  68. July 19, 2018: ‘New Yorker’ Kills Trump
  69. July 19, 2018: CA Anti-Trump Protesters Target Legal Immigrant’s Cafe Over Trump Support, Hurl Feces
  70. July 17, 2018: Uber Driver Refuses to Serve Black Conservatives Over MAGA Hat
  71. July 17, 2018: Gory Trump Throat-Cutting Art Decorates Portland Gallery
  72. July 16, 2018: House Democrat Calls For ‘Military Folks’ To ‘Stop Trump’
  73. July 16, 2018: Mob chases pro-Trump group out of Los Angeles bar
  74. July 15, 2018: Anti-Trump Paraglider Who Buzzed Trump Visit Arrested in Britain
  75. July 15, 2018: Former Clinton WH Staffer: It’s ‘Tempting’ to Beat up Rand Paul
  76. July 13, 2018: Anti-Israel protesters harass Jared and Ivanka with loud speakers outside their home
  77. July 13, 2018: 76-year-old man assaulted by anti-Trump thugs in San Diego.
  78. July 11, 2018: ABC’s Terry Moran shames Fox News’s Shannon Bream for feeling threatened at SCOTUS protest
  79. July 10, 2018: Protesters arrested, accused of assaulting officer at Portland ICE office
  80. July 10, 2018: Man threatens to ‘curb stomp’ Trump supporter at Disneyland
  81. July 10, 2018: Fox News Reporter Harassed, Threatened And Forced To Leave Supreme Court By Leftist Mob
  82. July 9, 2018: Far-left blog Talking Points Memo mocks Stephen Miller over report of confrontation with bartender.
  83. July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Stephen Miller harassed on street by angry bartender.
  84. July 9, 2018: Motorists scream curse words at Sean Spicer in his yard.
  85. July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway harassed in grocery store
  86. July 9, 2018: Anti-Trump activists vandalize New York DHS office
  87. July 8, 2018: LISTEN: Idaho GOP Rep. Receives Threatening Voicemails, Emails Because of This Facebook Post
  88. July 8, 2018: Longtime Hillary Clinton aide publishes contact information about bookstore owner who stopped the harassment of Steve Bannon, Reines’s obvious goal is to see the bookstore owner harassed.
  89. July 8, 2018: Far-left Daily Beast writer defends public harassment of Steve Bannon
  90. July 7, 2018: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) menaced outside restaurant. We know where you live!
  91. July 7, 2018: Steve Bannon harassed at bookstore; police called
  92. July 7, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Tommy Robinson supporters in San Francisco
  93. July 7, 2018: New York Times editorial calls for Dems to “take a page from The Godfather” to “go to the mattresses” to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
  94. July 6, 2018: BLM activist calls for assassination of Supreme Court Justice
  95. July 6, 2018: Brick Thrown Through Front Door Of Wheeling, IL, Township Republican Headquarters
  96. July 6, 2018: CNN analyst justifies violence against Trump supporters
  97. July 6, 2018: Long Island Man Threatened to Kill Supporters of Republican Congressman, Trump: Police
  98. July 6, 2018: Florida man attacked over Trump flag in yard.
  99. July 6, 2018: Woman threatens to stab Alan Dershowitz in heart.
  100. July 5, 2018: Founder of #WalkAway campaign refused service at camera store.
  101. July 5, 2018: Trump supporter wearing Make America Great Again hat allegedly assaulted in burger joint (video at link).
  102. July 4, 2018: Paul Begala Reportedly Sending Serial-Harasser Mike Stark To Harass Barbara Comstock July 4th
  103. July 3, 2018: Left-wing Catholic calls for sending Trump supporters to the guillotine
  104. July 3, 2018: Nebraska GOP office vandalized.
  105. July 3, 2018: EPA head Scott Pruitt harassed at restaurant.
  106. July 2, 2018: MAGA hat wearer harassed at seafood restaurant
  107. July 2, 2018: Mother of cancer survivor harassed online for thanking Eric Trump for $16 million in St. Jude support
  108. July 2, 2018: Cher accuses ICE of “Gestapo tactics.”
  109. July 2, 2018: Man accused of threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his family.
  110. July 1, 2018: Washington Post reporter publicly calls on mobs to give Trump officials a “life sentence” of harassment.
  111. July 1, 2018: Man wearing MAGA hat refused service in restaurant.
  112. July 1, 2018: AntiFa terrorists attack Patriot Prayer rally in Portland.
  113. June 30, 2018: Attorney Attacks Elderly Vet at “Keeping Families Together” March
  114. June 29, 2018: Media falsely blame Trump for murder of five journalists in Maryland.
  115. June 29, 2018: Hollywood actor calls on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be harassed at “every meal.”
  116. June 29, 2018: California man accused of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children.
  117. June 28, 2018: Reuters editor says Trump has blood on his hands for murder of five journalists in Maryland. He still has a job.
  118. June 28, 2018: Singer John Legend praises and agrees with Rep. Maxine Waters for calling on mobs to publicly harass Trump officials out of public spaces like restaurants.
  119. June 28, 2018: Journalist lies about Maryland mass-shooter being a Trump supporter.
  120. June 28, 2018: Co-Chair of Women for Trump Receives Death Threats After CNN Appearance
  121. June 28, 2018: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) calls on “angry” Latinos to oust Trump.
  122. June 27, 2018: Media defend and champion Virginia restaurant owner who kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out, and then reportedly harassed them as they ate at a nearby restaurant.
  123. June 26, 2018: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao harassed at home by protesters.
  124. June 26, 2018: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) blames President Trump for her intern yelling “Fuck you!” at him through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. The intern was not fired.
  125. June 26, 2018: Comedienne Kathy Griffin attacks the Trump administration as “pro-Nazi.” Obviously, once you describe someone as a Nazi, you are calling for violence against them.
  126. June 26, 2018: Chicago bar refuses to serve Trump supporters.
  127. June 26, 2018: Singer John Legend calls on Trump officials to be harassed until our immigration policies are weakened.
  128. June 26, 2018: Late night comedians celebrate the harassment of Sarah Sanders and her family.
  129. June 25, 2018: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch.
  130. June 25, 2018: After refusing to serve Sarah Sanders and the family, we learn a restaurant owner then organized a mob to harass Sanders’ family at a nearby restaurant.
  131. June 25, 2018: Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) calls on mobs to confront Trump officials over immigration policies.
  132. June 25, 2018: CNN contributor attacks those on the right calling for civility.
  133. June 25, 2018: CNN’s Jake Tapper dismisses harassment of Sarah Sanders as a political ploy on Sander’s part.
