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First it was Vermont – now it’s Montana...Single Payer Healthcare

First it was Vermont – now it’s Montana. Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana said he plans to ask the federal government to exempt his state from requirements in the Affordable Care Act – so that he can set up a universal, single-payer system like in Canada.

Could Hactivists Choose Lady GaGa for next President of the United States?

As Hactivists out a cop in New York for brutally macing peaceful protestors on Wall Street, many people are wondering if they could also hack our next election?

Goldman Sachs rules the world...

Are the banksters fueling a global market meltdown? Heads turned yesterday – when stock trader Alessio Rastani went on the BBC and predicted that the Eurozone is going to crash within the next twelve months – and that a lot of banksters will make a fortune off it. "This problem cannot be solved,” Rastani said.

More Evidence the Psychopaths have taken over?

Not only is Governor Rick Scott killing jobs in Florida – he’s also bragging about it. Speaking at a CPAC conference last Friday – Scott touted his record of laying off public sector workers. With an unemployment rate at 10.7% - way above the national average – Scott said, “We’ve had plenty of success so far…we have 15,000 less government jobs in the state of Florida.” Upon hearing that – his audience cheered – whic

A National Tragedy - 1 in 4 Children Living in Poverty

One in four children in America are now living in poverty. According to research from the University of New Hampshire based on the latest census data – there are 15.7 million poor children in the nation – that’s 2.6 million more children than in 2007 – prior to the Bush recession. Researchers also noted the consequences of child poverty saying, “Children who are poor before age 6 have been shown to experience educational

These guys aren’t “job creators” – they are hucksters...

Oil oligarchs Charles and David Koch are now worth $50 billion - more than five times what it was ten years ago – making their combined wealth second only to Bill Gates. And it looks like they made a large chunk of their money screwing the rest of us over at the gas pump. According to the Center for American Progress - for the last several years – the Kochs have engaged in rampant oil speculation – meaning they plac

Another hostage scenario is brewing...

Another hostage scenario is brewing – this time Republicans are holding victims of natural disasters for ransom. Congress needs to approve a funding measure by the end of the month – or the government will shut down – furloughing 800,000 federal workers. But the Senate and the House aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a funding bill – and it all comes down to disaster relief aid. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passed a f

It’s the end of the line for Troy Davis

You need to know this. It’s the end of the line for Troy Davis. Davis was denied clemency by a Georgia paroles board today in a last ditch effort to save himself from lethal injection scheduled for tomorrow. Davis was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1989 – but today – nearly all of the witnesses who implicated him have recanted their testimony and are now claiming someone else committed the murder.

President Obama, "It's not Class Warfare - It's Math!"

President Obama unveiled his $3 trillion debt-reduction plan today – and millionaires aren’t going to get off so easy this time. In what is called the “Buffett Rule” – the President proposed partially closing the capital gains tax loophole.

Hell no you can’t!?

You need to know this. “Hell no you can’t!” In a speech yesterday – Speaker of the House John Boehner slammed President Obama’s “American Jobs Act” – calling it a “poor substitute” for actual job creation policies.
But a week ago – when President Obama unveiled his plan – Speaker Boehner seemed open to negotiating on it.
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