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  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Does Thom believe in the right to Arm Bears?

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    I am the principal author of the The Patrick Henry Society of Orange County CA proposed a US Constitutional Amendment (No. 29) presented to the California Democratic Party Legislative Commitee. This proposed amendment would prohibit any for-profit or non-profit corporation from enjoying the same rights as "individual citizens" under the First Amendment (we say "human beings") including the right to petition the government, i.e., lobbying. The proposed amendment also deletes "money" and any equivalent term as equaling "free speech." The point of the amendment is clarify individual vs. corporate rights and to overturn all previous Supreme Court decisions such as Buckley vs. Viejo - 1987 which, along with other decisions over the past 100 years, expands corporate influence via having individual rights protections such free speech including money and the right to petition the government. The descriptions have to be broad enough to encompass as many possible situations to thwart corporate attorneys while at the same time specific as to uphold individuals access to their elected representatives.

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Ronald Regan maybe dead but if "we the people" act like the "living dead" what good have we done and what will our children and grandchildren have to say about us? Come on America, there are more of us than there are of them. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    The BOND-HOLDERS!!!!! Morgan Stanley is working to force bankruptcy on Chrysler because they want the interest and America's manufacturing base be damned.

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    As my birthday present today, I get President Obama's 100 day benchmark, and the pleasure of watching the republican party implode on itself!

    Judging how the world has reacted to President Obama so far, it seems they are as happy as many of us are, that the republican party's fascist power is now so small, that it can be taken into the bathroom, and drowned in the toilet!

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    If corporations are persons, and corporations can own other corporations , is this not a form of slavery which is illegal under the constitution? Or are these person-hood rights and responsibilities valid only when it is convenient to the corporation?

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    If corporations are persons why can't I punch one in the nose?

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Remember the medium in Poltergeist? I hear her in my mind as the Democrats calling out "Welcome, Welcome" to Arlen Specter. It's almost as creepy as well. Mr. Specter has often spoken up for issues that I care about, but when push came to shove he always backed down.

    I welcome him to the Party, but I hope he won't prove as fragile here.

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    For anyone interested in the depth and breadth of Senator Arlen Specter's (D-PA) past and future efforts to re-establish credibility and efficacy in government and re-institute Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances, has posted his absolutely MUST READ marvelous article:

    The Need to Roll Back Presidential Power Grabs By Arlen Specter (submitted on 16/04/09 for publication May 24, 2009)

    The article covers his past efforts and future plans to address the following areas (to name just a few): Patriot Act, Signing Statements, FISA, need for SCOTUS review of lower courts rulings, and so much more.

    ... one must appreciate an imbalance in our "checks and balances" that has become increasingly evident in recent years. I witnessed firsthand, during many of the battles over administration policy since September 11, how difficult it can be for Congress and the courts to rally their members against an overzealous executive.

    The article is divided topically and covers:

    1. The Terrorist Surveillance Program—Act I
    2. Shortcomings of the Legislative and Judicial Branches as Checks on Executive Power
    3. Signing Statements
    4. The Terrorist Surveillance Program—Act II
    5. A Plan for the Future

    If after reading this piece, anyone still views Senator Specter as someone motivated only by his own, narrow, self-interest, (or as a potential Blue-dog Dem), I can only respond -- they are uninformed and sorely mistaken.

    Whys=Wise but No≠Know

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    The right wing talkers have changed the Democratic party name to the Democrat party to make the name a little less appealing. Why don't we add one letter to them since they removed two of the letters from our name. How does the name Republicant party sound? They can't do anything, they are the party of no.

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Regarding Obama's first 100 days and Arlen Spector's switch to the Democratic Party -

    "Ronald Reagan is dead. His policies may live on but we're in
    the process of doing something about that as well.

    (paraphrasing Rush Limbaugh)

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    In Pres. Obama's official comments welcoming Arlen Specter this a.m., he said that (among other things) he was looking forward to working with Specter on rebuilding U.S. manufacturing.

    This was the first time I'd heard Obama say much of anything about promoting manufacturing in this country. I have been sending emails and calling the White House to urge the Prez. and the V.P. to more actively work on this area of our economy. I hope this is a portent of good things to come!