  134. June 24, 2018: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) publicly calls on mobs to “turn on” Trump officials, to “harass” them, ensure they “they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store.”
  135. June 23, 2018: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi harassed, menaced, and reportedly spit at by left-wing protesters at movie theater.
  136. June 22, 2018: Sarah Sanders and her family booted out of restaurant by left-wing owner.
  137. June 22, 2018: Member of Canadian media, Patrick Dussault, threatens Don Jr.s 4-year-old daughter
  138. June 22, 2018: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed by protesters outside her private home.
  139. June 22, 2018: Rep. Jackie Sperier (D-CA), compares border enforcement to Auschwitz.
  140. June 22, 2018: Left-wing activists vandalize billboard.
  141. June 22, 2018: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch smears Trump and his supporters as “Nazis.”
  142. June 21, 2018: Democrat state legislator in Pennsylvania greets Vice President Mike Pence with a “middle finger salute.”
  143. June 21, 2018: White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller heckled and harassed at restaurant.
  144. June 21, 2018: Actor Adam Scott compares Tucker Carlson to a Nazi.
  145. June 20, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists publish list of ICE agents for harassment purposes.
  146. Jun 20, 2018: Florida man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), a U.S. combat veteran, and his children in a series of nearly 500 calls to his office.
  147. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to kidnap President Trump’s 11-year-old son and throw him in a cage with pedophiles.
  148. June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to sexually humiliate and abuse Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
  149. June 20, 2018: Nancy Sinatra praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  150. June 20, 2018: Manhunt Underway For Central Pa. Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill President Trump, Other Officials
  151. June 20, 2018: Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
  152. June 20, 2018: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for politicians in favor of border security to be put in cages.
  153. June 19, 2018: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed out of restaurant.
  154. June 19, 2018: Democrat interns screams “Fuck you!” at Trump through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. She was not fired.
  155. June 19, 2018: New Yorker fact checker publicly (and falsely) accuses a disabled war veteran who works for ICE of being a Nazi.
  156. June 16, 2018: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco
  157. June 15, 2018: Man has MAGA flag stolen at rally.
  158. June 15, 2018: CNN analyst heckles and screams at Sarah Sanders.
  159. June 14, 2018: Nancy Pelosi wonders why there ‘aren’t uprisings’ across nation: ‘Maybe there will be’
  160. May 30, 2018: Anti-Trump Band NOFX Tells Vegas Audience ‘At Least It Was Country Fans’ Killed in Oct. Shooting
  161. May 24, 2018: Anti-Trump forces threaten lawmakers’ lives in name of #Resistance
  162. May 23, 2018: Tomi Lahren has water thrown at her at Minnesota restaurant
  163. May 22, 2018: Trump supporter suspended from school over border wall t-shirt.
  164. May 21, 2018: 14 threats reported against EPA chief Scott Pruitt.
  165. May 18, 2018: Gunman shot at Trump golf club
  166. May 16, 2018: CNN’s Chris Cillizza puts Trump in crosshairs.
  167. May 14, 2018: Black man in MAGA hat harassed, threatened, called “nigger” at Cheesecake Factory.
  168. May 12, 2018: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asks “How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring [Sarah Sanders’] neck?”
  169. May 4, 2018: Chula Vista school mural depicts severed, speared Trump head
  170. May 2, 2018: San Antonio elected official threatens to poison Republicans’ food
  171. April 23, 2018: Trump supporter shouted out of bar in New York.
  172. April 13, 2018: Tourist in NY mugged at knifepoint while wearing MAGA hat — attackers wouldn’t give hat back
  173. April 8, 2018: David Crosby celebrates fatal Trump Tower fire: ‘oh boy … burn baby burn’
  174. April 7, 2018: Mental Health Expert who hates POTUS cheers Fire at Trump Tower-Jeffrey Guterman
  175. April 6, 2018: During Ellen appearance, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) “jokes” about killing Trump, Pence, Sessions on elevator.
  176. April 5, 2018: Orange Park, FL Trump supporter spends two hours in surgery after attack
  177. April 4, 2018: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt
  178. April 3, 2018: Woman brutally attacked in restaurant over support for Trump.
  179. April 1, 2018: Trump golf course sign vandalized.
  180. May 22, 2018: CNN guest on Trump: “If you’re going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill.”
  181. March 21, 2018: Former VP Joe Biden says he beat the hell’ out of Trump if in high school
  182. March 19, 2018: Democratic Congressman Hints at Armed Rebellion Against Trump
  183. March 19, 2018: Trump supporters attacked for protesting anti-police coffee shop.
  184. March 17, 2018: Trump Staffer Heather Swift assaulted by ShareBlue/American Bridge operative Wilfred “Mike” Stark.
  185. March 16, 2018: Capitol police arrest male democrat operative over assault of Trump official
  186. March 15, 2018: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout
  187. March 8, 2018: Female Trump supporter assaulted while staging Oscars boycott in LA
  188. March 4, 2018: WATCH: MSNBC Joy Reid Panel Hopes Conservatives ‘Die Off’
  189. February 27, 2018: Trump supporter threatened with knife.
  190. February 23, 2018: Spanish teachers have students hit Trump piñata in Laguna Hills
  191. February 22, 2018: Guardian, HuffPost Contributor Karen Geier: ‘Hopefully’ Kim Jong Un ‘Can Drop a Bomb on CPAC’
  192. February 21, 2018: CNN audience shouts “murderer” at Dana Loesch
  193. February 21, 2018: CNN publicly smears elderly Trump supporter as Russian plant, death threats follow
  194. February 8, 2018: Northeastern University wishes death on Trump during lecture
  195. February 8, 2018: Journalist calls for profs to drown conservative students
  196. February 7, 2018: Trump supporters’ home vandalized in Oceanside CA
  197. February 7, 2018: Democrat attested for sending white powder to Donald Trump Jr.
  198. February 2, 2018: CNN Writer Thanks God for Fatal GOP Train Wreck
  199. January 31, 2018: Party thrown to hurl stuff at television image of Trump.
  200. January 29, 2018: Saginaw, MI businessman’s Trump sign vandalized.
  201. January 24, 2018: Portland, OR, Trump supporter punched in head at protest
  202. January 22, 2018: AntiFa calls for “riot porn” against Trump supporter Tom, Brady
  203. January 21, 2018: NY: Protester charged in Trump supporter attack tried to put cop in headlock

