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  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Where do we go to get the skinny on all of the various health care reform plans? Where do we find a detailed analysis of the public option, the single-payer option and the co-op option so that we can debate the costs and benefits in an honest way? There are a ton of rumors out there.

    Thank you,
    Happy Fourth!

  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Today I heard on this show about Attorney Alan G??? with a website _ _ consumer..."something".org They talked about house refinance and new rules for loan modification.
    Does anybody know the correct name and website of this person?
    Thank you
    E fro, CHICAGO

  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Thanks Quark! I'm going to look it up on MSNBC's website. It's amazing that there has been no news on TV other than Michael Jackson in the past two weeks. Meanwhile, our country is going to hell in a handbasket and the corporate media is partially to blame. It's Pathetic!

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago


    Yes, that was beautiful.

    B Roll,

    Now that you say that (about "The Family"), I kind of remember hearing about it when it came out --- I especially remember the Hillary Clinton part. What I thought was interesting this time was that Gov. Sanford contacted a group associated with the "family" for advice on his marriage problems after he made his trip to Argentina and the truth came out.

  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Making Progress,

    Matt Taibbi was on "The Ed Show" on MSNBC yesterday or the day before. I hope this info. gets out into the general population.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    You read a historical passage about our Founding Fathers and their signing of the Declaration of Independence on Thursday. Could you send me the source of that read. It would be great to share with my family and friends on the 4th.
    Thank you,

    Rich Corr

  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    The Great American Bubble Machine
    Matt Taibbi on how Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression

    This is an article that everyone should read, or atleast watch interview videos explaining it. Goldman Sachs is pissed.

  • July 3 2009 - Friday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    the light show is getting old....! independence day is a day about how one will survive a collective... the new world order.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago


    re: Jeff Sharlet's "The Family"

    The book isn't so recent. It came out in May of 2008. (I thought it was earlier than that, but I checked Amazon. It may have been that I heard him talking about an article he wrote earlier on a similar topic.).

    I recall hearing Sharlet talking about a conservative prayer group that Hillary Clinton had been a part of. More info at

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Just got off the phone with a Markey aide asking about whether indeed the EPA would not be able to regulate greenhouse gases under the Waxman Markey bill. We were able to discern that the purpose of Waxman Markey was built with the intent of an international compatibility concerning carbon trading credits in that what was needed and wanted, was for the select purposes of global warming and did not dilute in any fashion the United States Clean Air Act, nor especially the newly won provision that the EPA regulate greenhouse gases 2007 ruling nor yesterday's grant of waiver to the State of California.

    Aide assured me that the EPA in the United States will be able to measure and monitor and report green house emmissions to standards as is now. In asking the aide to make an analogy to sofware versions of pollution standards, he had felt that the Waxman Markey Bill would be another platform altogether than the Federal Clean Air Act.

    Key to Waxman Markey are addressing the forests for example, world wide. We cannot think of them nor our air as only belonging to the USA when in fact when a forest is cut somewhere in another country, with respect to global warming. The idea is to cap emissions from the 2005 levels by 2020 so by 2050 we meet a reduction of 83%. The Federal EPA will administer the bill. Under this bill, the act of emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is now free will have to be paid for. Thus, simply adding onto the Clean Air Bill would not be in order and an entirely new and specified legislation into a carbon cap, would be.

    The Clean Air was built around questions such as does SOx or NOx travel from Ohio to New York for example; whereas needed an entirely new piece of legislation was needed for the mechanism to read concentrations of carbon with respect to other countries including research and development for low carbon generation and energy efficiencies.

    My concern was that De Fazzio states that the EPA will not be regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Bill and to this, the Markey aide says is not true.

    The real issue evidently is that the credits are being given away....?

    Here is master link to Markey site: see the tabs on top and look more closely into them.

    Here is link to the actual bill H.R. 2454 The American Clean Energy and Security Act

    Off the master page is Skeptic Watch beneath the Hearing & Publications Tab: Science Over Spin with references to both the Lomborg Washington Post article and the Stern Review :

    Off the master page is Science Basics beneath the Issues Tab

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Note: would re inserts the EPAs authority- ....legalese..... confusing!