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    You know.....very few people seem to actually listen to one another. Everyone seems to have their minds made up who's side their own and the other side is wrong. It doesn't seem to matter what's right for the majority of the people....what's right for the country? Everyone seems to be dropping sound bytes and verbal assaults on the other side. I'm 59 years old and I've never seen this in my life. It reminds me of what McCarthyism must have felt like. Give Obama a break...he is the elected president. Give him and those elected officials a bit of time to do their dang job. Stop with all the hate, slanderous accusations and take a deep breath. Maybe listen up a bit.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Here here- much is due to our own invaluable Thom here. I remember his call to action including the giving out of a website? phone number?-ah- that memory is not as clear, but I clearly remember the actual call to action.

    What will Thom brew up next?

    On standby waiting for instructions.

    Let's get this done- Solartopia, here we come. Organic food and harmony with nature and respect for each other. the end of War! The end of poverty! The Golden Age of Peace is near.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Here's a little story:

    A man was thirsty, so he asked for a drink of water. A second man obliged by shoving a firehose down his throat and turning it on full blast.

    "What's the problem? Water isn't harmful. Living things can't live without it!"

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Regarding Arlen Specter, the Democrats owe a debt of gratitude to Rush, Hannity, Beck and so forth for Specter switching sides. The Republican party will be soon small enough that they it can be drowned in a bathtub.
    Favorite Flag

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Oh - one more thing- having gotten onto the topic of RFK here, he said one thing that got a chuckle out of all of us which was, 'Don't change your light bulb - Change your politician.'

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Nixon! I finally saw Frost Nixon - it was great! What a masterpiece. But what even made it greater was that I had seen RFK in person right before having watched Frost Nixon. RFK was the guest speaker at our College Reunion and wowed us for what seemed a good hour and a half. He was super nice and down to Earth and held no bars back making some good hearted humor of the last administration. Interestingly enough as well, he said he was in fact a free capitalist who felt that we could have free capitalism at the same time as being environmentalists as long as we simply were to value our natural resources and factor them into the costs of products and services. Chuck Walters referred to this as Raw Materials Economics and wrote a book by the same name.

    Oh- well, the word Nixon triggered that recent experience with having seen Bobby K speak to us- it made watching the film so much more intense.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    I still can't believe tha folk don't recognize that there are folk worse than Holy Joe LIEberman AND they are unadultered DEMs:

    Mary Landrieu
    Michael Bennet
    Max Baucus
    Mark Begich
    Kay Hagan
    Ben Nelson

    Check out and see where your Senators stand at or some other such website.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Was Tim here with us on April 16th as weldon. I remember April 16th because a comment I posted disappeared after a note appeared next to it saying my comment was "awaiting moderation". Then it disappeared without any explanation.

    And I remember weldon's comment because of his spelling of "KKKristianists" and his inability to bring reason to his anger over Thom's pro-Israel stance.

  • Will Obama Reboot Capitalism Anew?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    I wasn't sure where to write this, so I added it here. Yesterday, after hearing about Sen. Collins'/ Republicans' action to delete pandemic funding from the last budget bill, I called our illustrious MN Rep. Michele Bachmann with the following spontaneous rhyme. I know it's not Whitman, but it gets the message across:

    An Ode to Michele Bachmann

    Mercury, arsenic and the swine flu
    are part of nature too.
    They're still not good for you,
    just like CO2!

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Blue Dog Democrats have red fleas... that's the problem.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Read George Lakoff's The Political Mind. Explains why conservatives (and progressives) do what they do. Lakoff uses the metaphor of the family to explain the major difference between the two ways of looking at politics, and main theme running through both parties. We need to understand what he calls the Strict Father and Nurturant family models (guess which is which), in order to understand conservatives and progressives and begin framing progressive values (the real American values) in ways that work.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    arlen specter does not listen to his electorate...he listens to AIPAC....and when it comes to the zionist allegiance, KKKristianists like Thomhartmann are the ROLLOVER KINGS

    what a hypocrite

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   10 years 7 weeks ago

    I had a very old friend who was in the Resistance during the war, caught by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck. When she was dying I sat holding her hand while she cried like a child telling me that when she came home after the war she had not had the courage to see the family of one of her best friends to tell them how she had died, leaving them to the worst thing of all, not knowing.

    During a roll call her friend had done some little thing and the Nazis had turned the dogs loose on this girl; they chewed off her breasts and she bled to death on the ground in front of the barracks.

    Fifty years later this brave extradinary woman was weeping on her death bed because of what was done to her and her friends, suffering from guilt, she who had suffered so much herself.. From time to time she told me some horror when something brought it back from the hole where she kept them buried but this seemed to be a last convulsion that she could no longer hold inside her.

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