Paid for by the Dem/ Billionaires....So tell me again who's the violent ones?

If that doesn't convince you there's 400 more!

And lets not forget our friend Hillary and the 25 million or so she got from Saudia Arabia before you go there.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 4 days ago

Well, professor HotStuff, your methodology is lacking proper scientific agency. Too bad, too, since it looks like you wasted a lot of time digging around, cherry-picking articles to match your foregone conclusions. Better leave science to the professionals, HotDoc.

What, did your menfolk fail to repair that one-lane bridge into your isolated, inbred neck of the woods up Pig-f*ck Draw, and you're stuck with shallow entertainment again, sitting in your little space cruisin' the alt-net and partakin' of the product of backwoods Cali-fornicators -- smokin' the ganja are ya, lassie?

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering about the meaning of all those hard-to-understand words in the first paragraph all jumbled up in your amateurish, altered state of Republican mindset, the overly excessive oversampling you painstakingly, ah, "researched" is completely biased, since it only includes the violence perpetrated by one side of the equation. No, quantity doesn't mean quality; but I'm certainly not going to waste my time verifying the accuracy of your long list of tainted bullsh*t.

No doubt the much, much longer list of fully documented articles that report the violence of Trump supporters would take up all five pages of this thread, and many more.

But let it suffice just to repeat a small sampling of Trump's violent rhetoric from the podium of most influence -- such a paragon of nonviolence, he is an example to all citizens of how to conduct themselves in the political arena. Out of the nearly endless articles to choose from, I opted for only a few samples that are typical. The ones most poignant feature Maxine Waters, a favorite punching bag who drives white-wingers crazy angry with blind rage uppity black ...and a woman!

You go, Maxine:

And white-supremacist, misogynistic apples don't fall far from the tree. It is you who must "admit the truth of who is starting the violence." Instead of always projecting your delusions onto others, why not try a little self-reflection for once?

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 4 days ago

I don't think you deliberately lie in your own personal quest for the truth; although, you do post and repost a lot of the same garbage from the right-wing blogosphere as do the deliberate liars, especially the Hillary-haters. But, I get it. It's easy to succumb to the overwhelming tidal wave of half truths and big lies splashing back and forth on the internet from all sides.

As much as humanly possible, I'm only interested in getting at the total truth of things, however painful, beyond petty opinions and politics -- mine or anyone else's. Besides, mere words cannot paper over the big-picture reality of extreme wealth disparity, endless warfare for profit, environmental degradation, the poisoning of political discourse with lies on top of lies on top of lies, and of course, the most important issue facing all of us: anthropogenic climate disruption.

Violence against the planet itself is the single worst act of destructive behavior of which Homo sapiens are capable.

Everything else pales in comparison to that issue, the denial of which has become a virtual article of faith in most Republican circles -- pretty much the last group of people on Earth who don't take it seriously. I mean really, really seriously -- enough to have meaningful impact. The problem is that this tiny cabal of denialists happens to be the most powerful group on the planet at the moment. Soon, hopefully, their ascendancy will end as public outrage and popular votes steer us back to some semblance of sanity.

Meanwhile, Republicans are squandering their power, which, if applied with intelligence and a conscience, could change things for the better. Instead, they've sold us out to transnational billionaire fascists (many holding U.S. passports) who are busily destroying democracies everywhere as they consolidate more and more wealth into fewer and fewer hands. That kind of power rises above the power of any individual nation, including even the United States.

After assessing the exhaustive and ongoing research, the latest IPCC report has radically moved up the timeline of dire consequences and now estimates that we have about twelve years left to rein in the explosion of carbon and methane into the atmosphere and the oceans before we lose our ability to mitigate the worst effects of global warming going into the future. That is untold violence against succeeding generations.

And the report also concludes that to turn things around in the narrowing window of opportunity left before reaching the irreversible tipping point, we as a species must somehow put all politics aside and get all hands on deck. Immediately! One hundred percent of the top, most respected climate scientists around the world are shouting from the rooftops. We had better heed their warning before it's too late.

When one peels away the onion (Yes, it makes tears run down cheeks.) and begins to discover root causes, it becomes quite apparent that the greed of the few over the many has led to indescribable anguish and violence across the planet. Unchecked money-grubbing materialism and obsessive affluenza are very literally ruining our society and natural environment and killing people and other living things at a magnitude much greater than any other period of history.

Without mincing words, the world is burning up, wars and rumors of war are everywhere, and species are dying off at alarming rates. All that, just so a few billionaires can pocket a few more bucks to buy a few more luxurious mansions and garish yachts -- at our expenses and those of our children! Sadly, due to heavy, nonstop propaganda emanating from their omnipresent, self-serving "think" tanks and disseminated throughout the media landscape, the decadent interests of sociopathic greed-heads have, over long decades of avarice, slowly and subtly morphed into our interests as well.

Strange how that works, gas-lighting on a monumental scale. Never underestimate the gullibility of the masses. Just watch a Trump rally as he spews out violent lie after violent lie.

This year "Earth Overshoot Day" was August 2nd, Next year it will probably be in the last few days of July, as our ominous date with destiny inexorably marches backward on the calendar, until the sands of time trickle away. Each year we are consuming more and more, so Overshoot Day is when humans have devoured more resources than Spaceship Earth can replenish. How completely idiotic and foolhardy is that?! How violent is that?!

In a colossal understatement, this won't end well. Escaping to an uninhabitable Mars or to some other Earth-like planet far, far away is an unachievable pipe dream at our current level of technology. Our species will need a lot more time than we have left, if we don't change our ways, for those fantasies to come true. As we spiral downward faster and faster into an unsustainable existence on a dying planet in a cold universe, there is simply no other option than to significantly curtail our excessive habits of overconsumption and to radically reduce our gigantic carbon footprint -- dramatically and quickly!

See ya around somewhere in the mud and the blood, HotCoffee. Ha ha, you've been a fairly good sport despite my Irish browbeating and name-calling. Nothing personal; as anonymous bloggers, we're just digits and data, zeros and ones, trapped in website software. But, somewhere behind the facade, we're all humans who share a common destiny and a common humanity that simply must prevail against lies and violence.


Coalage3 30 weeks 4 days ago

As to Sen. Warren, she may have really thought that she was part Cherokee. As it turns out, aren't we all? Her bigger problem is that she chose to try and profit from this supposed heritage when it really wasn't accurate.

