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Disaster capitalism killed Detroit.

Republicans are thrilled that Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. Because - for the GOP - the fall of Detroit is a talking point goldmine. Over the past year , the American public has started to wake-up about the total failure of austerity both here in the United States, and across the Atlantic in Europe.

Zimmerman will be gifted a new gun!

An Ohio gun group, The Buckeye Firearms Foundation, says, "We’re buying Zimmerman a new gun." Yes - you heard me right!

Detroit is broke.

On Thursday, the Motor City became the largest in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy. After decades of factory closings, and a massive decline in population, even Governor Rick Snyder's little dictator – Kevyn Orr – couldn't save the city from financial ruin. Now that Mr. Orr has moved Detroit into bankruptcy court, creditors will be forced to accept pennies on the dollar for the city's debt.

The NSA isn't the only one spying on you...

You local police department may be tracking your every move. A new report from the ACLU shows that automatic license plate readers are snapping photos of our cars, even when we're not speeding or running a red light. And, those photos are being stored in mega databases just like our phone and internet data, which is being captured by the NSA.

Dream Defenders stage 60's style sit-in!

Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott had a few visitors yesterday. More than 100 protesters from the group Dream Defenders arrived at his office, and said they weren't leaving until Governor Scott asks lawmakers to repeal the Stand Your Ground law in that state.

Did Harry Reid get duped again?

After weeks of threatening filibuster reform, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a closed-door meeting with the entire Senate last night. Lawmakers met for nearly four hours to resolve the stalemate over presidential nominees, but expressed a mix of opinions after that meeting. This morning, Senator Reid announced that lawmakers had reached a tentative deal to avoid a filibuster showdown.

No Justice for Trayvon Martin.

Sixteen months after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was found not guilty on all charges. Late Saturday evening, a jury of six women gave their verdict in the case, which sparked national conversations about race relations in our nation.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says banking should be boring!

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to make banking boring again. Yesterday, the freshman senator introduced the 21st Century Glass Steagall Act, which would break up the big banks, and rebuild the wall between traditional banking and Wall Street gambling. In a statement, Senator Warren said, “Despite the progress we've made since 2008, the biggest banks continue to threaten the economy.”

North Carolina Republicans tried to pull a fast one...

North Carolina citizens are protesting Republicans that they say are out of control. Over the last two months, activists and civil leaders have been protesting extreme Right-wing policies in weekly “Moral Monday” rallies. This week, more than 2,000 people gathered at the state capitol in Raleigh, to oppose anti-abortion legislation being considered by state lawmakers.

Edward Snowden helps clear legal hurdles for the EFF!

Thanks to Edward Snowden, a federal court may finally hear the Electronic Frontier Foundation's case defending our Fourth Amendment rights. Long before the whistle-blower exposed top secret NSA documents, the EFF was fighting to protect our privacy.

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