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Oh I see --

    DeFazio, Stark and Kucinich did not vote for Waxman Markey because the bill essentially would marginalize the EPA and so have introduced these ammendments:

    (174) Would strike the EPA's authority to list a greenhouse gas as an air pollutant under section 108 of the Clean Air Act

    (126) Would restrict what entities can buy, sell, trade, and retire allowances and offsets to the industries that emit greenhouse gases. It also would state that nothing in the subsection would prevent these industries from obtaining consultation from financial advisers to carry out the purposes of the section.

    Yes, could be a reason for not voting for the bill. I will continue to try to learn why the EPA was being taken out of the loop as surely, they would still need to measure GHG output - very disconcerning this whole bill -- and Repower America [Al Gore's group very hard to get ahold of]:

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    RE: My Previous Post on "The Family"

    So. Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (along with other politicians) has links to this group.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Me too, and more about commodities too. My portfolio is in the tank. I'm going to buy that guy's book (great interview BTW!) but I'd like to find some additional resources as well.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago


    Where can I find more information on the 20 Year stock cycles?

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Interesting interview on NPR's Fresh Air Radio yesterday with author Jeff Sharlet about his recent book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. Sharlet examines the power wielded by a secretive Christian group known as the Family, or the Fellowship.

    The group's approach to religion, Sharlet says, is based on "a sort of trickle-down fundamentalism," which holds that the wealthy and powerful, if they "can get their hearts right with God ... will dispense blessings to those underneath them."

    Members of the group ardently support free markets, in which, they believe, God's will operates directly through Adam Smith's "invisible hand."

    The Family was founded in 1935 by a minister named Abraham Vereide after, he claimed, he had a vision in which God came to him in the person of the head of the United States Steel Corporation.

    Here's a link to the interview:

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Al Markey's aide answered the phone to say that he would let me leave a message for Jeff Duncan and so I did.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    I just called Waxman Energy & Commerce Committee on recess. The energy environment team. Aide would not give me the name of anyone on the committee and was as dumb as a box of rocks about my asking her whether it was true that the bill would make it so that the EPA would not be able to regulate greenhouse gases.

  • July 1st 2009 - Wednesday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    If anyone does not believe that we did not land on the moon, tell them to watch the Mythbusters episode on Moon Myths. In this episode they examined many of the things that people say are evidence that it was faked and all were busted. A caller mentioned a second light source and that was disproven by recreating a model of the moon landing using material that is said to have the same refletivity of the moon surface and the doll was just as lit up as in the moon landing photo. It was a facinating show and really proved to me that we DID land on the moon.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    I am telling you Thom - we were lucky to get Markey Waxman though the house. This is what I was trying to tell you yesterday. They are scary and we will be lucky to get anything through and need all the votes we can get. THX for having him on.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Wow... Joe the Plumber talks to God and God talks back. What a way to make a big decision.

    The way to make a major decision is to throw the I Ching. The I Ching talks back too. Isn't that what you do Thom?

    Well... I have to go out and before I do, I want to talk to one of my plants. I have a Spanish olive tree.

    Hola amigos. Cómo estás. Pareces hermoso hoy. Aprecio todos lo que lo haces. Gracias.

    ¿Escuchas Thom Hartmann?

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Re: Libertarians

    Though I disagree with the libertarian party and their totally "free market" stance, there is some things that I agree with, such as ending the Federal Reserve.

    At present, the Libertarians appear to be the only viable party that isn't paid for by the corporations.

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago


    this guy talks about how speculating houses are falsely raising volume and how the DOW rally is totally fake.

    he goes into some idiot libertarian rant after that.....but, like every libertarian, their recognition of the problem is bang on, but their solution is completely crazy.

    libertarians are habitually 50% wrong....repuglicans 100%

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago


    Sign me up for a ticket to "Bamboozleville." That's how I'm beginning to feel, too. (I guess I'm a pessimist after the last 8 years, especially. That leaves room for me to be pleasantly surprised!

  • July 2 2009 - Thursday   10 years 34 weeks ago

    Helen Thomas hits White House for lack of transparency

    So much for change... I am beginning to think that we all got bamboozled.

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