Now, given the current state of democratic identity minority grieved politics, one can hardly blame Pocahontas, err Sen Warren, for trying to parlay this into an opporunity for 2020. She was just trying to shore up her alleged minorty bona fides. But she's way behind Sen. Harris, in particular, and Spartacus Booker in the minority category. She might be female, but she is an old white female. And now you got old white guy Joe Biden trying to drum up support. Good luck with that. Plus old white Joe is known to be a little "handsy" around women.

In the democratic party of today, the more minority status one can claim, the better. I wonder what Avenatti is going to do to claim some kind of minority status.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 30 weeks 4 days ago

Morning HotCoffee, Here is another beauty. Remember the wise ass mayor of San Juan who spent her hours on CNN and MSNBC bashing Trump for not stopping the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico? I am sure Thom was going to do a story on this but hasen't quite got around to doing it yet. Funny how dirty democrat party shit gets "misplaced" by the radio bobblehead leftie/socialists.

"Trump-Bashing Mayor’s Office Gets Surprise Visit from FBI After Allegations of Corruption"

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Trump signs ocean plastics pollution law. Of course not reported by CNN or MSNBC.

We need our oceans cleaned up right DS?

What if Trump cares more than you can posibly give him credit for? He has children too.

The left has screamed Russia Russia Russia for 2 years now, they really seem to want to start a war with Russia...will that be good for the enviornment? While Trump is stopping Russia from taking over the energy market leftists fight him every step of the way. Instead they cheer Hillary's plastic red reset button.

Today, right now, they are burning tires to poison the air the Isreal breathe. Ever hear Amy Goodman complain about that? Or Thom for that matter?

So now we have 4000 or so people headed for the US....Plus the 1000 or so that come everyday...geez only another 165,000,000 worldwide that want to come to this...according to the left ...horrid country. All financed by the hated worldwide George Soros. Talk about scum.

Where do you plan to put them DS? Cut down how many trees for how many houses...or just let them live in the street like our Americans are doing? How much water will 4000 people need...while California charges more & more for every drop? Do you think we could build houses out of something other than trees? I do. SF wastes more water in one year of broken pipes lines than Northern Ca. ( where the water is ) can save in 5 years.

What did Gavin do to fix the problem....nothing!

All the while your hollywood spokpersons sit in their gated frenced estates filling there swimming pools and telling everyone else how to live.

So yes I'm sitting here saving my 80 acres of trees and promoting homes not built from trees, loving the wildlife and appreciating the real men & women that live here. Also working with people from all over the world on alternative decentralized enery projects since 1972.

What are you doing besides Bitchin?

I could go on & on....but later for that.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


A good Morning to you!

Speaking of Puerta Rico one home design I was speaking of to DS is made in Puerta Rico.

All the rebuilding there should be done this way.

The technology to build fire-resistant homes, called “Structural Cement Insulated Panels” (SCIP). It was invented and patented in the 1960’s through the 1990’s. Wood construction costs have become so expensive, this technology is now economically competitive.


So many solutions to the problems are available but not promoted.

Nellie Orr testifies today....more rope to hang themselves with! Enjoy the show.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Geez it's everywhere.

Texas Democrats Ask Non-Citizens To Register To Vote, Pre-Checked Citizenship Box On Applications, Report Says

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Lord have mercy DS are you ok? You actually said something nice, well nice for you anyway! And I actually agree with you.

No hard feelings DS, I know you'll come around and wake up eventually! :)

"See ya around somewhere in the mud and the blood, HotCoffee. Ha ha, you've been a fairly good sport despite my Irish browbeating and name-calling. Nothing personal; as anonymous bloggers, we're just digits and data, zeros and ones, trapped in website software. But, somewhere behind the facade, we're all humans who share a common destiny and a common humanity that simply must prevail against lies and violence.


HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago


Avanatti ....I've heard of Ambulance chasers but he's the first Porn chaser I've run into.

What a sad excuse for a human being.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 4 days ago

More great pics of the women and children in the caravan.

Caravan migrants break Guatemala border fence, rush Mexico

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 30 weeks 3 days ago


Anyone asking just who is financing this "sudden" migration? Winter is coming to the US so I find the timing of this flood of children that will be "RIPPED" from their mothers breasts to be a bit suspicious?

Who is providing the logistics, food, water, sanitary conditions, shelter at night, etc. Did they time this to be at our door just before the midterms? Have the alt-lefties already got pictures of kids in cages? Do they have interviews with distraught parents that don't even know the name of the prop that they dragged with them. I can imagine leftie/socialist radio bobbleheads reading stories provided to them from the mooks following along step by agonizing step trying to create a suitable picture of despair.

I suspect Mexico has learned their lesson and will take care of the issue.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 3 days ago


It's a multi prong attack....really needs to stop on all levels.

This lawlessness is going to bite them in the....donkey!

If no one will go by rules it's every person for them self... the strongest survive. Sounds like acient history to me.... Or Portland, Honduras, the middle east, Africa, Haiti et al.

more on Ca. voting...DMV & more.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 3 days ago

Published on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 by Common Dreams

"The Fascists Are Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare

The warning signs are already here." --by Thom Hartmann:

The billionaire fascists are coming for your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And they’re openly bragging about it.

Right after Trump’s election, back in December of 2016, Newt Gingrich openly bragged at the Heritage Foundation that the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress were going to “break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model.” That “model,” of course, created what we today refer to as “the middle class.”

This week Mitch McConnell confirmed Gingrich’s prophecy, using the huge deficits created by Trump’s billionaire tax cuts as an excuse to destroy “entitlement” programs.

“I think it would be safe to say that the single biggest disappointment of my time in Congress has been our failure to address the entitlement issue, and it’s a shame, because now the Democrats are promising Medicare for All,” McConnell told Bloomberg. He added, “[W]e’re talking about Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.”

These programs, along with free public education and progressive taxation, are the core drivers and maintainers of the American middle class. History shows that without a strong middle class, democracy itself collapses, and fascism is the next step down a long and terrible road.

Ever since the election of Ronald Reagan, Republicans have been working overtime to kneecap institutions that support the American middle class. And, as any working-class family can tell you, the GOP has had some substantial successes, particularly in shifting both income and political power away from voters and toward billionaires and transnational corporations.

In July of 2015, discussing SCOTUS’s 5 to 4 conservative vote on Citizens United, President Jimmy Carter told me: “It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery…” He added: “[W]e’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors…”

As Princeton researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page demonstrated in an exhaustive analysis of the difference between what most Americans want their politicians to do legislatively, versus what American politicians actually do, it’s pretty clear that President Carter was right.

They found that while the legislative priorities of the top 10 percent of Americans are consistently made into law, things the bottom 90 percent want are ignored. In other words, today in America, democracy only “works” for the top 10 percent of Americans.

For thousands of years, economists and economic observers from Aristotle to Adam Smith to Thomas Piketty have told us that a “middle class” is not a normal byproduct of raw, unregulated capitalism—what right-wing ideologues call “the free market.”

Instead, unregulated markets—particularly markets not regulated by significant taxation on predatory incomes—invariably lead to the opposite of a healthy middle class: they produce extremes of inequality, which are as dangerous to democracy as cancer is to a living being.

With so-called “unregulated free markets,” the rich become super-rich, while grinding poverty spreads among working people like a heroin epidemic. This further polarizes the nation, both economically and politically, which, perversely, further cements the power of the oligarchs.

While there’s a clear moral dimension to this—pointed out by Adam Smith in his classic Theory of Moral Sentiments—there’s also a vital political dimension.

Smith noted, in 1759, that, “All constitutions of government are valued only in proportion as they tend to promote the happiness of those who live under them. This is their sole use and end.”

Smith added a cautionary note, however: “[The] disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful, and to despise, or, at least, to neglect persons of poor and mean condition… is the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral sentiments.”

Jefferson was acutely aware of this: the Declaration of Independence was the first founding document of any nation in the history of the world that explicitly declared “happiness” as a “right” that should be protected and promoted by government against predations by the very wealthy.

That was not at all, however, a consideration for the architects of supply-side Reaganomics, although they appropriated JFK’s “rising tide lifts all boats” metaphor to sell their hustle to (boatless) working people.

Far more troubling (and well-known to both Smith and virtually all of our nation’s founders), however, was Aristotle’s observation that when a nation pursues economic/political activities that destroy its middle class, it will inevitably devolve either into mob rule or oligarchy. As he noted in Politics:

“Now in all states there are three elements: one class is very rich, another very poor, and a third in a mean. … But a [government] ought to be composed, as far as possible, of equals and similars; and these are generally the middle classes. …

“Thus it is manifest that the best political community is formed by citizens of the middle class, and that those states are likely to be well-administered in which the middle class is large, and stronger if possible than both the other classes, or at any rate than either singly; for the addition of the middle class turns the scale, and prevents either of the extremes from being dominant.”

This is how America was for the Boomer generation until about two decades ago: a 30-year-old in the 1970s had a 90 percent chance of having or attaining a higher standard of living than his or her parents. But, since the 1980s introduction of Reaganomics, there’s been more than a 70 percent drop in “social mobility”—the ability to move from one economic station of life into a better one.

So, if our democratic republic is to return to democracy and what’s left of our middle class is to survive (or even grow), how do we do that?

History shows that the two primary regulators within a capitalist system that provide for the emergence of a middle class are progressive taxation and a healthy social safety net.

As Jefferson noted in a 1785 letter to Madison, “Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.”

Similarly, Thomas Paine, proposing in Agrarian Justice (1797) what we today call Social Security, said that a democracy can only survive when its people “[S]ee before them the certainty of escaping the miseries that under other governments accompany old age…” Such a strong social safety net, Paine argued, “will have an advocate and an ally in the heart of all nations.”

Tragically, Republicans are today planning to destroy both our nation’s progressive taxation system and our social safety net, in obsequious service to their billionaire paymasters.

Flipping Jefferson and FDR on their heads, Republicans last year passed a multi-trillion-dollar tax break for the rich, with a few-hundred-dollars bone tossed in for working people.

Meanwhile, Republicans are already hard at work dismantling the last remnants of the New Deal and the Great Society.

As Ian Milhiser notes, “Republicans in the House hope to cut Social Security benefits by 20–50 percent. Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan to voucherize Medicare would drive up out-of-pocket costs for seniors by about 40 percent. Then he’d cut Medicaid by between a third and a half.”

This is not, of course, the first time Republicans have tried this. They’ve been trying to dismantle Social Security since 1936, and Reagan himself even recorded a 33 RPM LP calling LBJ’s Great Society proposal for a program called “Medicare” as “socialism,” saying that if it passed then one day we’d all look back “remembering the time when men were free.”

And it’s always been in service to the same agenda—handing political and economic power over the morbidly rich and the corporations that got them there.

In earlier times, we had a word for this takeover of democracy by the morbidly rich and the corporations: fascism.

As I’ve written before, in early 1944, the New York Times asked Vice President Henry Wallace to, as Wallace noted, “write a piece answering the following questions: What is a fascist? How many fascists have we? How dangerous are they?”

Vice President Wallace’s answer to those questions was published in the New York Times on April 9, 1944, at the height of the war against the Axis powers of Germany and Japan.

“The really dangerous American fascists,” Wallace wrote, “are not those who are hooked up directly or indirectly with the Axis. The FBI has its finger on those. ... The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information.

“With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public,” Wallace continued, “but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power.”

In this, Wallace was using the classic definition of the word “fascist”—the definition Mussolini had in mind when he claimed to have invented the word.

As the 1983 American Heritage Dictionary noted, fascism is: “A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.”

Vice President Wallace bluntly laid out in his 1944 Times article his concern about the same happening here in America: “American fascism will not be really dangerous until there is a purposeful coalition among the cartelists, [and] the deliberate poisoners of public information...”

He could have been describing Fox, right-wing hate radio, and the billionaires who keep today’s GOP in power.

Noting that, “Fascism is a worldwide disease,” Wallace further suggested that fascism’s “greatest threat to the United States will come after the war” and will manifest “within the United States itself.”

Watching the Republicans of his day work from the same anti-worker playbook they are today, Wallace added:

“Still another danger is represented by those who, paying lip service to democracy and the common welfare, in their insatiable greed for money and the power which money gives, do not hesitate surreptitiously to evade the laws designed to safeguard the public from monopolistic extortion.”

As Wallace wrote, some in big business “are willing to jeopardize the structure of American liberty to gain some temporary advantage.”

In a comment prescient of Donald Trump’s trashing of “Mexican rapists” and “gangs” in Chicago, Wallace wrote:

“The symptoms of fascist thinking are colored by environment and adapted to immediate circumstances. But always and everywhere they can be identified by their appeal to prejudice and by the desire to play upon the fears and vanities of different groups in order to gain power.

“It is no coincidence that the growth of modern tyrants has in every case been heralded by the growth of prejudice.”

And that prejudice would be exploited to win elections so that the fascists could rob the people and enhance their own power and wealthy.

But even at this, Wallace noted, American fascists would still have to lie to the people in order to gain power. And if the day ever came when a billionaire opened a “news” network just to promote fascist thinking, they could promote their lies with ease.

“The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact,” Wallace wrote. “Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism. They use every opportunity to impugn democracy.”

In his strongest indictment of the tide of fascism the vice president of the United States saw rising in America, he added:

“They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest. Their final objective, toward which all their deceit is directed, is to capture political power so that using the power of the State and the power of the market simultaneously they may keep the common man in eternal subjection.”

In the election of 2018, we stand at a crossroad that Roosevelt and Wallace only imagined.

Billionaire-funded fascism is rising in America, calling itself “conservativism” and “Trumpism.”

The Republican candidates’ and their billionaire donors’ behavior today eerily parallels that day in 1936 when Roosevelt said, “In vain they seek to hide behind the flag and the Constitution. In their blindness they forget what the flag and the Constitution stand for.” President Roosevelt and Vice President Wallace’s warnings are more urgent now than ever before.

If Trump and the billionaire fascists who bankroll the Republicans succeed in destroying the last supports for America’s enfeebled middle class, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—and succeed in blocking any possibility of Medicare for All or free college and trade school—not only will the bottom 90 percent of Americans suffer, but what little democracy we have left in this republic will evaporate. History, from Greek and Roman times through Europe in the first half of the 20th century, suggests it will probably be replaced by a violent, kleptocratic oligarchy that no longer shrinks from words like “fascist.”

The warning signs are already here, and, in the face of nationwide election fraud based in Republican voter purges, we must turn out massive numbers if we’re to preserve the American Dream and finally make it available to all.

This article was produced by the Independent Media Institute.

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HotCoffee 30 weeks 2 days ago

Mitch McConnell's call to cut Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid also perfectly laid out why it won't happen anytime soon

Nice hit piece DS....the Thom drama continues.

It's not popular and it won't fly!

Here try this one

you seem to like snopes :)

For Dems, it could be the last nail in the coffin.

POTUS: "We are looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle-income people. And if we do that it'll be sometime just prior to November...”

And finally,

The decline of the liberal mind

deepspace's picture
deepspace 30 weeks 2 days ago

1) FYI: #41 is Thom's piece, not mine.

BTW, a "hit piece" implies that what he wrote is not based on solid evidence.

It is.

Why not do your homework and study his articles and sources before posting such inane replies to his work? Ignorance is an unbecoming mistress.

2) Your "Business Insider" link only further supports Thom's point about Republican Party leadership intentions -- in their own words! They're all about drastically reducing benefits and federal subsidies, and/or jacking premiums and withholding for Social Security and Medicare, while reducing federal payments (through block grants) to the states' Medicaid programs. The point was not whether they could fulfill those wicked intentions.

That's why it's so important to vote for Democrats these next two cycles -- to act as a counterweight, which is a vital point the Business Insider article, intentionally or not, poignantly demonstrates.

3) Employ multiple sourcing from credible outlets:

First: Your "Snopes" link is outdated and only rated Trumps remarks during his 2016 campaign, when of course he wasn't going to say anything about cutting popular programs. To peel off low-information voters, he was merely stealing the progressive talking points about the most important and popular Democratic Party platform issues of all time. That's a sleazeball tactic right out of the Republican Party Playbook: Before a close general election, run as a Democrat on the issues; once elected, legislate as a Republican.

Second: Since squatting in the Offal Office, he's lied directly to the face of the American People over 5,000 times; so, you can't believe a goddamn thing he says anyway.

Despite any of his claims to the contrary, and the fact that he's an extremely poor negotiator -- being untrustworthy, spineless, mercurial, impulsive, indecisive, and easily persuadable by the last person with whom he happens to chat -- chances are high that this fake wannabe "leader" (Hah!) will sign any bill that promises to underhandedly slash any and all -- earned -- "entitlements" (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) the moment it hits his desk -- that is, if the party of the rich gets its way and maintains enough of a majority to ram through their crap in their fake democratic process, as they did with the tilted tax cuts and the nominations of thoroughly corporatized and extremely right-wing SCOTUS justices (one flat-out stolen from a Democratic president and another -- a f*cking liar -- who was very poorly vetted).

Republican leadership on the whole has been emphatically against all of these wildly-popular, DEMOCRATIC programs from their very inception -- no matter what they say right before an election.

4) Per right-wing Twitter thread, i.e., worthless opinion: Yeah right. No one is holding their breath for that pie-in-the-sky, false campaign promise right before the midterms, again cynically devised to trick naive and low-information voters into voting Republican. Besides, why would anybody in their right might believe a damn thing coming from the forked tongue of an on-the-record pathological liar?

Republicans already blew their budget, and political capital, on unpaid-for tax cuts for the super rich that did almost nothing, comparatively, for the middle class. So now, how do they plan to pay for a Trump middle-class tax cut that would actually mean anything to the average Jane and Joe? LMAO! The chances of getting that false campaign promise through the misnamed "Freedom Caucus" (read tea-baggers) in the House are Z-E-R-O, as it would be in McConnell's Senate. Dream on, naive voter...

5) And finally, Paul Pauker is yet another far-right ideologue (You really love those guys, don't you?) who, to match his extremist opinions not borne out by facts, rewrites history with no compunction. He can't hold a candle to the veracity of Thom's numerous dissertations on our Founders' thinkings, feelings, and intentions backed up by decades of deep-dive research.

Conclusion: The best way to preserve Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid is to vote Democratic. Unless you are foolish enough to leave yourself, the young, the old, the poor, and the sick to the tender mercies of Republicans and their billionaire donors.

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deepspace 30 weeks 2 days ago

Excerpt from Thom Hartmann's "The Big Picture" transcripts for 6 February 12:

"... And so the question is, what is the natural state of humankind? Whether you take the religious story or not. Hobbes thought that the natural state of humankind was the same thing that he thought he saw out in nature, where animals ate each other. He said if we did not have the iron fist of state or church controlling us, then...

'In such condition, there knowledge of the face of the earth; no account of time; no arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.'

This is the core conservative world view. People are evil and therefore you need these constraining forces. And this is why, you know, Chris Matthew's old joke - Republicans are looking for a leader, Democrats are looking for a meeting - is true. Because this was the conservative view.

Then John Locke came along and in 1689 John Locke suggested that the “state of nature” might not be what Hobbes described, that it might be different than other animals. Why? Because we have reason. The ability to reason is what separates us from claw and fang. Now, actually, modern research shows the whole claw and fang thing ain't all that true but there's democracy in nature. But nonetheless, this is the evolution of democracy. And what John Locke wrote in his State of Nature, was...

'Men living according to reason without a common superior on earth, to judge between them, [and that] is properly the [uniquely human] state of nature.'

Right? In other words, reason. That idea of Locke's was taken by Rousseau and Voltaire and turned into the Enlightenment, a truly revolutionary period of time. And this is when we saw the real clear definition of liberal and conservative. The British were the conservatives - the Kingdom - the liberals were the revolutionaries here in the United States. ..."

Read more:

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Dianereynolds 30 weeks 2 days ago

Morning HotCoffee, hope the turkeys and quail are fed. I have 40 acres of wetlands just 30 feet out my walkout lower level and the wildlife is fed by me on a daily basis. Everything from deer to wild mink and numerous species of ducks are just a few feet away.

Here is another example of people gone wild.

Another angry individual spewing the phony leftie/socialist meme, "the Republicans are going to take away your SS and Medicare". A verbal attack on Mitch McConnell who I personally never had a thought about until he crafted the Garland holdup in the senate and then dazzles them with history while doing so. His dinner, in what looks to be a fast food restaurant, and suddenly a crazy starts spouting the usual leftie BS only to be shouted down by a few sane diners thank God.

I await the day when one of these assholes crosses the line just far enough for it to become assault and they find themselves on the floor sobbing while covered in their own urine and feces. Believe me, we are very close, and Mad Maxine Waters and a host of other democrats who pushed this agenda may wish they had never uttered a word of encouragement to these idiots. They would all do well to shut up, stay home, and knit pink pussyhats in preparation for another futile march to nowhere.

Old Mitch is tougher than Dolly Partons minipad and he handled it well and after his recent clever offering to the senate to choose between approving 15 more conservative judges and go home, or stand by their principals and spend the 30 hours per judge holding up the process for weeks as they have others, they instantly caved, and the US court system won. Who cannot admire his brilliance as leader of the Senate.

Have a great one.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 2 days ago


Mitch and Grahm have suprised me the most! Seems Pelosi got a tiny taste of Maxine's politics...finally.

I haven't checked yet to see if Nancy has a new perspective on " get in there faces". I don't think they will like their own medicine.

The wetlands are awesome...good for you... I love the wildlife. I don't have wetlands but I do have a river aprox. 400ft from my home with a couple of ducks that come back every season and a busy otter. The good life!

And I pictured you hangin with the roadrunner!

Gotta do chores spent to much time wasting my breath on DS.

Cheers enjoy you bloody mary!

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 2 days ago


Glenn ...not right wing DS.

While acient history is interesting, then was then and now is now. If the Dems were as they were in the Days of JFK I would get your point. I've never had any use for the Bush Cheney crowd so it's not that I was in love with Repubs.. However I never saw the side of Dems that I have since the pants suit lady ran for the second time. She brought a level of corruption and hatefulness I really didn't know the Dems had. Couple that with the disgusting mess California has become, all while being run by Dems. Now look at the rest of the country, the most run down trashed parts of the country, with the most violence have been governed by Dems. The nanny state Dems, straws...cow farts...really? Thats going to fix the world??? You can hardly take a piss in Ca. without accounting to the Government. The most taxes and power plays with the worst results, al.

So how are the Dems dealing with it? By scratching and screeching on Supreme court doors, wearing pussy hats, advocating violence against their own bothers & sisters across the country that don't agree with them. Hating and disrespecting the middlle of the county that puts the food on many countries tables. Sick!

Dems want medicare for all, while letting all who want to come here have free medical and still have the nerve to complain about the deficeit. Just how does that work, free medical for the world paid for by U.S. taxpayers who have such high deductibles they can't use their medical? Where's your logic???

Dems think it's fine for Soros and Styner to spend billions while whinning about the repbub billionaires.The hyprocracy is so blatant!

So today is medicare and tomorrow the Dems will find something else to complain about but the truth is the dems have been in office plenty long enough to fix it, they just didn't care ...UNTIL Trump became POTUS. Their main concern has been gender politics instead. Very important to decide if we should call our children theys or thems. Really?

So, why is Trump doing so well in my opinion....Dems are fed up with Dems and Repubs got fed up with Repubs and Trump is neither Dem or Repub. He just happened to pick the Repub side to run on, possibly because of the intrenched corruption was worse on the Dem side. I'm waiting for FBI & DOJ to quit taking the 5th and refusing to show docs to the rightful committees.

Dems also want to turn our country over to the NWO Repubs do not.

So here we are...waiting for Nov. 6th.

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deepspace 30 weeks 1 day ago

The Following article by Thom Hartmann was posted on July 22, 2018 by :

Thom Hartmann: There Are 3 Main Theories That Explain Trump’s Approach to Putin and Russia—Which One Makes the Most Sense? Time for Occam’s Razor.

There are three general theories to explain Trump’s behavior toward Russia (and other hard-right broadly autocratic regimes), and for unknown reasons the two most likely ones are almost entirely absent from our electronic media. The three theories, in ascending order of likelihood, are:

The Manchurian Candidate: He’s being blackmailed or has been a Russian asset for years.
The Wannabe Dictator: He believes that countries should be run like companies—essentially autocracies.
The Deadbeat: He’s not only not rich, but he’s badly in debt, and Russian billionaires are among his main creditors.

The Manchurian Candidate theory was largely the one Democrats implied during the election, and most have implicitly embraced since then, along with many commentators on MSNBC and CNN. It’s the least likely, although if it’s true Robert Mueller will probably be letting us all know soon. But there’s little in Trump’s past that would suggest this is the case other than his embrace of Russia over the Obama administration’s reactions to the annexation of Crimea and activity in Ukraine.

But it’s far more likely that his support of Russia during the Obama administration had everything to do with hating on anything our nation’s first Black president had done (impose sanctions on Russia and expel diplomats, etc.) as well as wanting to trash the presumed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Even his dislike of NATO is the sort of standard-variety right-wing stuff that’s been promoted within the Republican Party from the days of the John Birch Society to Steve Bannon’s recent reign, and reflects an isolationist fear of alliances rather than an affection for non-NATO actors like Russia.

The Wannabe Dictator theory has a lot more credibility, and explains much of why Trump gravitates to strongman types like Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, the Philippines’ Duterte, Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman, and China’s Xi.

Trump knows very little about the history behind democratic republics (it would be shocking if he could even identify Thomas Hobbes or John Locke, or define the Enlightenment) and virtually nothing (based on public pronouncements) about the fundamental reasons why “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Businesses are basically serfdoms. The CEO is the king, the board and senior executives are the courtiers and landed gentry, and the workers are the serfs. This has been Trump’s experience ever since he inherited his daddy’s business, and he’s never in his life been accountable to any principle (like “democracy”) or to any persons.

So, much like George W. Bush’s “joke” that, “If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier… as long as I’m the dictator,” Trump not only may think it would be easier, but, even more ominous, may think it’s desirable for the country.

Republicans have long used false analogies of “government as business or home” (particularly with regard to debt) that completely distort the real reasons for the existence of, and functions of, government. So it wouldn't’t be at all surprising if Trump were to believe this nonsense, out of both ignorance and temperament.

The Deadbeat theory is the most likely, although it doesn't’t preclude either or both of the above.

When given a variety of possible explanations for something happening, usually the most simple and direct answer is the correct one. And there’s one huge, simple, straightforward explanation for Donald Trump’s perpetual unwillingness to even hint at a direct criticism of Putin. And it’s not the pee-pee tapes.

Here’s how and why.

We all know that Trump is both a terrible negotiator and a terrible businessman. Dozens of his companies have gone down in flames, thousands of small businesses and workers have been screwed out of money he owed them, and his bankruptcies are legendary.

If the American people didn't seem to think this was a big deal, the American banks sure did. After Trump’s last bankruptcy, so far as press reports indicate, he could no longer borrow money at reasonable rates here in the U.S., and a real estate developer who can’t borrow money is rapidly out of business.

So Trump, as his son Eric tells it, turned away from U.S. banks and went to a number of Russian billionaires for his money. In 2014, when asked directly how he could have acquired $100 million in cash for new golf course acquisitions, Eric Trump famously said, “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

So, if President Putin were to order his own billionaires to get their money back out of Trump’s properties and refuse to give him any more, Trump could well end up broke.

Really broke.

As in, losing all his properties, from Mar-a-Lago to Trump Tower.

It could wipe out all of his remaining businesses.

His kids would have to get real jobs, and no more big-game safaris.

His wife might leave him, and take their son.

He could end up living in a cardboard box on skid row.

Trump isn't afraid of being exposed as a lout or a racist; he’s afraid of being financially wiped out if Russian oligarchs pull out of Trump properties.

If he’s seeing that collection of pictures in his head when he looks at Vladimir Putin, it would go a long way to explain his prayerful body posture and cringeworthy sycophancy.

This also would explain why Trump has been so unwilling to release his tax returns, even after he won the election.

As David Cay Johnston has pointed out on multiple occasions, Trump is almost certainly nowhere near as rich as he brags that he is, and has a long history of connections with shady/mafia characters to get the money he needs.

But this is not about just being embarrassed by being caught about inflating his net worth—Trump’s a man who has little ability to feel shame, as we have seen over and over again. Similarly, it’s not about the pee-pee tapes.

After bragging that he can grab women by the crotch—and having dozens come forward and accuse him of variations on just that—he must know that if he’d paid a couple of white Russian hookers to urinate on the bed that our nation’s first Black president and his wife had slept in, it may well actually help him with his base. It surely wouldn't hurt him politically, and he knows that as well as anybody.

Trump isn't afraid of being exposed as a lout or a racist; he’s afraid of being financially wiped out if Russian oligarchs pull out of Trump properties.

It’s why he’s even willing to take the risks and political hit by defying the Constitution and hanging onto the Trump Hotel in D.C.—he needs the money to keep his businesses afloat.

In 2016, Fortune magazine analyzed his federal public filings, and concluded that he’s both less wealthy than he says and appears, and that he regularly lies about it.

Occam’s razor dictates that, like with everything else in Trump’s entire life, this is all about money and its relationship to his own fragile self-image. If a few Russian oligarchs said, “Nyet,” he would suffer severe damage, both reputational and business-wise, and it may well be damage from which he could'’t recover.

It may also explain why Russia (and a few other countries with billionaire oligarchs and/or Trump business interests, from the Middle East countries with Trump properties, to China with Trump’s daughter’s manufacturing) were enthusiastic about Donald Trump becoming president.

A man who depends on you for his financial lifeblood is a man more willing to give in around governmental and policy areas.

Now that Robert Mueller has, according to some reports, acquired access to Trump’s business records, all this may be coming out, which may explain why Trump seems so obsessed with, and frightened by, Mueller’s and the FBI’s “witch hunt.”

If Mueller exposes financial fragility on Trump’s part, it may tip the first domino that then causes the entire Trump empire to collapse.

It’d be interesting to see if the Chinese, for example, would then claw back the billion dollars they just pledged to Trump’s Indonesian property, or his daughter’s hundred-million-dollar Chinese trademarks, which coincidentally preceded by days Trump’s decision to let ZTE resume selling spy-able phones to U.S. citizens.

Equally interesting will be if the Middle Eastern billionaires and state wealth funds that are loaning over a billion to bail out Jared Kushner decide he’s no longer a good bet, either.

This is one of the few scenarios that explain pretty much everybody’s behavior within the Trump Crime Family, as well as the people in their immediate orbit.

As Mark Felt (“Deep Throat”) famously said to Bob Woodward: “Follow the money.”

This article was produced by the Independent Media Institute and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 30 weeks 1 day ago


I counter your vox maybes, iffies and slander with.....

I agree follow the money...and that means the Clintons money too. :)

How come the Dems had no problem with the Russians when Hillary was handing off her tacky red button?

I thought you said you read John Perkins ...and you still support the NWO???

Coalage3 30 weeks 1 day ago

I heard a clip this morning of a loony lefty disturbing McConnell and spouse at dinner in Louisville.

For the good of the country and the children, I hope Trump and Congress make some money available for mental health outreach. These pitifully deranged people need help badly.

Imagine this scenario.....

Thom plus logo -- Congress opens impeachment hearings

Demands documents and testimony

-- Trump refuses.

-- Supreme court orders him to do it.

-- He cites Andrew Jackson and says enforce your own decision.

-- Congress demands that the witnesses show up.

-- He says, "enforce your own decision."

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